INFINITE Custom Super Flats [Custom Terrain]

This custom flat world map pack includes five different worlds and all of them are infinite. There is everything from a completely empty world (with just air and some stone blocks) to an infinite flat world made out of wool blocks. However, I did notice some crashing issues when loading the TNT Run flat world for Windows 10.

Creator: ariankhatabi80Twitter AccountYouTube Channel
Updated: 21 December, 2017 (added two new flat maps: infinite Nether world and infinite End world)


All of the following worlds are infinite flat.

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46 Responses

4.64 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. NoodlePlateWithAFork says:

    thanks i really like it, but i dont like that the redstone ready link brings you to adfly twice, so thats why here is the link to mediafire for redstone ready
    sorry but i think its not fair to make it send you to 2 adfly links.
    besides that i enjoy the world(s) and theyre fun. 4/5

  2. EnderCoolIndo says:


  3. DitDitGamingDL says:

    Cool… haven’t tested it… but cool. 2 quick questions… How did you do this? and 2: Could you add more options? Anyway… cool.

  4. Minecraftdog767 says:

    Wow I needed a redstone ready map for some redstone stuff I’m going to do this is really useful

  5. Happy says:

    Finally! Custom flat worlds for new mcpe! Thanks

  6. Carl says:

    Cool but where’s the sandstone world shown in the pictures? Other than that I like it

  7. Me says:

    Could you make a .zip containing all the maps? Thanks!

  8. Happy helper says:

    Is the Redstone ready world the sandblock world?
    Oh and love the maps thx

  9. CakeMaster3848 says:

    For the void, the link takes you to adfly twice, here is the link for it

  10. Creeper person says:

    The tnt run is SOOOOO laggy

  11. RarityPokemon says:

    After adfly it gives me a advertise that I can’t close. Thanks to CakeMaster for the quick link!

  12. Pomell says:

    Yes Can you make a template

  13. Pomell says:

    Yes Can you make a template please

  14. Andrew Davindra says:

    Cool, but can you add more option?
    Also how do you do this?

  15. KirbyPlayzPE says:

    Nice! Well done! One question, can you make it all templates? Please,?

  16. REGNATOR 1315 says:

    Amazing! I wonder some certain blocks will make mobs spawn in like both the netherrack and the end stone you have in this update. A few additions, maybe add a .zip file containing all the worlds and having these files be .mctemplate instead of .mcworld file. I would really want to see that!

  17. Robert says:


  18. The Freaky Enderman says:

    pu s’tahw! (Backwards what’s up) this worlds are awesome and they helped me a lot, keep doing the good job!

  19. Guy says:

    Is the nether flat too ?

  20. Guy says:

    Is the nether/end flat too ?

  21. Dries says:

    The (ad-fly) redirects are broken. I cant reach the mediafire link. Oh, why? Because when i click Skip Ad, they reward me with another ad, and always scam. Iphone9, virusses, free texting,… other maps are great and are easy to download…

  22. Adam8889 says:

    How can i turn off that position info in the chat?

  23. Bob the scientist says:

    I think these are cool but how do you do it yourself so I can make new ones?
    Half the reason I want to do this is because trying to load them it takes me to a blocked site

  24. Akihiro Akagi says:

    Wow, I really need a infinite air world and endstone flat world and you gave it top me. This is not like Zeph’s flat world. Cuz I just found out all of his flat worlds aren’t infinite.

    Mind if you make more flat worlds like desert biome flat worlds and or try these

    1 Grass Block, 4 dirts, 10 stones 1 bedrock (Snow or Taiga Biome), I need a snow biome flat world for my winter wonderland.

    Earth and hell flat world, if you want.
    1 grass block, 4 dirts 10 stones, 10 netherock 20 airs, 5 lavas 10 netherock, 1 bedrock.

  25. sTiNgRaY says:

    Awesome! How did u do these things!?!?

  26. Timaas dhom says:

    The Redstone ready world us limited it actually bugs does brings any later chunks after spawn
    That is really annoying

  27. Bobthescientist says:

    Maps are cool looking but I can’t get them because of the silly adds that never get you anywhere it’s realy annoying.

  28. Akihiro Akagi says:

    You need to fix The End Biome Link, it directs you to random fake virus website.

    The End Biome:

  29. Killer0824 says:

    Great! Thanks for the three links too.

  30. Vechrozilator says:

    Make a world that has 1 bedrock, 28 dirt and 1 grass. Because in blocktograph if you customize the flat world not the whole world will change it left some area on spawn that doesn’t change

  31. Dudubomb1143r says:

    I don’t work for this site but im gonna make template versions and put them and the mcworld files in a zip file to download

  32. MasterCReepy says:

    Can you make a flat world with sand and bedrock? I need it for a map I’m making:

    4 sand layers at the top.
    1 bedrock layer at the bottom.

  33. coke says:

    Is there any way to put this in a zip folder for use on a server?

  34. Scb says:

    Void world works even when i go mcpe farlands there is no blocks.

  35. Jack ibell says:

    Can you make versions with education edition enabled plz

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