Jurassic Craft World [Creation] (Addon!)

This map lets you explore Jurassic World in Minecraft Pocket Edition. At the same time it is an incredibly detailed map it’s also amazingly huge. The park includes the Visitor Center, a big hotel, 18 different dinosaur types and much more. It’s really a must-play for anyone who loves Minecraft and dinosaurs!

Creators: Gona (Twitter), Daniel Martinez (Twitter)
Updated: 14 July, 2018 (read changelog)

How to get to the park?

As soon as you’ve entered the world you will find yourself at the edge of the map inside a hotel. It takes a little bit of travel to get to the park but if you use one of the jeeps outside the hotel it shouldn’t take too long.

Hold a key (carrot on a stick) to drive the car.

Follow the road as far as it goes and you will eventually get to the Visitor Center.

The park is amazingly huge and that’s why I highly recommend that you get familiar with the map down below as it displays all of the locations in-game (‘H’ = Spawn). You can view a full sized version of this map here.

There are 18 different dinosaur types included in the park and to explore it all it will most likely take hours. Here’s a few demonstrative images which show some of the creatures.

The Brachiosaurus is one of the most impressive ones as they are extremely big but luckily there’s a 10,000 volt electric fence separating you and them.

Throughout the park you will find multiple separated fenced areas. Most of the dinosaurs are separated to their species only to avoid deadly altercations.

Aquatic reptiles can also be found in the park but since they wouldn’t survive for long on land they have been placed in huge aquariums. There are long underwater tunnels which passes through the aquariums. You can use these tunnels to more closely examine the reptiles while staying safe behind the strong glass.

The entertainment is everlasting. The T-Rex and the Spinosaurus are some of the bigger dinosaurs which are also the most vicious ones. They can be tamed but that responsibility should be left to the keepers of the park.

The Ludodactylus isn’t actually a dinosaur but it is a reptile which lived during the same time. You can get really close to them (and even ride them if you are crazy enough to break through the glass).

Visitors! Please stay safe! Even though it might be tempting to get a closer view at some of the dinosaurs you have to keep in mind that most dinosaurs look at you as food.

There are lots more to explore in the park but that we will let you do by yourself!


  • Fixed world files


Important: The file size for the map is 23 MB. This means it can take quite some time to download (but it depends on your internet speed connection).

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411 Responses

4.31 / 5 (102 votes)
  1. Fouladgar says:

    Nice map i believe u have put hard work and dedication in it keep up the good work your amazing!👍👍

  2. BuggyPig says:

    Yes it”s back but where is jurassic craft addon

  3. Mr_Melons says:

    Awsome Map Pls Make More

  4. Tamanna says:

    I like it

  5. Godzilla says:

    Make the acu addon for the map you know that acu that was trying to indominus rex in the movie

  6. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    Thanks for bringing it back I’ve requested it so much times

  7. MrRaptor72 says:

    The map crash when I go on you can resolve the problem plz?

    • Bobjohns says:

      It happened to me too but I solved it,I put down the chunks to 6mb

      • Anthony says:

        How do you do that?

        • Størm says:

          Go to settings–> Video–> then something about show advanced video setting. Click this bar. Then, simply edit the render distance bar once it pops up. I believe it will be visibible towards the top of the advanced video settings.

  8. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    Your the best I was the one that told you that I deleted the world for space and to restart it

  9. BuggyPig says:

    I was the first comment but stupid jan and fouladgar pushed me 😡😡😡😡👎😡😡😡👎😡😡😡👎👎😡

  10. CutieBoy701 says:

    It always crashes and it’s on an iPad mini 2

  11. RedX says:

    My game keeps crashing

  12. DankMemes says:

    What was originally wrong with it??

  13. Tony says:

    BEST MAP EVER! Plz make a addon of the dinosaurs you put in the map plz do!

  14. Anna Kendirck says:

    Um Editor.. When I try To Download it. It takes Hour But My device is Have Enough Storage to download this

  15. Mr. Meeno says:

    Aghhh! I made sure to disable all global resources and I closed all my other apps but this world instantly crashes on my iPhone 6!!! Wow, I will try again. I really hope this can work, maybe these world addons are too big?

