Jungle Lab [Creation]

This huge lab complex is situated far deep into the jungle. It features four interconnected large rooms which can be useful if you want to experiement with some new add-on or similar. It looks quite similar to the lab where The Diamond Minecart records some of his videos. I haven’t watched too many of his videos so perhaps someone else could share some information about that in the comments.

Creator: ScareCrew, Twitter Account

Download .McWorld
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78 Responses

  1. VAMPIRE_BOY64 says:

    This looks like DanTDM’s new lab

  2. JustSomeRandomGuy says:

    I think it is Dan’s new lab.

  3. Ryan says:

    its pretty similar but could u create the older lab in the desert with the secrete chamber??

  4. Barricade says:

    Realy nice But The hidden. Korridors
    Are Not usefull or but its awesome

  5. Cutelix1919 says:

    Map Rating- Wonderful!
    This map is giant, as in really big. I wondered how long it took to build!
    Multiplayer?- Yes, you can do pvp in this map. Also hide and seek for many players.
    I personally think this is for pvp, and monster tests (from mods)
    I have nothing else to say, but you should see this map!

  6. Shitbags says:

    I luuuuuuuuuuuv this map get it soon!

  7. Beatzy_ says:


  8. Dipper says:

    Very similar to dantdm’s lab can u create a lab similar to think noodles’ lab too plz that would be cool.

  9. SliderGamerHD says:

    hey this is dantdm’s lab!!!!! not a jungle lab!

  10. InnocentHaloMC says:

    It takes so long to download. Is there any faster way

  11. bhim200gb says:

    This is dan’s 😊

  12. AceGaming879 says:

    What texture pack are you using in that map??

  13. Whocares says:


  14. Ryan says:

    can u make the older version of his lab?? The one in the desert with the secret chambers?? Cause i think that would be great

  15. rahim says:

    O shit wow wath a beautiful map :O

  16. XxAngeltyxX says:

    Can someone please please post little Kelly’s castle or even better her mall!! I’ve been trying to build her mall for 2 months and it looks so bad! I need her mall and castle so someone please create it or popularmmos girlfriends Minecraft house!! Please.!!

  17. Beatzy_ says:

    I will miss trayaurus 🙁

  18. Jared says:

    This would make an amazing Murder Mystery Map!

  19. Anonymous says:

    This should be a .mctemplate because if you have any explosive tests it will be easier to get everything back with the template

  20. littledude487 says:

    It should be a template because if it is a destructive experiment that will make it easier to get back

  21. ThatGuyKieran says:

    This is AMAZING! But one small problem, when you try to exit the secret room, the piston doesnt work PLZ FIX THIS CUZ IM NOT GOOD AT REDSTONE XD

    • Michael TEC says:

      I tested it a lot and each time there was no error. Maybe when you jump in don’t move at all just wait until you come out.😉 Or check out the map trailer where it shows jumping into the “elevator”

  22. StarWarsCentral says:

    I’ve waited so long for this! Thanks!

  23. 🦁Jake the lion cub says:

    Oh my god I love it I was planning to build his lab but here it is I love it thanks so much

  24. Kobanzi says:


  25. Beatzy_ says:

    Dan if u see this then I have a question,do u have a secret child/baby/kid/son?

  26. VAMPIRE_BOY64 says:

    I added Dr Trayaurus in the map

  27. Medoe says:

    This is the best map ever i play

  28. DaveTDM says:

    It’s the best creation I’ve ever encountered like wow holy cow! If I was a famous youtuber I will give a shoutout and meet you in person

  29. Theblocksmacker says:

    This is kiiiind of inaccurate, but really cool! Can you make thinks Lab also?

  30. Lolmcjag says:

    Pls make a thinknoodles lab
    By The Way I’m a Not a none Youtuber but I’m gonna make a review soon about this

  31. Anonymous says:

    Its nog really accurate.

    That long hall isnt even there in tdm’s series.!!

  32. Jacob says:

    Mcpedl.com can you make a addon of DanTDM PLEASE

  33. sita says:

    can u please add dantdm old lab including the treasure room pls pls pls i’m begging u
    oh and including the stuff inside the lab

  34. Michael TEC says:

    Check out the MAP TRAILER: –> –>https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lee6ul_dnkk <– <–

  35. Anonymous says:

    Wow, when I downloaded this map I thought it would be good. It just isn’t I’m sorry I may sound like a hater but, grass blocks are sticking out everywhere.4out of 10

  36. Anonymous says:

    Can you make Dan old world please? I would really appreciate that

  37. TheHolelyCowHC says:

    Hey I found the jungle temple you explored!

  38. Rodi says:

    How much megabites does it need

  39. NIGHTDWARF45299 says:

    where is the entrance I somehow go out by glitch and I don’t want to break the map is the entrance like tdms one or is it different or wat where is it pls!

  40. Titanwolfth says:

    Is this copyrighted? I’m intending to use it in all of my videos in the future is it all right if I use it?

  41. OliFlamez says:

    its amazing thanks so muuuuuch

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