Hospital 2 (Horror!) [Adventure]

Waking up you find yourself inside an abandoned hospital. Let’s just say that everything that can go wrong does exactly that. As there’s no electricity all of the lights are out. However, you’ve got a night vision camera! As much as it’s useful it also adds an whole other level of creepiness to the experience. Search for a way out and find out if you’re really alone..

Creator: Piekabee


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53 Responses

4.39 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. NetherBrine says:


  2. Katie says:

    it’s not working for me

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very good map

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Diamondbrock123 says:

    First comment

  6. Name erupts says:

    Well, waiting for a HyperDimension Neptunia Addon. Nice map, and you can, and should work on improvising methods to stop map breakers.

  7. MimDARK555 says:

    I thought the horror ended D:

  8. Geraldthegreat says:

    Awesome how to make a add-on I am from the Philippines Sige na po please

  9. Mc says:

    It’s amazing!

  10. TaniqueTalk says:

    Can you play in multiplayer? And how?

  11. XxM00nygaMERxX says:

    So creepy… #firstcomment

  12. Powerpal says:

    Notch is cool

  13. Keeper Creeper says:

    I like to cheat in these kind of maps cuz we can take off the camera thingy on our head and it will work slightly more but still every jumpscare freaks me out and its very cool! AND ALSO FIRST!!!!!!!!

  14. Rowan says:

    Horror horror horror

  15. Anonymous says:

    I really want to know I play hospital but not hospital 2. This might be more better than 1. But 1 was a little scary.

  16. ITSBONNIEYT says:

    Hospital 2 was good but I’m not sure about 2.

  17. Bro Gamer says:

    Wow so cool map

  18. XPAdventureYT says:

    Love the work Piekabee keep up the scary yet amazing horror maps!

  19. XPAdventureYT says:

    Also you earned 5 starts

  20. Alex says:

    Can this be played on MCPE?

  21. Alec hengstman says:

    Wow this is very scary, Great job

  22. Lby225680 says:

    Every good

  23. Zane says:

    Stupid map

  24. Anonymous says:

    I ❤ it I mean it’s so cool and creepy

  25. sofia.judak says:

    piekabee you ad done it again its a real horror map!

  26. Ayush says:

    Its not working

  27. I am not allowed to tell anyone my name says:

    Love the map but I almost died because it was SO Scary

  28. Awesome guy says:

    Omg it was too scary I couldn’t play through the entire map

  29. Winterboy says:

    OMG This Map Gave me a mini heart attack

  30. Catman 24 says:

    awesome map

  31. Cedric Gamer says:

    I’m from the Philippines napakaastig na map parang masmaganda pa sa part 1

  32. G real says:

    This map is seriously scared me…..this is some next level Minecraft….good job ….I liked the beat in the beginning, ii wonder if u can give link to listen to it 🙂

  33. CakeBerry says:

    Super duper double dipper EXTRA scary!!!!!!!! (You know, it’s waaaaāaaaaaay scarier than Hospital 1……. if you’re not used to be chased by killer monsters)

  34. ... says:

    It was worth the wait

  35. Lauren says:

    It was too scary I deleted it on the second part 😂😂

  36. BoOTy says:

    I hate the doctor I try to cheat and killing him but I failed

  37. sammy says:

    you have no idea how many times i screamed. great game i’m just weak :,)

  38. Star_Knight says:

    Good map,but how to hide from doctor?

  39. Shaylee says:

    This was an amazing map but how do you hide from the doctor

  40. eZaF_AlienYT says:

    Hey Piekabee!! I played all your MCPEDL maps and they were scary! (Except for Late At Night 1) I didn’t play your Sophie’s Curse map because you or the website took it down. I only played Late At Night 1, Hospital 1 & 2, and Herobrine’s Terror. I really need your help because I’m making a horror map called Satan’s Hour: The Black Ghost and I was wondering if you can join me and help me (That’s if you have a Microsoft account logged in to MCPE) You can join your friends in their worlds if you use a Microsoft/Xbox account (If you didn’t know) but I really need your help I promise I will give you a shout out if you want one 😉 Thanks!
    -eZaF Alien

  41. X angel of death son says:

    I love your maps and can’t wait to play more of them

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