  16. Tony says:

    i love everthing about it!!!! you rock!!!:) also plz make the jurrasic craft a addon plz plz today!!!!

  17. Nico says:

    Please make it where raptors can open doors!

  18. Lola says:

    How do u make the jeep go forward?

  19. Gavin says:

    I know that you like dinosaurs but can you make a orespawn addon or Godzilla addon

  20. Bobjohns says:

    Can you make giganotosaurus replacing the wither skeleton?please?

  21. PinkSheep says:

    It doesn’t work I only got the world and I didn’t see the park just huge cows, sheep, and ducks. FIX THIS FOR IPAD WHEN I EVEN PRESS DOWNLOAD IT DOESNT DO ANYTHING,!

  22. Rebel3192 says:

    Found a hidden Jurassic park ride

  23. Cosmicpegasus34 says:

    Editor can you make a Torcherino and Shulker box Addon for iOS.

  24. Andreas says:

    My minecraft crashes every time I try to open this world. Is it cause of the resource/map packs?

    • Editor says:

      I have reported this issue to the creator and will update here when I know more.

      I had no problems whatsoever playing it on my Android (Nexus 9 tablet), iOS (iPad 4 mini) or Windows 10 computer.

  25. Sage Smith says:

    So cool.

  26. Huskymaster12345 says:

    Can u make camp half blood from Percy Jackson? Thanks!

  27. Nice Commenter says:

    Nice work guy

  28. Josh says:

    Please help it crashes every few seconds after opening 😭 And this looks like the best addon and map ever!

  29. KILLERd7r says:

    When is there gonna be just the addon like the bp and rp? Cuase I wanna do like a survival type thing with PlugPE

  30. Bobjohns says:


  31. John says:

    Please fix it keeps on logging off help please

  32. John says:

    Please fix it keeps on logging off help please 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  33. Josh says:

    Also please also real ease the awesome texture pack thx (if the map keeps glitch img I’ll just use the addon and texture not the map😢

  34. OysterWold says:

    Please add the link to the addon, I love dinosaurs and I want to have them in my own world

  35. Raptorstar_YT says:


  36. XdFireWing says:

    What mob is the indominus rex

  37. DereK says:

    I really love it, but there is one quite big problem here: some mob model has been glitched like the brachiosaurus, T-rex, …

    • Jeremy Winstead says:

      That same thing is happening on mine. The brachiosaurus, gallimimus, t-rex, oviraptor, compsognathus, and dilophosaurus’ models have all glitched. Pls help Gona this is my all-time favorite map and my all-time favorite addon, so can you please try to fix it? P.S.- My favorite dino is Therizinosaurus, and if it were added into this addon, my mind would be blown to absolute smithereens, and I would forever be in your debt. ;D

  38. Noah🐯 says:

    The map is to glitchy so I can’t join it 🙁

  39. Kaeden Dahl says:

    Oh my gosh this is the most greatest map I have ever had and I have downloaded more than 200 maps from this website and who ever made this thank you so much and you should make a lot more maps and mod so more people can enjoy your awesome maps and mod

  40. Korban McAfee says:

    Where is the add-on itself. I want to add the dinosaurs to my own world

  41. MafloBLITS says:

    Ya I have request it so many time to thxxxx gona

  42. Jacob Jackson says:

    Cool, I guess

  43. MafloBLITS says:

    Hi gona I was wondering when is the Star Wars addon update coming I know your the creator of the Star Wars addon and I’m making a map but I can’t finish because there is no storm trooper or dark sith and plzzz make the LightSaber make the victim burn thxxxx

  44. Booperdooperhero says:

    I love it 🙂

  45. Dat boi says:

    Its nice but it crashes like crazy on my ipad 🙁

  46. MafloBLITS says:

    And where is the lab like in Jurassic world I can’t find

  47. Garret says:

    Hey, my game keeps crashing after being in the world for 5 seconds. Can you fix that?

