-1231215285: Huge Coral Biome At Spawn (Beta Only)

This seed will spawn you right next to a big ocean biome. If you dive into the water to take a closer look then you’ll come across hundreds of beautiful coral structures. This seed is most likely one of the largest corals that’s been discovered to date for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Just remember to drink Potion of Night Vision and Potion of Water Breathing to be able to see better underwater.

Found by: JPlaysPETwitter AccountYouTube Channel

Turn around at spawn and you will see a huge ocean biome right next to you. In the water you’ll find all the corals.

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  1. DankMemes says:

    Can’t wait for update aquatic in Minecraft…the oceans will be so alive!

  2. Vinent says:


  3. notch says:


  4. Regal_Tocaro says:

    Just a q for people who have beta, are there fish in the update? I mean, I’m super happy that mojang have decided to add some much needed colour to the ocean floor, but what about life- apart from turtles?

  5. Imaker says:

    Can you find a seed for underwater ruins, because it was added in

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