Heist Master [Puzzle]

Heist Master is a short puzzle map in which your character is a professional hacker and have to do some illegal hacking in order to provide for his family. Work your way through 6 different puzzles and try to get to the end where (hopefully) lots of money awaits.

Creator: MatPatCat

Storyline: You are a professional hacker and just a few days ago you was fired from your work at a bank. You are in a desperate situation with no money to buy food for your family. The only way out is to hack the bank and try to steal their money.

The puzzles are of varied difficulty but for the most part they are quite simple to complete. For example, in one puzzle you need to find the odd one (cake) out.

heist-master-2 heist-master-1


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8 Responses

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  1. Coolbreese says:


  2. Rack_5 says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wish it was a mcworld pack 🙁

  4. Slemany says:

    Um who saw the chest in Behind The walls i mean when you find the secret room there was chest outside 😂

    • MatPatCat says:

      Lol, if I remember properly, that was how I emptied my inventory in the days before commands and /clear, by putting it all in a chest. I think I also put some spare vault and subway keys in there.

  5. Jetbruh says:

    cant even solve this

  6. ICtheforce50 says:

    mapmaker pls update the map it wont work for bedrock edition as it wont load right

  7. The Sonic Master says:

    I converted a copy of this map to the .mcworld file type which can be opened directly in Minecraft. To download it, head to http://bit.ly/HeistMasterMC.

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