Jaws and Megalodon Add-on

This add-on replaces the Guardian and Elder Guardian with two new vicious sharks. The two new mobs include Jaws and Megalodon and together they will make the ocean much more scary! From here on, it is a very good idea to stay out of the ocean, or at least armed to the teeth in case you decide to go for a swim or for a boat ride.

Creator: Jujustyle7, Twitter Account
Updated: 11 September, 2018 (read changelog)

Where do they spawn?

They can be found spawning around ocean monuments.

Jaws has a health of 50 and deals 6 damage. They will spawn around the ocean at a spawn rate of 25-50%. It can attack dolphins, turtles, squids, and even players. Jaws drop alot of raw beef and a lot of bones.

  • Replaces Guardian
  • Health: 50 hearts
  • Attack damage: 6

Megalodon, king of the ocean. It has a health of 200 and deals 16 damage. They will spawn around the ocean at a spawn rate of 5-%. It can attack dolphins, jaws, turtles, squids and players. It can drop allot of raw meat, bone, and drops rare loots, which is golds and diamonds. This is one of the biggest sharks in the world 3-5 times larger then normal sharks.

  • Replaces Elder Guardian
  • Health: 75 hearts
  • Attack damage: 20

Be careful when out fishing because you never know what might come and surprise you.

Note: For Dolphins, if they see Jaws or Megalodon, they will swim away from them as possible!!


It’s hilarious! A must-watch for sure!


  • New textures
  • New model
  • Better sounds


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world
  3. Create the world

You can download a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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98 Responses

3.81 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. OPOLO says:

    WoW I like that but i stop download mods, I think I will download it later! I see that new thing it’s share in 1 min BOOM I see it 😀

    • master janinosaurus says:

      why gardians.? how are we puting this in dinocraft if tylo and moso are replace? you have bad idea Jujjustyle7 where gona? dead! murdere ! trump assitant! you are disapointing the whole nation of human race you dumd pls make replace the ugly sqid

      • PhoenixGamer48 says:

        Its no a dinosour!!!! Its a shark

      • SolidMoney25979 says:

        Dude take an industrial-grade chill pill

      • ThePurpleWolf67 says:

        Chill Dude They Not Dinosaurs. They Sharks,Sharks Still Exist You Know
        And The Other One Is A Dinosaur But Chill.

        • Notchobrine says:

          Technically Mosasaur and till Aren’t Dino’s too There Marine reptiles 🤔 Also there was never a shark in Jurassic park unless you count that dead one that mosa ate If you retextured Fish meat that makes it look like a shark And make it huge like a shark

          • JRanger says:

            I do see the point of frustration, because Megalodon would have been a nice addition to the Dino Mod. But still a cool mod.

      • Popstermaster says:

        what the hell sharks aren’t dinosaurs and what’s the dinocraft addon do you mean jurassic craft and dude you are probably a kid learn to spell please and it’s really hard to make addons people like this annoy me
        i love this addon btw

  2. Sabdo says:

    Cool addon

  3. DeerCool16 says:

    I love this addon it is great for minecraft pe

  4. I Am Human says:

    Yey first but make megalodon more healt and hostile to all mobs and if gona make jurassic craft addon you can make sea life addon! change Cave Spider Into Crab And Spider Into Hermit Crab Or Lobster! It will be awesome!

  5. I Am Human says:

    Lol i’m not the first

  6. Shirley says:

    Please add fishes

  7. Aardon says:

    Wow nice addon

  8. Andreas513 says:

    Nice addons, can you make the raft map, it will be so good

  9. KaiFavors says:

    Cool add-on!

  10. FishLover24 says:

    Add some fishes change the squid into random fish

  11. Hi says:

    how do you model mobs?

  12. Matthew says:

    Finally their is a shark addon

  13. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    I can’t download! If I could, I would use this to make a map of the raft video game!

  14. Indy says:

    Can you make a hamster add-on please turn silverfish into them. I hope you like my idea

  15. Me says:

    You should make the small one just spawn in oceans not just monuments

  16. BuggyPig says:

    Cool I always want sharks

  17. HUSKYPUP756 says:

    I love the sharks!

  18. Sean says:

    Can you plz make a sea creatures addon

  19. Knightwings1213 says:

    A sea creatures addon will be cool

  20. Nin10doman says:

    It keeps on saying that it’s a duplicate of one I already have but I don’t have this one. It’s the resource Mcpack. Please fix it. The behavior one worked fine it’s just the resource

  21. Fire_hunter says:

    “It’s hard to kill because” because why it’s from a elder guardian?

  22. DaNarwhalGamerYT says:


  23. Danny says:

    Can you plz make Fish Addon? I want it sooo badly!!!

