Hogwarts & Surrounding Areas (WIP) [Creation]

This map has been in the works for over three years now and it was created to give the most authentic version of Hogwarts (& surrounding areas) on Console Edition of Minecraft and now also Bedrock Edition. Everything is hand placed, the terrain is placed block by block, and teeming with Easter eggs for true Potter fans.

Be warned though, the map is unfinished. There is a wing in the castle missing interior, and lots of London isn’t finished either. There is however a teleport hub which you’ll find in the defense against the dark arts classroom fireplace.

Creator: PoeticWhisper, Twitter Account


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83 Responses

4.81 / 5 (49 votes)
  1. Connor Egan says:

    This is really cool!

  2. Random guy says:

    Another map of hogwarts. And this one is even better!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This map is massive!!! Any chance of a map??!

  4. 😻😻😻WARRIOR CATS LOVER says:

    Omg first comment wowowow its so cool omg omg omg other hogwarts maps don’t have surrounding areas and they are to big I’m a huge harry potter fan and I love this map its so cool must play 🙂 🙂 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  5. PugGam3erp says:

    Is there any possibility of me helping you on this map as I am a potterhead myself and a good builder. I know every inch of the Harry Potter world and could help you add all the missing elements you need. If you would like to arrage something, reply to this comment asap so I can get building.

  6. Addons&ModsAreGoodForU says:

    This map is great! 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    So cool

  8. Isa says:

    Wow!! I love the buildings!

  9. Help says:

    Does anyone know where the Slytherin and Hufflepuff common rooms are????

    • Random guy says:

      Hidden… Only a real Hufflepuff/Slytherin could find them.

    • Thalassagamer says:

      Theyre both hidden! You have to find the rooms and reveal secret passageways.

      1. Hufflepuff is near the kitchens. Find the empty hall with a golden apple in a frame. Down to the left here will be a dead end with a tripwire high on the wall. Jump up into the wire and it will open a two-block passage.

      2. Slytherin is in the dungeons. There’s a big room filled with kegs and hay bales and stuff, and at the end of it it a wall with two columns of buttons on either side. If you press the right button (should be second from the bottom on the left) the screen will show the Slytherin title and the wall will open up to reveal the common room.

      Both rooms should have buttons near the entrances that reopen the entrances. Good luck!

    • PoeticWhisper says:

      The hufflepuff common room is down the staircase at the base of the grand staircase. Go down there, go to the end of the hallway and jump (there’s a tripwire that’ll open the door) and the slytherin common room is all the way at the end of the dungeons (in the distillery) all the way at the end, you’ll see buttons on the wall. On the left, second button from the bottom will open it.

    • Yay says:

      Hufflepuff is at like ground level. There is a tripwire and it opens a piece of wall that leads to the common room.

    • Nick says:

      Hufflepuff is at the very bottom of the grand staircase, next to the ‘kitchen’. At the end of the hallway, there is a tripwire about 4 blocks up, and once you trigger it, a small passageway appears, and you walk down that to get to hufflepuff. For slytherin, I haven’t been able to find their common room. I’ve found the dungeons, but the only things down there that i found were a potions classroom, a library? with snapes’s office, an empty room with a desk, and a sort of large storage room thing. (In case you don’t know, to get to the dungeons, go into Entrence hall #2, then go to the small corridor on the left. on the left end of that corridor, there is a spiral staircase, and those lead to the dungeons.) Hope this helps!

    • UkuleleQueen says:

      I haven’t found any common rooms.. I’ve been looking all over for them

  10. Arcenas090 says:

    It’s great!

  11. Builderman says:

    Helicopter map

  12. Gamers527 says:

    Editor are you a Bot(Computer)?

