Gvasdnaar Castle [Creation]

Gvasdnaar Castle is a small castle situated on the shore of a larger ocean. It has been built in tune with the environment as very little of the terrain appears to have been terraformed. This truly makes it look more realistic and well adjusted to the terrain. In the castle there’s a couple of empty houses which you can decorate to your liking. There’s also a hanging platform which you can use for hanging traitors. It’s not actually working but you could pretend as if it was or add some redstone functionalities, we suppose.

Creator: Hail Goenitz, Twitter Account

gvasdnaar-castle3 gvasdnaar-castle2 gvasdnaar-castle


(We chose to upload the map to MCPE DL due to difficulties downloading from the original source: 4shared.)

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3 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Katie says:

    It’s very unique! 🙂

  2. abu seman says:

    Nice castle

  3. Jayden Lloyd says:

    Great Castle, Its great to see Awesome builders who make nice creations like this 🙂

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