iPhone X [Redstone]

This is a fully working recreation of the iPhone X in Minecraft. iPhone X is one of the latest Apple products currently available on the market. This map gives you a (very simplified) preview of the smartphone in Minecraft. You can interact with the creation in several different ways such as swipe to unlock or accessing some of the pre-installed apps.

As it’s Minecraft it’s limited to command blocks and redstone and that makes it nowhere close to a real life smartphone. But it’s still pretty cool!

Creator: PastimeboyTwitter Account

How does it work?

You can use the iPhone similarly to using a smartphone in real life. To turn on the phone fly up close to the power button on the side. A few moments later it will boot up.

Requires at least 10 chunks render distance! (Change in video settings.)

Swipe, also known as fly across the screen, to unlock the iPhone. There are several different apps which you can access by flying towards the buttons.

You can basically interact with any of the buttons of app icons on the screen. Just fly to them and see if something happens.



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106 Responses

3.59 / 5 (48 votes)
  1. eyub says:

    so perfect thanks admin ur the best

  2. Jason says:

    The map doesn’t work

  3. Brian says:

    No iPhone X there

  4. JroePlayz says:

    Last time, iPhone 6, now, iPhone X!
    So good!

  5. Jack4356 says:

    Where is the iPhone, i diddnt see it

    • Elijahdylan says:

      You need to fly forward until you see it bro!

    • Grace_ says:

      Nice map ayyyeeeee ….just one pla-blem-Bro …..the apps don’t show up when I unlock da iPhone Bruh …. better fix dat … but anyway itzzz still a really GUUD map bruh.
      From a sheet bag gurl dats retarted : Grace_ 🙂

  6. Dubby says:

    Both links lead to a zip file 😕

  7. ItsTheCraftable says:

    I saw the machinery, and the map creator has more apps planned guys

  8. Aiden says:

    It dose not work

  9. KaiKai says:

    Nice map…🙂

  10. Rater says:

    VERY Very nice but the apps don’t show when I unlock da phone

  11. Creeper person says:

    It doesn’t work for me, it’s just a blank background picture with no apps…

  12. Rashida gangala says:

    The iPhone caught on fire when I tried to plug it in and the home button didn’t work half the time :/

  13. Logan says:

    How do u go back to home screen from apps?

  14. BlueProtonGaming says:

    Woah… This is really cool!

  15. Not jeff says:

    A M A Z I N G

  16. Layna says:

    This is rilly cool can you make one work that you can Cary in your inviory and can you make more apps

  17. JASKOGAMER 33 says:


  18. Mud says:

    Did not work for me and my max render distance is 8 chunks?

  19. Make a Castle Thatbhas a Functioning Gate

  20. Connor says:

    Seems nice! Can you make a MOTO Z² Force map? I don’t know how hard it would be though, since it’s a device that has a lot more than any iPhone

  21. Jack says:

    It Really Works!Can You try To Make Every App Work Tho?

  22. VincePlayzzz says:

    If i unlock the phone, no apps Will appear

  23. BluCookieBoi says:

    This is so cool thanks for making this map

  24. ArmorPowerYT says:


  25. ArmorPowerYT says:

    Best invention ever

  26. Jesse says:

    OMG IM FIRST COMMENTThis is awesome can u add Minecraft in it so we can play minecraft in minecraft?

  27. Raphipod says:

    How cool is this??!!
    You just have to spend 6 or 7 Euros to get a iPhone X! (For Minecraft)
    Great map, I played the older map too.

  28. Privacy says:

    This doesn’t work for me, it just opens up the screen and nothing appears.
    Please show how to actually do everything.

  29. StanderPlays says:

    I’ve already downloaded the map but when i open the lock the applications didn’t show up. Please, fix this.

  30. Tom says:

    It doesn’t load the apps

  31. robert says:

    i had a look inside the power system it was cool thanks for the hard work

  32. Stiw91 says:

    Isn’t there a way to use the ticking area command to allow devices that can’t get up to 10 chunk render distance the ability to use it?