  13. Stephen James Harvey says:

    Wow…. this is amazing…. truly inspiring… although… i found the maze, the dragon arena, the boathouse, but was the black lagoon and its ruins ever developed?…. i only ask cause of the tri wizard tournament references and wondered if the included ALL the challenges…. i checked the surrounding water i could find but thought maybe it was somewhere else?…. there are TONS of easter eggs in this thing…. possibly more so than even in the movies…. lol

  14. Samspinall says:

    This is such a great map! I haven’t fully explored it yet but there is a surprise around every corner. From hitting the correct brick to enter diagon alley to honeyduke’s secret tunnel there is so much to see. I’d recommend that every potter fan download this map as it is amazing.

  15. Connor Egan says:

    I’ve been looking around but I can’t find the second tri-wizard tournament task. Is it even on here? But no matter what this is hands down the best map I have ever used!

  16. Paulistall says:

    Can someone tell me where the griffindor common room is cuz I’m confused where it is

  17. Stephen James Harvey says:

    Somebody should make a list of coordinates of memorable locations…. since Minecraft has coordinates, we can list them and teleport to a place we cant find as a last resort…. although, that may ruin the sense of exploration for some…. GEEZ THIS MASSIVE!!!!

  18. Stephen James Harvey says:

    Did Anybody Notice The Hidden TARDIS?….. GREAT Addition… lol….

    • PoeticWhisper says:

      That was left by a friend of mine a lonngggggg time ago. I don’t watch Dr. Who myself but I kept it there for prosperity I guess.

  19. Want-to-be-good-gamer-girl says:

    Ever better than the one called best Hogwarts….
    They need to change the name of that one

  20. miner1678 says:

    the slytherin common room is down in the dungeons in the wine cellar on the left wall you hit the second button from the ground and there is the door

  21. miner1678 says:

    the hufflepuff common room is down at the very bottom of the grand staircase you go through the corridor and you go to the back and there is some string go into the string and that should trip the door to open by itself

  22. RandomQueen says:

    This is an amazing map but for the life of me I can’t find the Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor dorms. Please help (anyone) because it’s in such detail and I can’t find anything XD

  23. Tata says:

    How do I get to diagonal alley?

    • PoeticWhisper says:

      Hey, head to the defense against the dark arts classroom. (Should be about 4th floor up from the grand staircase) there will be a sign. Go to the end of the classroom into the office, there will be a pressure plate that if you step on it will teleport you to a room with a bunch of locations you can TP to by pressing the button under the sign. Knockturn Alley being one of them.

  24. ThePixelBuddy says:

    This is amazing! I have found nearly…. EEVEEYTHING!! But, I can’t find any of the common rooms or Hagrids hut! Can anyone help?

    • PoeticWhisper says:

      1. Gryffindor Common room is on the hand staircase, it’s the second to last floor I believe. You will find there is a painting that sits rather low, of an angel. Walk through it.

      2. Ravenclaw Common room is in the watch tower. (That tower that is wide open at the top, it connect to the grand staircase tower via the quad) the staircase that leads to it if found just near the suspension bridge.

      3. Hufflepuff Common room is down the stairs at the base of the grand staircase, in the basement. Go all the way to the end of the hall past the golden Apple, and you will find a tripwire that when you activate will open the door.

      4. Slytherin Common room is all the way at the end of the dungeons in the “wine cellar” area. If you walk all the way to the end, by some watermelons and some big barrels you will see a series of button on the wall to the left. Second button from the bottom will open the door.

      5. Harris’s hut is near the quidditch pitch, near the whomping willow, across from the clock tower at the end of the wooden bridge.

  25. Emerio says:

    Wow very amazing map I love it the only thing it’s missing is diagon alley, kings cross station,the ministry of magic and godrics hallows

    • PoeticWhisper says:

      The map actually has everything you listed except for Godrics Hollow (we’re still working on that!) In the defense against the dark arts classroom you will find a pressure plate in the office fireplace. Go inside and you’ll find teleports to all the areas!

  26. jose says:

    cool cool co co co cool

  27. MinerX says:

    Where is diagon alley??

  28. Maya MacDonald says:

    Where’s the fireplace? I went to the room and I can’t find it, I can’t find any of the common rooks either

  29. Yass says:

    Wow It’ s an incredible mal!! But…someone know where is the charms classroom?

