Creeper Friend Add-on

The Creeper Friend Add-on turns all creepers into humanoids. Creepers can now be tamed using diamonds and used similar to a bodyguard to keep you protected against the hostile creatures in Minecraft. Besides being the perfect companion on your adventures it also looks very cool as it is well-dressed with a dark suit and black shades. I love it, and I think you will too!

Creator: Ayrtown_Karlos, Twitter Account
Updated: 26 May, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Creepers now looks like humans. It got two arms and two legs. They are neutral by default. This means they will only attack if they are being attacked first.

To befriend a creeper you first need to tame one. Hold some diamonds in your hand, get close to a creeper and then press the Tame button to tame it.  If you are successful some hearts appear around the creeper. A tamed creeper wears a black suit, a red tie and cool black shades. It looks just like a professional bodyguard except that it got a green creeper face.


You can have as many of them as you want and you can even start breeding them. Feed a carrot or an apple to two different creepers and they will soon start make love. They are very efficient at making babies. A baby will pop out just a second or two after their love fest. Babies will automatically be tamed.


Minecraft is sometimes a very dangerous world and that’s why there are many benefits of getting a bodyguard. First off, they are incredibly loyal and will always try to protect you against anything that’s hostile.

Long-tap on a creeper and use the Sit Stand button to command them. For example, you can station them on multiple different locations.

creeper-bodyguard-4 creeper-bodyguard-2

The bodyguard creepers are very fast and quite strong. This means that they won’t have any problem whatsoever to take down possible threats.



New Creeper Stats / Features:

  • Attack damage: 4
  • Never explodes
  • Two times more health than the original creeper
  • Neutral mob, only attacks the player if it is attacked first, otherwise friendly
  • Helps player kill other mobs if tamed
  • Drops 2 diamonds and 1 golden sword
  • Feed them using apples or carrots to regenerate their health
  • Give gunpowder to procreate


  • Added behavior for opening ports
  • Improved loot


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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Installation Guides

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59 Responses

4.2 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Xxrhxan04xX says:

    Does the addon works on 0.15.9?

  2. Zzz says:

    I love 0.16.0 update is the best update number 2 the first is 0.9.0

  3. Anonymous says:

    The best addon in my life

  4. Radcliff says:

    Does this addon work for 0.15.9?

  5. SPMCPE88 says:

    Wow Its Work

  6. NightScopeX says:

    I need the behaviour pack to change the AI of the creeper on build 5 putting the textures just changes the texture p.s. great job

  7. XxboomxX says:

    Can you make a friendly skeleton addon

  8. Dennis1225 says:

    I need the behaviour pack to change the AI of the creeper on build 5
    putting the textures just changes the texture pls make the add-ons work on mcpe 16.0 build 5

    • Editor says:

      Please read the install guide which is included in the bottom of the post. It explains exactly what you need to do to install this add-on.

  9. joshua says:

    Does this work in 0.16 build 5

  10. LifeSunShine says:

    Good! 🙂

  11. DrewCraftedgon says:

    So easy of life in minecraft with this addons very helpful

  12. Mintz007 says:

    Why the creepers attacking me,when i change to survival..

  13. Dabest yt says:

    How I’m on kindle with 16.0 how do I use

  14. Delosreyes says:

    My version is 0.16.0 but didn’t work out why? .. I follow the instructions but it doesn’t work

    • Editor says:

      You need to specify what steps you took to install it or just something so I can better help you.

      Have you checked out the install guides in one of the menus on the site? They are very detailed guides.

  15. TrifectaPlayz says:

    I have tried using this tweak on 0.16 for iOS, by placing the correct files in the correct directories using iFile and neither the resource pack or the behaviour pack shows up. I think there is an error in the layout of the actual Add-On itself. This Add-On seems fun, so I would love it if you could fix it for the official update. You can download a blank template from anyway, just look at the layout of that.

  16. AngularDistance says:

    creepers tame, but just look like creepers. i have 0.16.0 alpha for iOS and can’t get the textures to work.

  17. Edgar says:

    It works but creeper still looks like creeper too me

  18. Ethan says:

    Please make the creeper Friend explode when killed. It gives it a pc survival test feel.

