-88171561: Jungle Temple Near Spawn

In this seed you will spawn no less than 100 blocks away from a jungle temple. The temple include two chests which contain some emeralds but other than that there’s nothing else of extreme value. The seed borders a big spruce forest and a bit further away you will find an extreme hills biome.

Found by: keithross39, Twitter Account

Cross over the river and just continue straight ahead over the hills to get to the jungle temple. The entrance of the temple is on the other side.

The temple is very well hidden. There are lots of leaves and trees covering it. It has also been partly generated on the inside of a mountain which makes it a bit difficult to enter. You might need to destroy some blocks to get in.

Inside the temple there are two chests, one which is hidden. To find the hidden chest click here to watch a video tutorial.

In the two chests combined you will find the following loot:

  • 2 emeralds
  • 16 bones
  • 18 rotten flesh

Seed: -88171561

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11 Responses

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  1. EnderJem says:

    Why won’t mcpedl post my seed. I am talking 2 mob spawners and a mineshaft.

    • Catness says:

      What is your seed? And have you actually suggested it before, or just said ‘I have this seed’? Because they need to know what it is.

  2. No Spam says:

    Its a jungle temple

  3. Mop says:

    It giant jungel temple near spawn
    And i go to the jungel temple they have 3
    Creeper 1 skeleton 5 enderman

  4. Nobody just iOS guy who don't know how to use zip files only Mc.packs says:

    I really like jungle temples they are my favorite ^_^

  5. Ryan says:

    Nice! I wouldn’t have started my Survival World without you!! Thx bro

  6. Damien says:

    I couldn’t find the jungle temple

  7. I Hate U says:

    i love temples

  8. I hate jungle temples says:

    I love jungle temples

  9. foxygamer0707 says:

    I did the seed correctly but instead of me spawning near it I spawned in a oak forest biome

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