JAVA Classic GUI Resource Pack

This pack transforms most of the user interface for Bedrock Edition to look more like Java Edition. As most of the existing screens have been modified it’s great if you’re looking for a more traditional UI design for Minecraft. However, some screens are still not changed, but some updates are in the works and hopefully those will help taking the pack to the next level.

Creator: Tcbdxh, Twitter Account
Updated: 5 April, 2018 (read changelog)


Here’s a list of all screens / controls which are affected by this resource pack.

  • Start Screen
  • Play Screen
  • World Templates Screen
  • Progress Screen
  • Add External Server Screen
  • Achievement Screen
  • In Bed Screen
  • Death Screen
  • Skin Picker Screen
  • Button
  • Dialog
  • Toggle Option
  • Command_block screen
  • In-game screen (hud)
  • Debug screen
  • Edit text box
  • Dropdown

Future Updates

  • Settings change screen
  • Chat screen
  • Create worlds screen
  • Invite screen
  • Hud screen (perfect)

Important Notes

  • This UI is only optimized for English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Other languages will only display English. You’re welcome to make language packs. You can send them to the creator via Twitter.
  • This pack might only support support 1.2.5-1.2.14
  • You need to change your UI to Classic in Video Settings



  • “How to Play” button to the Start screen changes to the “Xbox Login” button
  • Play screen’s “Join Realm” button changes
  • Pause screen’s others changed again
  • Toggle controls changed again
  • Added “JC GUI” Logo in (not in the game) screen
  • Added several screen’s text edit box changes
  • Added Spanish support
  • Changed the world template screen world centered and join the domain world limits


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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35 Responses

4.48 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Looks cool ! But some buttons are glitched like the “Others” button in the pause screen and some others , hope that this will be fixed !

  2. Joel says:

    Its better then the last version i personally like it

  3. Franswa says:

    Cool , very nice , but the button’s at the play screen should be removed , and the world sitting should be like java and I want to this pack be very good at the future updates and look like java edition 100% , finally I hope to developed this pack more and more at the future and thanks so much for the creator 💓👌👍

  4. Minecraft lover says:

    Nice was searching these kind of texture packs for long!!

  5. Stiw91 says:

    Now I can’t decide between Lagacy Pack & this one!

  6. Endi says:

    Really good addon love it

  7. ProMasterBoy says:

    This is cool. I’m just wondering how you edit the GUI because when I looked in the files in just looks like a big mess.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  8. Oofer says:

    I give this a 5 because I can(:

  9. JeremiMcPE says:

    Wait, Is there someone already make this stuff?

  10. hanamiche mindeoro says:

    So wow

  11. zSheepEz says:


  12. LolCraft says:

    Will this work for
    v. if I turn off the “screen animations” before I try this texture pack?

  13. Gaming220 says:

    Editor,sorry to mention,I mix this resource pack with legacy texture pack and it works perfectly but the title won’t change and you still can see the skins on the right…

    If any one wants to feel the Java PC.(even its not really as same) do this need to have this resource pack and legacy texture pack(another Java looking resource).

    2.equip this resource pack but the legacy needs on the top of this resource pack.

    3.restart your Minecraft and Done!

    I hope this help for some players want Java experience in Bedrock…

  14. Gaming220 says:

    BTW Good resource pack..

  15. Fury says:

    I can help u about Language in this pack

  16. OneWar22 says:

    I loved this new java ui for bedrock! It only has some bugs in the survival and creative inventory

  17. D4nii3l says:

    Great Concept over all! You should try to optimize it for IPhone X screens on the next update! (:

  18. nick says:


  19. Shiro Craft says:

    one Quetions:How to change the health,hunger,xp bar and boss bar???
    BTW Iike this pack

  20. DarkDestroyer4303 says:

    I REAALLLLLYYY love this pack… But the problem is theres an Update of Minecraft v., when I used this, I press play then the worlds wouldn’t show plus When setting the Pocket Ui to classic UI, then entering Inventory, buttons (like Construction Recepie,Nature,etc.) Getting like bug (No texture or Violet-Black icon bug)… PLEASE I HOPE YOU READ THIS…

    And add some style like settings on Pc. So this pack looks cooler!

  21. DarkDestroyer4303 says:

    I really love this UI Pack…

    But the Problem is:

    1.Theres a New Version of MCPE (v., when entering to play, Worlds wouldn’t show, please fix this thanks.

    2.When setting the Pocket UI to Classic UI, On Inventory, inventory recepie/items button (Like Construction,Armors & Tools,Items,Nature and Search Button) the texture of them is Like a Bug (Violet-Black Icon/Picture), please fix this…


    1.Please add the Java MCPC Settings to this pack…

    I hope you read this, Thanks!

  22. Dorami says:

    Can you add no d pads thank you

  23. Dorami says:

    Can you fix some stuff in this pack so i can run it in like the worlds arent showing

  24. CoolTony121606 says:

    Can you add support or fix the bug that doesnt show the worlds thx

  25. Vicarialgerm82 says:

    I never played of but I’ve seen the menu!

    I’m making a recreation of a tutorial map!
    And xbox 360 resources!

  26. TheMaverick says:

    My World’s Don’t Show Up When I Open Up Play

  27. HelloxD_YT says:

    Good But i cant join my realm cuz i dont see it
    and any worlds **i restart minecraft**
    plz fix that

  28. Someone says:

    Can you pls add a PC look for the settings menu

  29. Someone says:

    Can you pls add a PC look on the settings menu? Pls

  30. Someone says:

    Thanks if you can

  31. ItsPolarCraft says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    Does this texture pack work with 1.5? None of my worlds are displayed, but I can see the servers.

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