  19. Mcpe pro says:

    Editor I did what you said but it still looks like a creeper after I put the texture pack btw I’m on iOS 0.16.0 alpha can u help me it doesn’t work the tame thing works but it still looks like a creeper without a suit or glasses

  20. 1User1 says:

    Why don’t the creepers don’t look like they do on the pictures then they do in game?

  21. Explosive 77 says:

    I don’t know how to download mods!

    • Editor says:

      Just click the download button for the .mcpack(s) to import it. If you are on Android you will need ES File Explorer to locate the folder.

  22. carl says:

    the mod is great but i can’t tame these creepers, no tame button?

  23. Farees says:

    I like this add/on

  24. Mohamed says:

    Awesome addon

  25. Miguel says:

    The skin don’t work

  26. Ender Mage says:

    Actually It drops not only diamonds and golden swords also blaze rods

  27. Daniel says:

    IT is the best mod in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. haikal says:

    I like it

  29. Minecraft_player says:

    This addon looks awesome! I tried using it, and the download on my iPhone 5s went very well. When it finished importing, Minecraft said “downloaded with warnings.” I looked, and there was only one warning. All my packs have warnings, so I ignored it because they work fine. I created a new world, and forgot to apply the resource and behaivor packs. I added the resource pack and then the behaivor. I clicked “play” and the world loaded. I spawned in some creepers. For some odd reason, the creeper was a baby. Then I spawned another. It was an adult, which was strange. I tamed the baby, and it A) did not look like a humanoid and B) did not follow me. By this point O was really confused. Then, I noticed the gravel nearby was acting really strange. It looked like the lava in the plastic texture (which I do not have) and also half gravel (That was really weird wording). I checked my inventory (I was in creative) and hardened clay was a rainbow. I was really weirded out. I spawned in a husk, who looked like doctor husk from the doctor husk addon, which I do have. The creepers chased it around and killed it even untamed. The shulker spawn egg looked like the NPC spawn egg from Minecraft Edu Edition, so I used it. It spawned a regular shulker which the creepers also attacked. I finally left the world thinking my Minecraft broke. When I checked the resource and behaivor packs, all my resource packs were applied! I tried taking them off, but it said “this resource pack is necessary for the behaivor pack applied.” I tried that with all of them. I don’t know if this was a bug, my phone, or Minecraft, but I deleted the packs. Please talk to the pack creator or tell me what to do to fix this resource pack craziness without deleting my packs so I don’t break my worlds.

    • YiumiloGames says:

      Oh well I’m starting to help people okay so here I’ll help you First: think about risking Next: risk it Last: Download all the stuff you had again and remake you worlds p.s. Check out my skin if it’s uploaded to the website

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hey, could you please add a resource pack about that it changes all the mobs in the inventory to other mobs that haven’t been added to mc yet? I’d love that!

  31. JANSSEN says:

    Creeper is not wearing any clothes or shades?

  32. Rain says:

    Update please update please i will install it please update

  33. Guest says:

    Everything is working on the latest version of MCPE, surprisingly. Except the tame button. If I punch one it spawn kills me.

  34. RTN GAMER says:

    When tame use Diamond tame not tame it not working plz fix

  35. Warknoxx says:

    Not work

  36. Abdullah says:

    Hey why you copied my skkkiiinnnn???
    Bad person

  37. Pati Robins says:

    Please could you add an inventory option and/or a way to make it pick up items? Id really like to have one in a sniping tower with a bow to kill the nearby mobs trying to get into my base. Besides from that this is a great mod. 5 stars

  38. PusheenDC says:

    I always wanted this but does it work on the lastest version on W10E?

  39. Yo says:

    I’m seeing two typ0s is this first u said “looks” in the second paragraph and the you said “it” instead of it’s

  40. blockzetsu4321 says:

    but how to tamed this creeper addon

  41. Rayhan says:

    Hi notch you are the best

  42. Anonymous says:

    Why won’t it work I hold diamonds and nothing happens

  43. Lorna0815 says:

    I Would Love To Try This, But Whenever I Get A Addon From, It’s Bound To Destroy My Entire World.

  44. Endo Pulse says:

    Omg it perfect it works in the latest version too, its a freakin masterpiece.
    This is the work of god.

  45. wow aaron you tub says:

    it is not working :c

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