  48. I Hate Adfly says:

    Um in still not happy. It still uses adfly… (I can’t open it plz use MediaFire)

  49. Amaxx says:

    Can you start making fossils and archaeology mod

  50. CensedDragoon says:

    I wish Gona would make an AvP addon he is good with models.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Every time I go on the world I get kicked out of the game. Why is this happening?

  52. Shad Gaming says:

    Love it😀😀

  53. Null says:

    Not working NIT WORKINGG

  54. BaghasDtiger157 says:

    Add Grysophere Addon in This map Please
    I really Love this 😂😂😂

  55. JC says:

    Can you help me?
    I downloaded it but it does not want to load or it will for a few seconds before crashing

  56. Ends330 says:

    Hey Can You Give A Link Download Of Gallimimus,Ankylosaurus and Small Dinosaurs McPack? I Really Needed It.

  57. Ends330 says:

    And Also The Dodobird Addon Mcpack Link Please!

  58. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Cool map!

  59. KittyGiirlMIU says:

    Wait….I haven’t played in this map…so…I just wanted to ask… are most of the dinosaurs “man – eaters”? Sorry… I’m not good with dinosaurs and I don’t watch the movie…
    Editor or anyone pls answer this question… 😙

  60. Hallo says:

    Cool Map

  61. Hamish says:

    Nice place

  62. Moo_Dead_Cow says:

    I go in and 5 secs later I glitch out of the app. Please fix this or I will be sad😭

  63. Mango129 says:

    How to download to with zip.file

  64. Poke_fan says:

    I want a triceratops

  65. Fouladgar says:

    Can u make a map thats a zombie apocolypse and an addon that makes the whole map zombies and make it an adventure map that u would search for a cure and that kind of stuff and make addons that make people who lived through the apocolypse able to help u fight zombies

  66. LloydTheZorua says:

    As soon as I put on both tetxtures, it crashes upon loading the map. Why? I have an Alcatel Dawn, if that helps.

  67. MayCemberCrof says:

    Can you pleas make the add-on by itself so I can at lest enjoy the dinosors because I can’t even go in the map without it crashing pleas make a nut her addon with all these dinosors you created by them selfs without the map or at lest fix the crashing! Pleas pritty pleas with a charry on top.🍒😄😋🦎🦈🐋🐊

  68. Anonymous says:

    Why does the game keeps crashing when I go on this world? It looks really cool. What version did you create this world on? Maybe that is the problem? Who knows… I am not the only one having this problem.

  69. Bao says:

    Is very good

  70. SappyChimera717 says:

    Hi can you help me play please.

  71. Nurul Aini says:

    Help every time I enter the world even if I set render distance to 6 chunks my game still crashes can you please fix and I’m on a cracked screen iOS device

  72. Awesome Man19 says:

    Awesome pls make more of these

  73. Kikikay1 says:

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing great and I really appreciate you making all these maps and add-ons for us! If you could, it actually won’t let me download the map. I will write it step by step what I have done (I’m on iOS):

    1. Tap Download World Template .McPack
    2. Wait 5 seconds on the adf.ly website and skip the ad.
    3. Wait the be redirected automatically.
    4. Tap the green download button.
    5. Press the “Open in Minecraft” option.

    At the last option it simply won’t actually let me open the World in minecraft. If there’s something I’m doing wrong, please correct me. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Kikikay1,

      The easiest option for importing a world is to use the .McWorld file. When you select the “Open in Minecraft” for a .McWorld then it will automatically import and open that world.

      However, you are trying to use the .McPack World Template. A template is useful if you want to more easily be able to reset a map in Minecraft PE. When you select “Open in Minecraft” for a world template then it will import it to Minecraft PE and leave you on the start screen.

      To use a world template you will need to press “Play” > “Create New” and then select the world template there in the list (“Jurassic World Template”). The template will be loaded and you can then select the world settings and then press “Play” to open the world.

