Granny: Bedrock Edition (Horror) [Adventure]

Granny is a mobile game originally created by DVloper and it has now been recreated as an adventure map for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The mission is to escape the evil Granny by finding different items which you will need for unlocking a door. The world comes with custom textures and it also makes use of some cool game mechanics (e.g. interaction buttons) to create an even more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Creator: CreeperGamerZXZTwitter AccountYouTube Channel



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84 Responses

4.6 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. Duck_bubu says:

    First comment

  2. sixtiiintwo18 says:

    I think Granny is a little bit too fast…

    I give her a slowness: /effect @e[type = silverfish] slowness 9999 1 true … Now it’s OK.

    But the map is AWESOME 😀

  3. Gleb says:

    Thank you!!!!! Very cool map!

  4. Gleb says:

    Thank you!!!!! Very cool map!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey I did a showcase video on it :-):-)

  6. Firtix says:

    Good reproduction of the original game

  7. says:

    Who Is this handsome person I’ve never seen and totally aren’t calling myself handsome cuz no one loves me…

  8. Granny says:

    I look cool in minecraft

  9. Ejhay_08 says:

    Sounds creepy but good map👍😉

  10. Pandajam79 says:

    Think it is a great map but, whenever I die in the spawn room she won’t leave me alone and also there is a bug where you just need one item to escape. Cool map needs work

  11. DelisoJan says:

    Not bad, but it still needs more work

  12. Anonymous says:

    Plss make ben 10

  13. DanTDM says:

    Nice Map! I’ve never seen that before!

  14. DavidPlaysMC says:

    Hey just wandering how did you download your minecraft world file and put it in to media fire because I am making a map soon and I don’t know how to make a download link so can you plz help me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try searching it on youtube, maybe you’ll find your answer☺

    • Anonymous says:

      Try searching it on youtube, you’ll maybe find your answer☺

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to have an account on media fire first.if you are in mcpe or pc go to its folders using- mcpe(es file) pc(just find its destination ) after that go to the world folder u created copy it and paste it on mediafire and share the link

    • CoolStarDood says:

      If you’re on mobile, i dont know, xbox, impossible (as far as i know), but on win10, go to world options, scroll to the bottom,and click export world, type the name you want, choose where you want in to go, and press enter. then go to the file hosting website of your choice (mediafire is ok, but is blocked by a lot of web blocks, i use dropbox or google drive, just make a new account, and use that for maps), and upoad it

    • CreeperGamerZXZ says:

      I have a tutorial on my channel, Go check it out.

  15. DanTDMFan says:

    Wow! I might even make a YouTube video on this!

  16. Nero96 says:

    Wat is da texture pak

  17. LivingWithGaming says:


  18. Zack says:

    Dis creepy!!! I rate dis 5 stars!!

  19. Kidd says:

    When I hide granny stays there

  20. Jezelle says:

    I am good

  21. Kazuya says:

    Nice map…

  22. D05 says:

    Flaws: Granny can obstruct you infinitely if she gets to the room, gameplay felt a bit short
    Suggestion: bear traps
    Good points: Adaptation is pretty close to the original, fear is persistent even in Minecraft

    Awesome job, can’t wait for other map of yours.

  23. DavidPlaysMC says:

    Hi again

  24. DavidPlaysMC says:

    Best map ever

  25. Branden says:

    Please make a FNAF one

  26. Mcgamerm3 says:

    Please get mediafire link my bad mcaffe will not let me download this map at all! Plz help

  27. THERAMDOMGUY says:

    Well it’s a very good game with some bugs like when I got into creative she can’t kill me. What I guess can’t be fixed. You should add more options like fast, medium and slow? 🙂

  28. Destroyer_Gam says:

    Is this made by havoc ins4nity because every map he did says bedrock edititon and what dose that even mean bedrock edition?

  29. Destroyer_Gamez says:


  30. Hatlesspine8255 says:

    I can’t bevielve this dude for Granny map is awesome!

  31. Ifshaan says:

    I can Only Support DarkPower202. He Said He Will Make Granny Too.

  32. Fg juvvgbb says:

    Good addition

  33. Fg juvvgbb says:

    Good afternoon

  34. EnderGamer25 says:

    Hey dude, can u add a play again button, cuz when i finished the map, i can’t play again…
    Btw, plsss add a bear trap, and can u fix the lag on this map, cuz it’s laggy

  35. Atib says:

    Map is really good

  36. Tashdid says:

    The only problem is granny doesn’t spawn again in the basement. She killed me on my bedroom and now when I respawn again she kills me instantly.

  37. Mr.CrpperTV says:

    I like this map VERY much……..😘

  38. Xeldaniel2 says:

    Good Map!..But Granny Is Little Bit Too Fast And You Need Some Beartraps,Cogwheels And Difficulty

  39. Girly minechafter says:

    Hey it a super bad map

  40. Nathan says:

    Add an SCP containment breach role play!!!!

  41. Nathan says:

    Add an SCP containment breach role play!!!! Add SCPs!

  42. Arkin says:

    wow I played this game it’s so amazing

  43. NewtGamingRunner says:

    It is so awesome i played this game and I enjoy it the armor stand is moving its a silverfish😃😃😃

  44. AnandaNeeg says:

    Hi…good map you make,i was showcased your map and i crediting you in my description video…if you want to watch,here is the link or you can watch on my yt channel “Ananda Neeg”…thanks

  45. RainBowDerp203 says:

    Very good bu there is eh bug when i found the master key and i get to close to the door boom i won can you fix it

  46. Shannon P says:

    What is the addon

  47. KittyLuzii says:

    We i didn’t two anywhere does door

  48. Ninja gammer says:

    If granny bed rock edition it boring because if get the master key u can get out easily

  49. Liam says:

    When pen is the restart button coming?

  50. Ayden says:

    Hello and I just want to say, is this download safe?

  51. F u says:

    It’s dumb

  52. Josh greene says:

    Please add a replay map button

  53. Haha says:

    This is a stupid question but does granny move? Cause she didn’t move in mine

  54. Victor says:

    I want granny

  55. Zero Lightning says:

    I Want Granny Map How Install That

  56. Jjaarreedd says:

    I was playing granny earlier O_o

  57. Grandpa says:

    That is my wife granny i will playinf it

  58. last warning2005 says:

    I Love it💗💗💗

  59. last warning2005 says:

    Hello guys
    I made granny map with 512×512 textures!
    I send it to
    wait for submission!!

    • last warning2005 says:

      there are no bugs and lags in my map!
      fixed bugs:
      1.granny can’t kill you in your spawn point!
      2.granny can open doors!
      3.if you find master key you can’t escape until you for example you didn’t break the woods with hammer or you didn’t use the padlock key!!
      4.awsome textures!
      5.I added game settings (e.g difficulty, darker, music) to the map!!

  60. Dan says:

    How about replaying the map?

  61. Alex says:

    Please make a baldi map.

  62. Plushbear says:

    Crepper, I like your maps. SO COOL!!!

  63. LeorickWorldFun says:

    Talking his granny bedrock Minecraft update is PE

  64. Adam Morris says:

    I have never played on this Granny map before in Minecraft. By I’ll try and escape on the real life horror game.

  65. EnderGamer25 says:

    How about “play again” button

  66. Adam Morris says:

    I have never played on this map before. Maybe I can play on it today.

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