Hello Neighbor (Addon!) [Minigame]

This map is based on a horror survival video game called Hello Neighbor which is expected to be released some time this year. For some reason you find yourself inside your neighbor’s house and have to find a way without him catching you. It’s lots of fun and very challenging!

Creator: CheeteTwitter Account
Updated: 20 January, 2017 (house will no longer burn down)

How to play?

The game mechanics work really similar to the PC video game but there are a few differences which are unavoidable for now.

It works as following. You start out in your neighbor’s house and have to find a way out without being noticed by the neighbor.

  • Neighbor replaces the villager
  • Detection radius is very low compared to any other mob, meaning, he can only see you if you are very close
  • Neighbor shoots snowballs

Your objective is to find key cards which are hidden all throughout the house in different storage containers. When you’ve got a keycard it can be used for accessing other parts of the house.

If he sees you then you should make a quick run for the closet. Once you are inside you will be invisible. Stay there until the neighbor has lost interest in you.


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154 Responses

3.72 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. McpePlaysYay says:


  2. John says:

    Yeah awesome i was waiting for this for such a long time

  3. Ecksdee says:

    The fire charges make the house burn down

  4. cookieman333666 says:

    Cool Beans!!!

  5. DangerousWalker says:

    How to replace the map?

  6. ObsidianRange says:

    Make gun addons please

  7. Chewstur says:

    Take off the fire charges and make the respawning process safer then you’ll get an A

  8. Loool says:

    Heres a couple fixes to make your game awesome! 1 The Neighbour doesn’t need to shoot firecharges because the house will burn down 2 Slow the neighbour down a bit or give us speed potions. Thanks!

  9. Random noob boi says:

    Holy (innapropriate word that start w/F ) goodness this most wanted addon and maps

  10. Killetgamer says:

    Please make it so the neighbor doesn’t shoot fire charges

  11. Dante says:


  12. SJMinecraft says:

    He throws Fire Charges and it burns the house. Please Fix

  13. Ralfy says:

    U should make the neighbor wield a diamond sword and do the blinding effect like slender man. The house always burns down.

  14. maisong says:

    Finally. I Love this so much.

  15. AYoutuber says:


  16. Sean says:

    Amazing addon But I think the neighbour should one shot u as a zombie with speed

  17. Therix says:

    Can you make a .zip file download link?

  18. ChaoticFlame says:

    Cool! I was waiting for someone to make this, i thought about making it myself, but im too lazy. xD
    Nice Work!

  19. DcReacts says:


  20. Daniel says:

    It’s just like the PC DanTDM Played it I love DanTDM/TheDiamondMinecart yay

  21. TheEnderbite says:

    You probaly shouldnt use fire charges because once one hits the house it just ruins the map.
    So maybe since his arms are already out like a zombie what you could do is that it looks like he is grabing you when hes in front of you. And then make it a one shot. Lastly make the radious so he can see you from a far distance instead. Anyways thank you for this addon.

  22. MajorDragon202 says:

    You should make a Entity 303 or Herobrine addon it would be so cool! I would prefer entity 303, it could like teleport, make lightning and blindness, and maybe place signs! That would be the coolest, anyways I hope you make one! 😀 btw if you do make it a rare mob like a iron golem.

  23. Clare says:

    There’s more than one neighbor and they automatically follow you even when you respawn and they made the house burn down >~<

  24. Just_epic says:

    Does this work multiplayer? I have a little brother.

  25. Rustelk2930 says:

    Amazing! I love Hello Neighbor, so why not combine it with a super popular game?

  26. CrenixVoid17 says:


  27. Explained says:

    Make the skeleton shoot shulker (I forgot) things instead of the fire charges. The fire charges asEcksdee already said it burns the house down

  28. J says:

    Yeah then I need to re-install the map and it’s Taking up TONS of space.

  29. Sage Smith says:

    You should make it so the neighbor doesn’t shoot fireballs because the house burns down and you can easily escape. But it’s still pretty cool.

  30. Ryne Ziegler says:

    Um make him shoot arrows instead he can burn the house down this has happened 2 times!!