      If you need any further help don’t hesitate to ask. But please provide as much details as you did previously as it helps me help you better.

  74. Mcpedlcrazy183 says:

    Um I’m on iPad mini and when I load the jurasic world it stays on ‘building terrain’ and then I get kicked out the game and I’m back at my home screen! What happened? Please answer gona

  75. Arlo Iversen says:

    Same with me it crashed that’s good thing it got into the world and then it crashed here’s just kicked you out sorry to hear that

  76. Marcello says:

    Question when I go on it it glitches and takes me off am I doing something wrong

  77. Abigail.schott says:

    Could you make it where I can download the MAP TEXTURE?? Plz I really want it

  78. Katya Berman says:


  79. Katya Berman says:

    It won’t work for me editor sry I called u a frod

  80. Shadowwolf617 🐺 says:

    Wonderful map, but I am very disappointed that after five minutes of playing, it crashed. I went back on, and it crashed, I reinstalled it and it crashed. Pls fix this if you can 🐺

  81. CRASHING says:

    My game keeps crashing, it looks amazing but I can’t get anywhere 😑 😑

  82. om says:

    Why doesn’t it download…the link says the site is banned. .pls I really want to download this but how. .pls reply back. .I have faith in u guys. …pls🙏

  83. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Slender an map with addon!

  84. Rio says:

    All of the signs are in Spanish

  85. MethodicAster says:

    Help I saw the pictures of the map and it was nice but when I went to the link it say this is blocked in my country. So could you give me a direct link to mediafire

  86. Ss24 says:

    What texture pack did you use?

  87. BlazingIce says:

    This is nice, but it crashes everytime i tried opening the world. I cleared a lot of memory in my ipad 2, but it still crashes everytime. Can you help me? If you don’t it’s okay. Thanks

  88. Khalil says:

    It keeps crashing every time I try to move or fly.. can you help?

  89. KnightWolf07 says:

    When I downloaded the map for the first time before the new update for the map, it was great, but with the new update my game crashes each time a play on that world for only like a minute so plz try to fix this glitching problem. Also if I’m not the only one plz say so.

  90. Guidingranger6 says:

    Yo i love it so much! Keep up the great work 😁

  91. Noel says:

    I download the zip on documents and followed the steps it says importing world then it goes back to normal and i cannot find it help plz

  92. BaghasDtiger157 says:

    Please add Innovation Center !

  93. Jose says:

    How can you actually control the raptors.., I mean they go really slow when you mount them and have an iron sword… anyone have any advices so I can control them like a horse to speed up fast…

  94. TheRealTrump says:

    Plz fix!!!!! Crashes ever time I go into the world on my iPad!!!!!!

  95. Alan playz says:

    This’s map does not work

  96. Alan playz says:

    Um the real trump it’s happening same on mine

  97. Aika says:

    Awesome map. Can you make more maps?👏

  98. NetherMasterHD says:

    I’m not satisfied when I play it after 20 seconds it crashes and exits the game do you have any tips to solve this?

  99. Bobjohns says:

    Can you make just Jurassic World just like the movie please????:)

  100. gatsoman says:

    I may be being thick here.. but when i’ve downloaded behaviour and resources.. but cannot download the map!! I always get to the same zip for the behavior and resources!!

  101. Anonymous says:

    What should I do after seeinh the MCPEUP page

  102. Bob says:

    Hi can you make the world in English because I don’t know what most of the signs say

  103. Man says:

    It’s rubbish it didn’t tell you how to get it

  104. Anonymous says:

    looks cool

  105. Rexy says:

    When I try to get in a world it just logs me out.

  106. ProGamingMinecraft says:

    Why does the map keep crashing with the addon? I tried it without any texture or behavior packs and it’s fine, why? Is the addon too big? Gona if you read this pls fix this thx.

  107. Jimmy says:

    I have the map and the addon on one world
    But everytime i enter the world the game crashes
    What do i do?

  108. Sonnyboy says:

    Is this Map compatible with multiplayer?