    • YTGAMER19 says:

      Charms is my favorite! I found Professor Fitwick’s office but not the classroom yet

      • PoeticWhisper says:

        Charms class was recently ripped out to be replaced somewhere else. During this time is when the map was put up for download. Sorry! Future revisions will have it I promise!

        • Yass says:

          Ooh so bad i looooove charms 🙁 i Hope the next update will be soon! And know it’s very big but….maybe the malfoy Manor? ^~^

  30. MinerX says:

    WHERE IS DIAGON ALLEY??? I spawned in a random place!!!

  31. Yay says:

    Is the Slytherin common room in the dungeons? I mean that’s where it is supposed to be but I couldn’t find it there

    • Mia says:

      It’s in the storage room with all the watermelons and pumpkins. It is in the dungeons. You go in there go to the furthest wall and click the second button on the left.

  32. KEFF says:

    Can u make a tardis map and addon plz

  33. ILoveMinecraftMaps says:

    Awesome world.I love Harry Potter this is just PERFECT. Well Done

  34. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone found the Slytherin dormitories? This build is REALLY big, easy to get lost even as a Potterhead 😀

  35. Mia says:

    I can’t find the Ravenclaw common room. Can someone tell me where it is??!!

  36. me says:

    Has the chamber been built yet?

  37. YTGAMER19 says:

    Is there Godric’s Hollow or Malfoy Manor? If yes send me th cordeidants. If no make some please!!!!! I am such a Harry Potter need. Also add Spinnet’s End,Hut on the Rock and Umbridge’s Office at Hogwarts

    • YTGAMER19 says:

      Also please add a special Yule Ball edition of the Great Hall, Lockhart’s office and more Floo Network passages. Can be a treasure hunt for cauldrons or Galleans or else?

    • PoeticWhisper says:

      No Godrics Hollow or Malfoy Manor in the works yet. They are on the list of things to do though! It’s a big project for just 1-2 people. Haha. Future revisions should have all these things. I’m working on it!

  38. me says:

    When is the next update for this map?

  39. me says:

    Plz, when is this map going to be updated?

  40. Full0FStarrrsss says:

    Please can someone tell me the co-ordinates for the slytherin common room? I’ve been looking everywhere and I can’t seem to find it. I know it’s in the dungeons with the haystacks and buttons. But btw this map is quality! You have included every single detail like the flying car, and Aragog and even fang. Also if possible could you add the co-ordinates for the quiditch pitch as well.

  41. keithross39 says:

    Awesome map.
    I’ve played a few Hogwarts maps and this is by far the best.
    Only had a quick explore so far and I’ve found the Dragon pit and Maze from Goblet of Fire, Fluffy, the trap door, wizard chess and the mirror of Erised from Philosophers Stone. Hagrids hut, the whomping willow with its tunnel, Hogsmead, the train station and of course Hogwarts itself. I’m sure there’s plenty more to find too, and everywhere I look the detail is fantastic…..
    Good job well done.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Where is the slitheryn common room?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Where r the dungeons?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Where is moaning mrytles bathroom and the dungeons?

  45. Jaina says:

    Where is Moaning Myrtles bathroom!? I can’t find it. All I have found so far are the tasks for the philosophers stone and the gryffindor and Hufflepuff common rooms.

  46. Jaina says:

    I loved this map but where is Moaning Myrtles bathroom I can’t find it

  47. Stan says:

    I read that you also build a part of Londen How can I find that part I know it isn’t finisht but I would like to visit it

  48. Steven says:

    This map is the most amazing thing for a Diehard potter fine such as myself thank you for your amazing build

  49. nigel1409 says:

    I downloaded it but it’s not showing up in my worlds.

  50. keithross39 says:

    Update…I have found all the common rooms but it seems like Ravenclaws is a bit um draughty…..It appears to be missing it’s roof.

  51. SomeDude says:

    Hello, this map is really really really really(ok I’ll stop) good.But is there any way for you to make the map less dark?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Where is the hand staircase???

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