Hunger Mod

The Hunger Mod is a mod inspired by an original feature in Minecraft for PC where you’ve got similar to what can be seen in the image below, a hunger bar which you must keep high in order to survive.


With this mod more realism is added to the game as you must actually gather food, cook it and eat it if you want to look forward to any longer life. To make sure the mod didn’t just add in an extra obstacle in Minecraft PE – hunger – the creator added multiple features which only work incase you’re high on food. View the list of features below to get an idea of what we mean.


  • Sprinting system – works only if you have eaten enough
  • Lose-health-if-you-get-hungry system
  • Disabled default eat-to-get-hearts system
  • Any more!

Note: A few people have reported that the hunger bar doesn’t display at first but play for a bit and it should soon appear.

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20 Responses

  1. carl says:

    Does it work for nexus 7

  2. Marcus says:

    Just asking are some of these mods for ios? Im using a jailbroken ipod touch 5th generation…

  3. Caroline says:

    It said that you can not download this file on safari

  4. Danny says:

    After Dropbox download what’s next
    Ipad 2 unjailbrocken by the way

  5. Khalil says:

    I cant see the textures? Icant really see the sprint button and Hunger Bar Forever I died it never show itself

    • Editor says:

      I am not sure if this work for the latest version of Minecraft. Back when we added it to the site MCPE was in version 0.8.1 and since then the creator hasn’t updated it.

  6. grzejnik_Polska says:

    how to upload textures?

  7. Comforterr says:

    Does it work on multiplayer?

  8. Um says:

    How do you sprint?

  9. RetroidGameoid says:

    So, like, I installed the .js file, now where do I put the images?

  10. ObsidianAssassin says:

    I am making my own mod and I want to have a hunger bar in the mod. So can I have your permission to take some lines of your mod into mine? If not, can you teach me how to make my own?

    • ObsidianAssassin says:

      Actually, nevermind about this comment. I’ll just reccoment this mod as well as my mod for extra challenge ;P

  11. Richmond says:

    Let It’s 2016 There’s Already a Hunger Bar

  12. Latecoolblox says:

    This is a thing already lol

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