  109. Ben Paulsen says:

    OMG this add on is amazing but can you make it so you can tame dilophosaurus with rotten flesh please, dilophosaurus is my favorite dinosaur

  110. Little sally gaming says:

    My game crashes every time I open Jurassic park can u please fix it

  111. BudakDinosaur says:

    Can you change the spawn gona

    Irex spawn = Pig Spawn
    raptor spawn = Vilagger/ZombieVillager Spawn. You can make 6/12 skin raptor like blue charlie echo delta, raptor Jurassic parl iii and the big one

  112. The_Villain says:

    Hey, I’m trying to download but when I get to website and press download it just doesn’t redirect me to the media fire download. Please help.

  113. the one says:

    Gona if your reading this PLSSSSS MAKE A ALL CAR ADDON WHERE YOU HAVE ALL THE CARS YOU HAVE EVER MADE BECAUSE it would be all some because if your trying to to a street race you don’t want the same car and the same color that just wired so pls do it please 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😞😶😐🙁😘😞😗😞😗

  114. Ali says:

    Gona can u make a power rangers addon? PLZ😉

  115. The Fair Sisters says:

    Why is it a different language on signs we don’t like it can anyone tell us how to fix it and turn it to English we don’t understand anything

  116. The Fair Sisters says:

    Actually I just replaced all the signs with English signs

  117. MCAayan990 says:

    This MAP AND ADDON IS AAWWSEESSOOMMEE!! I have another idea….Why not find the quordonats of the helipads, put a command block in the helicopter and VOILA! You’re at the other helipad…

  118. Tommy VN says:

    It very slow

  119. M1N5X says:

    Plz change the languange of the map to English, i don’t speak spainish so i always lost, but i remember the place if i am in Fly Mode. Plz tell the Sign Maker to change the languange. My friend play multiplayer in LAN in this world but he always lost like when i want to show him to the Marina, he always lost track of me so he decide to follow the sign, “It is more confusing using the sign than following you fly around. Is it Spainish? Oh yeah it is. Well i will just /tp to you” He said.

  120. Poju says:

    It’s a good map, I like’ it.

  121. Chicken butt loves dinos let's plays says:

    Love dis mod

  122. BILLYtheKiD says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a Mario world like this?

  123. John Paul Jose says:

    Hi can you post create a furniture add-on and of course this is the best add-on ever

  124. FuriousGamerAdvance says:

    Can We Get The Mcworld Only Please cuz i have the Addon Before So Yah

  125. DinoDude says:

    Hey can you make it to where you can download the textures from this world?

  126. TheRedCreeper says:

    Good job gona and the map creater!

  127. Anonymous says:

    I really wanted a template with the addon and resource pack cause whenever I download the world (with my render distance at the lowest possible setting) it just crashes

  128. Sam says:

    This Jurassic World is awesome! I was playing with the dinosaurs and Jeeps. Can you please add the T-Rex though?

  129. Anonymous says:

    New things retextured such as beacon, sea lantern, oak, jungle oaks, grass, mob spawner, destroy stages, improved paintings quality, new item textures and more- where are the textures for these???? 🙁

  130. BlueberrySans says:

    Um, hate to interrupt ya guys with whatever you’re doing. But for some reason, at the hotel backyard. I saw a Ludodactylus in the pool, a Brachiosaurus taking a dip in the waters on the beach, and a little raptor standing around in the shade. Could ya tell me how they escaped?

  131. Avance says:

    Could you please make the texture for the Dino Items (Bones, amber, paintings, blocks used in map) possible for download? I would appreciate it!

  132. Dylan says:

    Keeps sending men to adfly swing that the url doesn’t exist when I clik on it? HELP!

  133. MCPEGamer8162 says:

    Hey im on ios and when I try downloading the map it brings me to adfly when I skip the ad it brings me to random websites do. you know he problem?

  134. Andray says:

    It’s a good map and everything but you could add custom NPCs like park rangers or people,it would make it more realistic

  135. Long_Beak says:

    Sorry to say but it’s bad because I can’t enter the world for more than four seconds befor my game crashes sorry

  136. Charlotte 🌴🌊🌊🌴 says:

    When ever I go on the map, the world glitches me out. How can I resolve this?

