Hide n Seek [Minigame]

Hide n Seek is a popular minigame for multiplayer games. But this map in particular has a twist to it which makes it possible for you to change the map each round. There are two different maps currently and they include Temple and Pirate Ship and one additional with be added in the future. Before starting you will be able to select a camouflage skin (and that feature was inspired by SkyGames Hide n Seek map).

Creator: Gab_The_CrafterTwitter Account


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. HeroCreeperSF says:

    Wait… How do you even start this map? It said wait for 40 seconds.. and its like 5 minutes… its still not yet starting… I’m so confused!!!

    • Gab_The_Crafter says:

      Click The Start Button (Multiplayer Needed) And Then Hiders Will Be Released Then After 40sec Seekers Will Be Released

  3. harith says:

    how to play when we have nametag ? i show where we are ?

  4. Meow! says:

    What resource pack did you use?

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