Holiday Update “1.8” Features Review Map (1.8 Only) [Creation]

The Holiday Update is expected to be released some time by the end of the year. The update contains some of the things which was mentioned during Minecon Earth 2018, and the remaining features will most likely be released in version 1.9 next year. This map showcases all of the new things which are accessible in the 1.8 beta. Cute pandas, adorable cats and tall bamboos are some of the things. Go ahead and test out the new features!

Creator: Gfriend_Yuju28Twitter Account
Updated: 20 October, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Added The Crossbow Section
  • Added The Particles Section
  • Added The Dye Section
  • Improved Map Performance
  • Updated The Panda Section


Important note: This map will only work for 1.8! Join the beta!

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32 Responses

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  1. Eli says:


  2. Therix says:

    Is a red eyed Panda normal and what does it do?

  3. Sorry For The All Caps says:

    OMG 1.8 IS HERE!!!!!!

    • TomCat17YT says:

      I used adblock to get rid of the ads
      And also the 1.8 holiday update is available on android xbox one and windows 10
      But Unfortunately my game has crashed every single time but don’t worry they will make another update which is

  4. YCComedian says:

    Nice I acctually got the version when it got out so this might be useful to know how to use the new updates buuuut i already know

  5. Gfriend_Yuju28 says:

    just to let you guys know,red eyed pandas are basically aggressive ones.

  6. JAYSON says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 ok

  7. Noname says:

    Wait for what device is it out for pc? Or ps4???

    • Sony & Windows fan says:

      PS4 will probably never be added to the bedrock family since the owner of Sony will not do cross-platform play. Only Fortnite is known to be able to at the moment.

  8. Cassia Taylor says:

    So…. iOS and Android can not access the beta? It’s just been formatted with .mcworld? Aww… I want mobs that don’t replace anything!

  9. Why when i download the map its successfully import but i dont see any maps but im using

  10. Dat randum boi says:

    It aint working
    I have
    And doesnt work

  11. TSisamazing says:

    This is rubbish, I can’t tame any ocelots now, please fix this!!! I need my cats!

  12. Wyatt says:

    It needs a testing room

  13. Craftergirl101 says:

    I looked in my mine craft world list I did not show

  14. Rich says:

    Help me for enrolling for the beta on apple devices for 1.9

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