Hallucination Shaders

The Hallucination Shaders will make you question your own sanity. The normal idea of shaders is to make your worlds more realistic. But this shaders pack has a complete opposite approach as the world looks more like a fantasy world. It’s really fun to use though and we’ve included some map and survival challenges in the bottom of this post to give you some ideas what you can use it for.

Creator: stduhpf, Twitter Account



Here are some challenges which you can try while using this shaders pack. It’s really fun!

  • Set difficulty to max and try to survive at least one night in Minecraft!
  • Complete at least five levels in a Mega Dropper map!

If you come up with some other good challenges make sure to let us know in the comments.

hallucination-shaders-4 hallucination-shaders-5 hallucination-shaders-1 hallucination-shaders-2



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31 Responses

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  1. Herobrine Evilness says:

    Is it like pc shaders

  2. OliveGaming says:

    Try winning a game of LBSG with these shaders.

  3. Jamkabob says:

    Great Shader. I didn’t know that I could get sea sick from playing minecraft, but it’s still really cool.

  4. yousif2040 says:

    This tp is moving!! My head spins of lagg.

  5. yousif2040 says:

    Try to stare at a flat world at this tp in 1m

  6. Youdontsay says:

    Good shader. Try win on adventure map with this shader

  7. MilkWithCookies says:

    i’ll try this on dropper

  8. Prem2 says:

    In this review i saw on youtube there was a flying pig!!

  9. CraftedTV says:

    i did not knew texture could do so much 😀 amazing!!!

  10. ClayGaming49 says:

    Could you make it for 0.16.0

  11. Beats says:

    Even even better 1.0.4

  12. Anonymous says:

    i tried to use ifunbox to put it in ios but it just doesn’t work…

  13. Zixxh says:

    Stupid can’t download it (on ios)😡😡😡😡

  14. Daniel says:

    I extract the zip file but I get a folder named “assests”.I try to insert it in the resource_packs folder but it doesn’t work…help me please

  15. Akira Fenix says:

    Challange : Just look at it for one minute!
    STEP1.grab the shaderz
    STEP2.Head on down, open the Zip with a program of choice that can change file types by altreing the .something extension
    STEPTHREE:remove the .zip from the packname.mcpack,zip/packname.zip and just let the pack’s name and the .mcpack extension.
    STEPFOURR:if it’s an Minecraft grass block, doubleclick on it (or singular tap it) and minecraft should begin importin’.
    STEP5.if it FAILS then convert back into zip, check the files and if there is a file called: “terrainatlas.png” then the pack surely WILL NOT WORK
    STEP5ALT if it SUCCEDS then go into Settings/Global Resources and activate it. MAKE SURE TO ACTIVATE IT ON THE WORLD YOU WANT IT TO WORK
    STEP6SUCEED:ok, so with the pack both in the global thingy and in the world’s resources you are good to go. ah but “Akira, it did crash and did not say to me that it chrazhed!” that’s because you are going to find where the pack must go (top to bottom) i recommend just testing first them in order you imported the ones you use. (if the global resources have a different pack or more than this rather than the world that you will enter, it will crash too!)if it crashes, try and go trial and error! (sorry for boredom when useing a lot of packs IN ONE SINGLE WARLD) well… hope this works, also if you want i can teach YOU (yes you, the editor or whohever you are reading the comment) to Edit TEXTURE packs. (resource packs with no custom sounds) thank you for reading till here, and i bet it’s gonna help you someday!

  16. Legend3631 says:

    Isn’t this just like Acid Shaders?

  17. imanony says:

    It doesn’t even work! when I import the shader into mcpe it doesn’t even appear on the texture pack selection screen and i tried extracting it, leaving it as a .zip file, and just using the assets folder but NONE of them worked! I just got the same result over and over!

    • imanony says:

      Here’s what was in the Hallucination.zip folder: assets: shaders: entity.vertex & renderchunk.vertex. Do any of you know what exactly all this means? mcpe v 1.2.1

  18. AstroDude says:

    I feel dizzy after this……….

  19. SlimeIzKawaii says:

    Dang it I have iOS I was really exited to use these… 😞😞

  20. dab >;{ says:

    I can download it, and I know how to deal with Zip’s. But this does not have a mcpack in it. How.. Do i get dat

  21. Anyonymous says:


  22. Thunder says:


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