  31. Brianaplayz169 says:

    Good job Cheete! 😊😍😘 Im so proud of ya!

  32. Cheete says:

    I know creepers get in the house just put it on peaceful then go to creative mode and
    Pespawn the skeleton AKA the Neighbor

  33. Chuck says:

    Fire charges burn house down

  34. MaddiMM says:

    I can’t find. Any keys besides the garage and the basement can someone help

  35. Richard brown says:

    The fire charges burn down the house replace with the fire charges with slowness potion

  36. Mineeh says:


  37. Corbenader 22 says:

    Plz make it so he doesn’t shoot fire charges but instead he is a little faster than the player and can one hit kill the player.

  38. Dan the pro says:

    Can you make a the big house from hello neighbor

  39. DeathSniperMC says:

    It burns it burns the house

  40. Erza says:

    Yay I was waiting for this map!

  41. SavageDabber says:

    Awesome! But seems so creepy! But IT LOOKS SOOOO BEAST!

  42. --GalaxyCarrot says:

    Well I played and the skeleton shot the fire charges so the whole place burned down

  43. What says:

    I have been waiting for this!!!!!

  44. TheGhastKing332 says:

    This map looks awesome but the neighbor shoots fireballs which can light the house on fire I think this is an amazing idea but it needs a little work good job

  45. The2BrohamGaming says:

    Hey Ecksdee, you can just re-download the map. It’s free!

  46. Anonymous says:

    The FIRE BALLS burn down the hous
    Make it SNOW BALLS that slow you down
    With a second house maybe

  47. Brandon says:

    Not all the chests open up especially the key chests also there are two garage key cards

  48. Gabe says:

    Hey dude, just a suggestion. I think he should just have a touch one two hit kill because whenever he misses me with a fireball, the house burns down.

  49. PaperLemon31835 says:

    Please make house lighter mobs kept spawning for me 🙁 and change the fire charges it burns house down then you can’t play 🙁 I hope you read this and fix these problems otherwise is cool 🙂

  50. TheEnderPro says:

    the neighours wont die theres three of them and they wont die I spawned the wither when i finished the map but what are they i couldnt remove the texture pack

  51. TheProDroid says:

    Wow it was fun but the other mobs was in the house so it is house especially the creepers

  52. Orange Sheep says:

    How i find the bedroom key?

  53. Solar says:

    Why fire charges? The house is made from wool and wood and you used Fire Charges

    Awesome Map btw

  54. LightPulse says:

    Shooting fireballs? It will burned the house!

  55. Cheete says:

    Sorry for the fire charge problem, it’s being fixed atm, as well as a new expansion to the map.

  56. Ciaran says:

    Why fire balls and the zombies keep entering and the neighbour wouldn’t let me get past and why can’t we get out of the house needs fixing

  57. Zombieslayer5421 says:

    Everything was good but the house burnt down sadly

  58. Shaun says:

    College neighbor and the map is cooler than the paintball map

  59. Qasem says:

    Can you stop the neighbor from shooting fire charges and to make it better try your best to make the alpha 2 house from the actual game

  60. TheACGamer says:

    Change the firecharges to an egg..or retexture an egg to a tomato so you can prevent the fire in the house

  61. RyannDaily says:

    Wow Dont Let The Neighbor Shoot Fircharges It Will BurnThe House Down
    Make The Neighbor Have Super Speed Bruh
    Replace The Husk To Be The Neighbor!


  62. Anonymous says:

    It is a awesome. But take out the effect that he shoot out 🔥 fire.

  63. Jesper says:

    There’s 2 garage door keys and i don’t know what to do in the garage. Its a little bit unfinished but its really cool

  64. Anonymous says:

    There is a problem when I played your map the neighbor burned down the house

  65. Shaun says:

    He threw a fire charge and the house burnt down

  66. PrimalKarnage says:

    Um, the Neighbor doesnt do anything for me,

  67. M1N5X says:

    The House is on fire because the neighbor is trying to burn everything including the house and him self LOL. He doesnt supposed to shot anything, just make him like a zombie that only hitting player ’till died. It make the map destroyed.

