Jehkoba’s Fantasy Texture Pack [16×16]

This is an amazing texture pack originally created for Java Edition and it’s now ported to Bedrock Edition. The design is influenced by SNES JRPGs, table top roleplay games and low-resolution adventure games. It brings a unique style of textures to the game which colors are more vibrant and also warmer. It’s certainly a welcome upgrade from the default textures.

Creator: Jehkoba, Twitter, Website (Original Java Edition Pack)
Ported by: TheMechanic


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this texture pack here.

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13 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Best website ever

  2. Brenden says:

    The grass block has the normal texter for Minecraft is that intensional?

  3. Frank Hunk says:

    What is the map?

  4. Gabbie says:

    What map is used in the pictures? (If it’s abailable for download)

  5. Ethan says:

    Wow! Almost a complete pack! These textures look amazing and are definitely a welcome change to the default textures.

  6. TheMechanic says:

    I realize that the blaze texture and the chest (block your in hand) texture are both messed up. Im working on them ASAP to bring you guys an amazing texture pack that I had so much fun porting.

  7. Vr Epicist says:

    Husk texture was messed up. Other than that it’s a great texture pack

  8. IxSPINxATx33RPM says:

    Husk and Zombie are messed up, but awesome pack

  9. The_Redstoneer says:

    Can I use this texture pack for a map that I’m working on?

  10. Leo says:

    Hi! Could you tell me what map is used in these screenshots? Thanks!

  11. InvertedMoose13 says:

    The husk, zombie, and sheep textures were glitched and I think a change to the GUI would be amazing , but I loved the textures overall!

  12. Shadow says:

    Whats the map?

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