Green Screen [16×16]

Green screens are used for a technique in video editing called chroma keying. The green distinct color lets the video editor more easily change the background by cropping it and adding another layer behind it. Even though it’s most common for video production (e.g. for adding special effects) it could also be used for photo editing.

This texture pack includes three green screens: green, red and blue. Use the glowstone block to build your own green screen in-game.

Creator: Blastcoby27

green-screen-1 red-screen-1 blue-screen-1


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16 Responses

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  1. CheesyVinceYT says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I love this! Wooohoooo Thank you for making it!

  2. Jemi444 says:

    It make my minecraft crash
    HELP pleaseeeeee

    • BlastCoby says:

      After applying the TP, try open/close the TP Selection screen about at least 3 times, then open the map. you should experience a momentary freeze before entering the world. That problem also occurred to me whenever I select a TP. Hope that fixes the problem.

      (Blastcoby27 is my former username, still using it in MC Forums)

  3. BlastCoby says:

    Mr. EDITOR, thank you for sharing this map to this site! 🙂 And please make a link to the MC Forum page located at the bottom.

    -BlastCoby (Blastcoby27 is my former username, still using it in MC Forums)

    PS for folks looking at this: The MC Forum page for this TP is:
    I will answer your questions regarding with this TP there

  4. koloxd says:

    Download is blocked for 24 hours 🙁

  5. PixelPlayz says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you could make it so when you download, it downloads straight to mcpe, when you to open in (on phones not computers) it will say open in mcpe, could you please do that, it would make it a lot easier, because there is not everybody that got a computer, THX

  6. A questioning person says:

    Is this safe for iOS download? And do I need a computer to download it unlike other texture packs I’ve recently downloaded

  7. Jetmaster231 says:

    can you make it .mc ?

    • HaiImJustDatGamer says:

      Make it mcpack. I downloaded a green screen app and I want mcpack! And that green screen app costed money. So plz editor. Plz make it a mcpack. Or i downloaded the app for nothing 😖😖😖😣😣😢😢😢

  8. Emirhan Tezcan says:

    How does it?

  9. says:

    Green screens allready exist in Minecraft pe green concrete
    But gg

  10. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    it doesn’t work -_-

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why us that if you can just use a few concrete blocks

  12. Good says:

    This is actually good because it replaces glowstone, a source of LIGHT

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