  68. Xv_BladeSlice_vX says:

    Someone needs to make a burning map

  69. Addon Lover says:

    Change the fireballs with slowness potion retextured as glue like in the game but even without that this is cool

  70. J-mac says:

    Hey cheety I love the add on map pack and hope you keep on fixing it but when you replaced the firecharge with snowball the snowball does no harm to me so it kinda got boring and can you also make the bow look like the shot gun evacuase that would be amazing I hope you really change it and make it better

  71. Mr. Meeno says:

    This map doesn’t work for me with the update. No mobs can spawn except creepers and zombies. This also means the neighbor will not appear. So the map lost its main point.

  72. Update says:

    Nice plz keep updating

  73. TheOmegaDerp says:

    He doesnt open doors like i said 🙁 I wanted him to be a door opener like a villager but make him attack Bro just make him open doors like in the game or add frwaking pressure plates just dont make him throw anything make him one shot wonder and make sure add pressure plates on all doors so atleast he can open doors and make sure to add slime blocks like glue! and some other traps to make it cooler! Pls see this

  74. Thalia Evans says:

    Omg! HELLO, NEIGHBOR!!!!!

  75. Thalia Evans says:

    omg yessss!!!! yasssss hello, neighbor came out finally! my favourite youtuber itsfunneh plays this!!

  76. FusionClerk21 says:

    The Neighbor is not shooting anything,I tried in my 1.0.1 mcpe version then it worked but now 1.02 I download it once the neighbor not attacking me,it was holding bow and staring at me,I download another time the neighbor not attack me,he just stared at me and he was holding a SNOWBALL this time I hope u fix the addon

  77. Anonymous says:

    The game is amazing great job but the neighbor did not attack me he just attack himself
    but still great great job keep it up

  78. Ciaran says:

    He can’t even hit me so what’s point of using a villager as a neighbour why not zombie

  79. Jayjay says:

    He didn’t even fight me:)

  80. Noob766 says:

    #NeedtoMake Pls make a cool addon

  81. Greenlantern says:

    The neighbor is not shooting fire ball.

  82. Danial says:

    Wow cool addons and map I like hello neighbour

  83. Minecrazy153 says:

    Neighbour is glitching replace the Zombie pigman with the neighbour and lighten up the house

  84. Skylande7 says:

    He just run fast but dose not shoot at all

  85. AshPvPGamer says:

    Make the neighbor tackle the player pls not shooting

  86. Imabowlertoo says:

    The neighbor is always guarding the closet

  87. Anonymous says:

    Can u make an alien isolation map/addon, with predators and different types of xenomorphs, like drones and praetorians with facehuggers? Thx, if you decide to do so!

  88. Mineman says:

    It needs an update. The neighbor did nothing to me when I walked by it(in survival of course). This map would have been more fun the neighbor attacked me.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Looks cool, but I get shot once with a fire charge and the whole house made of wool burns down. Might want to drop the fire charge or remake the map out of a material that is less flammable.

  90. Susana says:

    How do you get the map!?

  91. Anonymous says:

    its soo easy

  92. Phoebe says:

    I like it my sister cheated xD

  93. Hero brine says:

    Update it please and make a hellos neighbor map what can talk but not shoot fire balls

  94. Hero brine says:

    Update this pls

  95. Hero brin says:

    Update it please and make a hellos neighbor map what can talk but not shoot fire balls

  96. Hero brine says:

    i like it a bit

  97. SwaggySavage says:

    He never attacked me, so I killed him ._. Lol

  98. GamingwithX11YT says:

    Dood u need 2 make the neighbor kill

  99. Sortty_812 says:

    I finish the game in 30 second with no cheating.

  100. Poptarts2007 says:

    Does he actually throw snowballs because EVERYONE is saying that he throws fire charges

  101. Qasem says:

    Why did you change the house completely because I wanted to play the game for real so I got excited but when I saw the pictures it was different from the game so it bad for me because i don’t know what to do

  102. riedhadin says:

    Is it work on 0.17.0 version?