  137. Colin says:

    I can’t enter the world for more than like 5 seconds then it crashes, no matter what I try to do, it still crashes

  138. RedstoneCraft31 says:

    That Awesome…
    I like it

  139. Ethan says:

    Love it just make more dinosaurs and add the texture pack for the map able to be on a normal world

  140. ChickenLord says:

    How come the triceratops are hostile. It’s not like I peed them off or anything ’cause I didn’t

  141. Anonymous says:

    What texture pack is used in this?

  142. M1N5X says:

    The map wasn’t bad, but if you watch the movie or play the game… 10.000 Volts Fences was only for Carnivore, because any Herbivore that touch the Fences would be died, meanwhile… Carnivore still can handle it and the would just run away from the fences

  143. Dogerul says:

    i know the guy who made this add-on

  144. Carlos says:

    It keeps kicking me out of Minecraft. Pls fix this as soon as possible. I REALLY want to
    explore the map 🙁

  145. legoman8304 says:

    Why are all the signs written in Spanish? I can speak it but it’s a pain to have to translate all of them in my head.

  146. GodzillaFan917YT says:

    I like that you can play with the dinosaurs but you guys should make a creation lab so we can make our own dinosaurs that would be so cool😀.

  147. Zeke says:

    I’ve tried everything you said to fix this but every time I join this map Minecraft crashes. Every single time. Do you know any other way to fix this ? I have an I phone

  148. Anonymous says:

    Nice map

  149. DinoDNA says:

    I tried everything to reduce lag yet it still crashed every time I have a suggestion can you let us get the map texture so we can put it as a global resource it might help

  150. Calvin Mikhail Del Rosario says:

    Plss accommodate your comments 😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😠

    • GabcraftYT says:

      The resource pack is Jurassic I guess… anyways the map and addons are cool but… are there velociraptor and raptors here as well??
      I can’t wait to see blue!

  151. G4 says:

    How do you get the texture pack?

  152. shirley Grierson says:

    Why won’t it work I’m very mad about this plz fix it

  153. Sisimen63110 says:

    I love it’s very cool the map is awesome

  154. POOPIEDOE says:

    The game crashed a few times when I opened it at first but a few tries later… I FOUND THE BEST MAP AND ADDON IN MC WIN 10 EVERRRRRR!

  155. FuriousDestroyer says:

    200th comment!!! Awesome map!!!

  156. kAz says:

    i can’t use it and it won’t work on my android phone..any tips on how to work this add on?

  157. Someone says:

    Not working ☹️

  158. HerobrinePROgokto says:

    you should add the allosaurus [nice world]

  159. Silly billy says:

    Great job u did great

  160. VenusLU says:

    This map is amazing! Could you reply and give me the link to the texture pack? 🙂

  161. Skycharge7 says:

    Hey can u guys be helpful and subscribe to my channel? I will do a video about this and future addons!Link: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKFrp14azCWu8jZKogpqdPw

  162. MafloBLITS says:

    I love your adon’s and maps gona but plzz make a Spiderman homecoming addon I would love you more

  163. Ramen says:

    oh my god!It’s pretty nice!I’m so love this!!!!!!!!!

  164. MafloBLITS says:

    Gona may I plzzz be able to use your zombie apocalypse and villagers come alive addon in a world I will try to upload on mcpedl.com as well I will mention that I coding have done this without gona s adon’s but I will add one of my own texture packs as guns in Minecraft. Gona plzzz give me this permission to use your adon’s

  165. AdventureGaming07 says:

    Hi I’m back!!!

    I Got more Ideas!

    1.Try adding Mini Guns in the Jeep Wranglers
    2.Bows=Guns,Arrow=Lightning Bullet
    3.Give Animations on the Mobs like the mod on the Java Version of Minecraft
    4.Moving Eyes
    5.New I.Rex Texture!
    6.Back to Number 2. Just Make The Bow to Grenade Launcher Arrow into Grenades!!!

