iCraft City [Creation]

iCraft City is an exotic city in the early stages of development but the beginning definitely looks promising. It’s a city with palm trees, luxurious houses, apartment complexes and so far one mall. Surprisingly the best thing about the map is the realistic roads which goes in several different directions, crosses over bridges and so on. It really adds a realistic touch to the entire map.

Creator: Jacob, Twitter Account


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8 Responses

  1. Pony says:

    Can u put this on iOS.?

  2. Navywalrus says:

    How can I download the file it shows up in my download as a rar.file can you tell me what to do or how to install it please

  3. Jacob says:

    My name is Jacob and this place is aw

  4. Help says:

    This is the best city ever ive been searching for a city but it dosent fits well to my channel so i found this its really cute plus its fits ty for making this! ^-^

  5. MCPEMaster says:

    This is confusing it doesn’t have any files to copy please help

  6. Gamergirl535 says:

    To download install documents then click link then upen in documents tap on the file select every thing in the file then click zip then select zip and rename.mcworld

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