Gorilla Island [Creation]

Gorilla Island is like a small theme park which is located on the coast of one huge island. There are lots of different structures which you can explore here. For example, there’s a huge gorilla head with eyes of lava and a medium-sized castle situated in the water. Are you someone who can’t get enough of roller coasters? No problems, there are plenty of them here. Everything looks very Minecrafty and blocky but it’s nonetheless a fun map to explore.

Creator: Bayar97 (and his brother)

Download .McWorld
Download .RAR

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13 Responses

4.87 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Start1610 says:

    Cool map I love it

  2. owen says:

    the map keeps crashing on me some help please?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This looks cooolll!! First comment btw

  4. XbedrockCrusherX says:

    Very creative!

  5. jerry says:

    if harambe is still alive, he would love this

  6. 4060525 says:

    Sick map! I LOVE IT!!!

  7. AaribAaqibYT says:


  8. Mary Joy Sevilla says:

    Awesome map!!

  9. Modgirl1 says:

    I got it for my iPad a lot of fun. Love this map.

  10. Ash says:

    Epic map I love playing it

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