    All of My Ideas
    Hope you Like it!!

  166. AlienCraft says:

    Really cool!!

  167. Snake101 MC says:

    Can you make a more llamas addon? With creeper llama, Ender llama, blaze llama, etc

  168. Zachary says:

    Can you make an ark scorched earth with lightning, poison and fire wyvern, mantis, manticore, death worm and all the ecscusive ark scorched earth creatures

  169. Godzilla 2014 says:

    yeah awesome but pls fix the crashes, add new t rex textures, add stegosaurus, add parasauluphos, change the indominus rex model, add indo raptor, make t rex and spino the abbility to sit and stand, change red the raptor nto the female raptor , ridable dinos can be ridden like horses.
    1. parasauluphus (horse).
    2. name t rex buck then it will turn it to the green one, name t rex rexy then it will become brown.
    3. stegosaur (pig).
    4. name the raptor indoraptor then it will turn to indoraptor.

  170. FixIt says:

    Keeps Crashing! I Tried Everything! I Waited An Hour And It Still Doesn’t Work! Even The Behaviour Packs And Resource Packs Crash! Editor Please Fix! Update!

  171. Popstermaster says:

    could you change the raptors into a different mob cause the rabbits kinda look weird for the mob that is used for the raptors because the legs don’t really move properly because the move a tiny bit and they don’t move like other dino’s in this addon like trex i don’t know just a suggestion but if it could be changed that would be cool.

  172. Xavi says:

    Pls Get this on mediafire

  173. Anonymous says:

    Jurassic Craft

  174. ultimategaming56 says:

    i can’t get the jeeps to work i load up the world and go to were the jeeps are supposed to be and there not there

  175. DinoDude says:

    Is there gonna be another update for this?

  176. Elise says:

    Hi, when I click to download it, it goes to this website called adif.ly and when I click to skip add it goes to another website saying I have won an iPhone 7? Can you please get this on mediafire because this looks so cool and I really want to get it on minecraft.

  177. Anonymous says:

    i wish they will add the parrot to addons

  178. Anonymous says:

    I cannot download it 🙁 can someone tell me how to do it?

  179. MineCraft Dad says:

    All I want to Say is My Son is Minecraft Mad and he now has this on his iPad and loves this
    Many thanks 🙂

  180. Lillylovesyou says:

    Hi notch wanted to say hi

  181. Mario The Hedgehog says:

    I can’t enter the map it quicks me out of the game.

  182. Firehard says:

    Is there a link for a .zip file for the world

  183. Urbanvox says:

    whenever i try to use the behaviour pack on y windows 10 computer it just crashes

  184. Anonymous says:

    Hi the download does not take me to the page

  185. Pheonix says:

    Hey, It takes me to adfly then when I get out of adfly it says 2 virus’s are detected I say this for safety of hacks, scams, and more McCarthy Pheonix

  186. Fire Masoud says:

    A one minecraft gamer now selling this map!😐 is now irany!
    This map is…..SUPPPER NIIICE!😁

  187. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Replace the pig and sheep with a dinosaur, they stand out too much, I think a replacing a pig with a pachycephalosaurus would be cool.

  188. Zane says:

    Hey guys I had a birthday today I’m eight now wish me a happy birthday!

  189. Pierce says:

    How do I get the resource pack for the map?!?

    • EpicTamale says:

      Pierce, I don’t think there is a way to get the texture pack. I’m just saying, there might also be a way. I’ve tried to do it, but I’m not a coder or anything so I don’t know. BTW epic map.

  190. $tryker says:

    I think adding in an ACU soldier would be cool. Keep up the good work!