  24. Sasha says:

    Can you make the battle cats addon? I’m just a fan of this game, but you can ignore this message, I won’t be sad

  25. Bob Frankensin says:

    You should make make another add on that changes a polar bear to be a Brown Bear

  26. Ethan2016 says:


  27. Daniel says:

    It’s cool but the megalodon is tiny tho but cool I hope gona add Megalodon to Jurassic Craft I love this tho greater work

  28. Ethan2016 says:

    This will be amazing if u added more sharks

  29. I Am Human says:

    Pls change the shark healt into 20 healt and megalodon healt into 100 healt

  30. Anonymous says:

    I know

  31. Teddy says:

    How do you download it???

  32. Teddy says:

    Please reply !!!! ;-;

  33. Eman says:

    Amazing Addon

  34. JewelGaming says:

    This looks cool I’m just confuse on the website u go on to download it on

  35. I Am Human says:

    And pls change the attack damage make shark attack only deal 5 healt and megalodon attack deal 25 healt pls pls pls and make more mobs SEA LIFE!

  36. Dan the pro says:

    This addon is cool and hope you add more mobs or items in a update

  37. Lucia says:

    Omg so cute! (I don’t know why but this sharks are so cute :3)

  38. MADKID says:

    cool but you start making more animals like tigers lions crocs fish birds etc

  39. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhh I just got bitten

  40. Samuel says:

    This is a cool add on

  41. ? says:

    I’m not shire as you as the creator of this mod has the power to fix this problem but every time i click on the download button it spam me with ads and never brings me to the download page!?

  42. Xsharknz says:

    Yes I love sharks and have been asking for someone to make a shark add on

  43. Rafli says:

    You can change silver fish to be a Small fish And big Fish!

  44. Mr.Anonymous158 says:

    Hey Can You Make A Texture that Makes Boats Into Ships He He And Also I love sharks Good Add on

  45. Dunno says:

    Does it work with the raptor rex and the indominus addon?

  46. Destroyerz117 says:

    Is this the stick animation or a custom one?

  47. Destroyerz117 says:

    Is this the stock guardian animation or a custom one?

  48. Andres says:

    Cool very cool

  49. Dominic Ramirez says:

    Love it

  50. TheBeast says:

    This addon is great please make a addon where you can ride sea creatures

  51. Chrsira Dh'lamori says:

    Duh because I’m mcpe squids aren’t hostile and the shark should be so that’s why the used the guardians

  52. LittleLemon says:

    Can you do a fish addon?

  53. Millziepop says:

    This is not working nether are any other mods please help me💩

  54. Funtimefoxy101 says:

    Can you add a FNAF map add on?

  55. Sharon Foo says:

    Pls make a killer whale addon that replaces guardians or squids ok🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 cause I really want a killer whale in MCPE!!!

  56. sebastian says:

    Cooler than the other day

  57. Aiden says:

    Do a AquaCraft Addon. In normal minecraft everything is not too under water, so that would be cool to make a more under water version of minecraft😊🦈🦐🐋💧

  58. Francesco Maddalena says:

    How do you spawn them, I’m looking forward to making a pool with sharks 🦈

  59. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please tell me where this mod is supposed to be installed. I have the .zip file in the mod folder but minecraft is not seeing it!!!

  60. Karl says:

    Love it!

  61. Kal says:

    The behavior pack doesn’t seem to function right as I supposed it would. Any solutions?

  62. MafloBLITZ says:


  63. GREENKING2011 says:

    Megalodons were not that big but good

  64. The Meg August 10th, 2018 says:

    Who else searched Sharks for SHARKWEEK!

  65. Boi says:

    What kind of Megaladon is friendly though?

  66. Percyjackson57 says:

    It sucks! It wont let me download since it redirects me to adds that would give me a virus! Plz change thanks

  67. La Flame says:

    Sorry bit the megalodon is hostile and Will attack anything.

  68. By3byeby3n0w says:

    I tried the discount app but I have to do my password or email but my mom won’t let me what else do I do?

  69. A019 says:

    The .mcaddon link contains a lot of inappopriate ads. Why though?

  70. Mr idiot says:

    Long time no see your back finally

  71. Anonymous says:

    I already tried to import many time but always cant when open the game no import started

  72. Someone says:

    Can you make the fin stick out

  73. Adriansyquia says:

    Cool trailer

  74. LucasLT says:


  75. By3by3n0w says:


  76. awing says:

    i already clicked to the file then auto open minecraft. but no import started.
    im on

  77. Anonymous says:

    Its nice megalodon omggg

  78. TheMeg2018 says:

    “Oh my god, It’s a Megalodon.”

  79. XDboi1lol says:


  80. Hailen says:

    So cool

  81. Hailen says:

    Amazing mod

  82. Sonicshark2011 says:

    Megalodn was the largest shark to exist It Was Able To Defeat Mosasaurus It Had A Biteforce over 40,0000000 Tons

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