Granyland [Creation]

Granyland is a unique and really one-of-a-kind type of city which is scattered over a large chunk of land. It’s great for anyone who enjoy open-world exploring since there are a wide range of buildings which you will be able to come across. The architecture is something unique and much of it include cool and fairly complex redstone contraptions.

Creator: Grany Morris

File Size: 36 MB
Download .McWorld
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22 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. TheFirstTesterEver says:

    Cool! First
    I tested out the map and it’s awesome..

  2. Ultimate Kitten says:

    This seems like a great map to explore!

  3. Editor says:

    If you need help With downloading it you are welcome

  4. DrShulker says:

    A real good adventure map. Good job creator.

  5. Zero_h says:

    The city is based off of real imagination. From the pictures myself the city is big and at the same time keeps that minecraft ish design.

  6. Maughan123 says:

    Look imma try this map 😀

  7. Grany Morris says:

    Hope you all enjoy 😉

  8. Grany-Morris says:

    thank guys………. Any questions on my map let me know.

  9. XxEpicxX00 says:

    A bit leggy at the spawn for me 1.1.0 ;P

  10. Ed1tor says:

    Why, hello there.

  11. Eiznekcam Thims says:

    Just a question, what’s the spawn point when you load into the map??

  12. Saviana says:

    I really love this server

  13. Not your problem says:


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