  33. Lester says:

    Lol when i watch the provided video instead of iphone x samsung note 8 came up lol (it was an ad)

  34. Huppo says:

    Great map

  35. Jacob dean says:

    Can someone please make the flying and floating and driving car from chatty chitty bang bang from the classic old time movie the one with dick van dyke and Sally howes and Lionel Jeffries please make chittty the car from chitty chitty bang bang ?

  36. Stiw91 says:

    To those who unlock the iPhone X but no apps show up. use this command!!!: “/tickingarea add 224 3 175 54 93 68”

  37. Anonymous says:

    Very good but the iphone so huge and desist work why

  38. DimitrisK16 says:

    Apps don’t appear like the trailer and my max render distance are 6

  39. Allan says:

    How do I open the 📱

  40. Karam says:

    No Iphone there 🙁

  41. DaffierSquare2 says:


  42. Yahir says:

    It doesn’t show the apps when I unlock it

  43. Yash says:

    Best creation ever

  44. Flame says:

    Nope no apps appear when I unlock it only a mix colored blank background

  45. Minecrafter says:

    App-less Iphone X.

  46. Stormcuttergirlc says:

    I’m so confused!! Where is the freakin phone?? I flew for forever looking for it but it’s not there!! Help!!

  47. GamerPanda600 says:

    I can turn on the phone but can’t get to the apps 🙁

  48. magda050 says:

    it was fun exploding it 😀

  49. Elijahdylan says:

    I tried using my ios ipad it did not work then i tried to use my Android tablet it worked it only works in ANDROID DUDES!

  50. Stella M & Ms says:

    This is stupid this is for pocket edition, which is why it’s called MCPEdl! Most PE players only have a max of 6 chunks! Remove this

  51. Jbgray5 says:

    Where do u turn it on

  52. Jbgray5 says:

    Oh its on, but how do u slide tap and unlock it

  53. Impossible Gamer says:

    For which version is this I use on the latest version but it does not work

  54. Unspeakablegam says:

    the version I play on is 1.2.10 and it works
    AKA Windows10 edition in Microsoft store

  55. Anonymous says:

    That music in the beginning of the trailer is my jam

  56. Anonymous says:

    I unlocked it and then nothing happened it was just a. Colourful screen

  57. Jasmin says:

    This is so far a wonderful world and its creator I can tell put a lot of work into this. Also it’s so cool the creator used the command blocks to work the iphone screens. I love to create a wonderful app like this one day but I would have to do extensive research on command blocks and the code used with it.

  58. Lifewithsammuel_ says:

    When I turn on the IPhone it won’t go to the home screen it’s just stuck on the background I’m on mobile

  59. Goldendogs64 says:

    What a piece of crap no apps appear when I unlock it and I can’t go up to 10 chunks

  60. Niteesh says:

    Ytube when opened never let me go back to home screen. Besides that Ok.

  61. Anonymous says:

    This is such a scam is just a dumb phone statue

  62. Aiden says:

    It pretty good except how do u go back on home screen and guys to unlock it fly close to the top

  63. Anonymous says:


  64. EnderGamerVN says:

    Best map ever

  65. MCPElover says:

    The iPhone 6 didn’t work for me I hope iPhone X does

  66. Phu hung says:

    Why the map didn’t work

  67. Team_Beluga says:

    This Map Is Terrible I Couldn’t Find The iPhone X! I’m Thinking There Isn’t Even One!

  68. jezza7allGaming says:

    It works bruh get this world it’s so cool

  69. SuperGirlyGamer says:

    Dumbest thing ever. It doesn’t even work.

  70. Ty Sutherland says:

    There is no apps

  71. Gray 05 says:

    How do i turk the phone on? The Burton on the side dont work 😬 but i love the model thx for making it 🤪

  72. isaac the super gamer says:

    it just has no apps creator, can u pls make it functional?

  73. fnaf fans says:

    why it does working to me
    went i slide it dasent open in home
    it open the wallpaper of this iphone

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