  103. Anonymous says:

    I played and the neighbor was small

  104. Magnus nilsen says:

    How do i install it? Is it free?

  105. Venus says:

    The neighbor was going so fast and couldn’t hurt me so I killed it!🤗 Ha ha! It was fun still! Thanks for making this amazing map Cheete!

  106. Mariah Amor Baculio says:

    This is so cool btw I always scream and drink a water and pee on my pants ya I know it’s so funny

  107. Bromack0304 says:

    My neighbor dosen’t do anything he just acts like the normal villager and dose not shoot snowball! Pls fix map creator

  108. Azura says:

    Ilike the map

  109. Mohamed says:

    This was the best game i ever has playd!!!! It was awsome 🙂 😉

  110. Cheete says:

    When June 01 2017,I Will Delete This Map.

  111. Promlikewhoah73 says:

    The neighbor is not killing me plz fix that .

  112. Fairuz says:

    The neighbour did not kill be what do i do now??

  113. big fat phil says:

    the neighbour just stood there, and nothing else…

  114. Crazypie says:

    I been waiting for this omg I love it thank you

  115. Samuel says:

    Umm the neighbor doesn’t kill me and teleport everywhere can you please fix this bug

  116. Dan says:

    Can somebody make a hello neighbor alpha 3 or alpha 2 world map creation

    • superspider3500 says:

      It’s currently on Alpha 4! Guess someone needs to make an Alpha 4 version soon, or any future version in which it is on, and that seed which grows into a golden apple tree will be constructed using command blocks.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted the addon for my rp series on youtube! THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN/WOMAN!

  118. Entity_21Savage says:

    Tip: Just keep him in the kitchen and you’ll be fine.

  119. Olle says:

    My brother is so scared by neighbor

  120. Anonymous says:

    The neighbor is very fast I suggest slowing him down otherwise great map and keep up the good work

  121. superspider3500 says:

    The first and only try I did on this, the neighbor ran around the left room, and he didn’t even get me. What was he thinking, really? He was running around in circles over and over again, I actually went into the room behind him.

  122. Shepy the sheep says:

    Cheete you said you would take this map down by June 1 2017 and its July 25 2017 someone report him to mojang you suck cheete your freckin 10 I guess

  123. Shepy the sheep says:

    Anonymous it’s not a great map at all missing a lot of things and someone should make a house with crates and the alpha 4 house with the train plz make a alpha 4 and I hope cheete doesn’t make a alpha 4 I want a professional builder to make an alpha 4 version of hello neighbor plz some that is a good builder make alpha 4 !

  124. Shepy the sheep says:

    I just cheated because when the he burn the house down i just walked into the basement and finish its so easy needs to be harder and better

  125. Tjorven says:

    it is an funny map but you can use buttens to open evrything

  126. Azza says:

    Nice game but my nabor didn’t kill me and i could get any key and open the door

  127. Alex says:

    I beat the game but where is the observatory key @?

  128. Nate says:

    First off, the neighbor doesn’t do anything but try to attack the table in the living room (I’m on Win 10, so that might be the issue). Secondly, using command blocks to give the player invisibility makes so much more sense than using potions, and it is so much easier to implement this now because of the updates (repeating command blocks that give the player invisibility for one second work perfectly, although mobs can still see me for some reason). Lastly, the spawn point doesn’t really need a pressure plate since the player isn’t going to need back in there, and if for some reason you want the player to get back in the spawn point please change it to a button so the Neighbor can’t go in too.
    Otherwise, great work! I love your maps!

  129. Vampire says:

    The neighbor did nothing

  130. Jeremiah says:

    Best map I have ever played

  131. Mr.pig says:

    Neighbor is stupid good map but he runs around in circles pretty dumb FIX IT

  132. MinecraftBoys says:

    My Nieghbor is just running around not trying to kill me it makes it so easy but I want it to be challenging so stupid it mite be a bug

  133. XXxsonicxXX says:

    bruh the neighbor wont attack meh

  134. daniel h says:

    the neighbor is a villager make it like a husk or a zombie or something just not a villager

  135. Random guy says:

    It’s here!

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