  191. cookie cat says:

    What is the seed number

  192. raygil9567 says:

    Can someone tell me why it is in Spanish or is that how it is

  193. Raygil9567 says:

    Can someone tell me why it is in Spanish or is it the world idk help me

  194. Pierce says:

    Developers I have an idea is you wanna know and it awsome an AVP mod if you wanna hear more then tell me ok? Beacause right now I don’t have the time XD

  195. Pierce says:

    And epic I saw a person reviewing the mod and he Hady the texture soo…

  196. Ellie says:

    Really good map, downloaded recently and I’ve been playing it a lot. It hasn’t crashed on my device (iPad air 2) so hopefully it won’t in the future 🤞🏼 Would recommend to everyone.

  197. Kevin Quirarte says:


  198. Julia says:

    How do you tame a T-Rex?

    • Firewing&Snowy says:

      You need a baby T. rex as adults are not tameable. If you find\spawn one use any type of raw meat to tame it as you would a wolf. If you want it to be full size then feed it more raw meat. Once it is full size you can ride it and control it with an Iron Sword.

  199. Pierce says:

    Developers I have an idea for a new mod that would be absolutely awsome the AVP mod in the future I’ll have more deatails but for now just hold on to that idea

  200. Pierce says:

    Villagers could be army men and Shaulkers could be auto turrets

  201. Pierce says:

    And the Illager with the axe could be a predator or also known as the Yautja and the other one could be a predlien predator alien look it up if you don’t know about it

  202. Gamer ZedTez says:

    Gona Please make a Alien Vs Predator Addon I would really appariceate it

  203. Tom.stricklin says:

    I like turtles
    And Minecraft

  204. MafloBLITS says:

    PLZZZZZZ make portal knights addon it’s from the creators of terraria play game (Make for Minecraft because it costs a lot of money Add-Ons are for free)

  205. Isha says:

    Editor, can you please put the texture pack on download too? I would love it and so would my friends, where planning on making our own Jurassic Park too. Thanks

  206. TheAddOnGirl says:

    I love this add on its so cool I accidentally found the I-Rex’s pen and I died instantly 😅😅
    I love all the dinosaurs the models are awesome!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👌👍👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👍👌👍👌👌

  207. 😻😻😻WARRIOR CATS LOVER says:

    Hi editor how do u post to mcdl?

  208. Sapphire the cat says:

    Hey um who thinks that in the next update to the add on they should add the indorapter(the new hybrid in the fallen kingdom) into the add on.
    It would make things even more awsome than they already are.

  209. LRGRolex says:

    thanks man this really works

  210. Anonymous says:

    is this still in another language?

  211. Enzo says:

    Finally Thank you Gona for updating jurassic craft😊

  212. Anonymous says:

    Hey for some odd reason when I try to download the map it downloads just fine but when I go onto my MINECRAFT app the world isn’t there and there also isn’t a template that shows up. it says imported successfully but nothing shows up. help plz !!!!!

  213. Anonymous says:

    When I enter this AMAZING map 🗺 I always have to log back into Minecraft then it works. Is there any way I can fix this? 🧐

  214. Fixer says:

    when at adfly wait 3 secs and click skip ad

  215. Sam says:

    Same problem on ios. After download game says sth about importing things then stays in opening menu. No template available. Using ios 11.2.5.

  216. Federico says:

    I’ve downloaded the map and add-on but it doesn’t import to Minecraft. Please editor help me

  217. Anonymous says:

    Downloaded this map for iPhone. When starting the game, it imports levels and then remains on main menu. No template available either. Plz help how to fix!

  218. Owlyly says:

    I keep dowloading p, but it doesn’t come up on mcpe. Help!

  219. Bradlee Leiseberg says:

    It isnt showing up in mcpe as a world! I think the file is broken. Can you please reset the file link to an updated mcworld file that actually works.

  220. Richard Micheal Lebron says:

    Same here I have been trying to download over and over again, but nothing happens. Plz fix this bug because I want to try to use this world

  221. Fftghvg says:

    When ever I download this it says a level was downloaded but I can’t find it. Where do you get the level

  222. Raccoon says:

    The download link isn’t working, it won’t even allow me to download it.

  223. Raymond says:

    Whenever I click on the download link, then when I skip the adfly ad, it says that it can’t secure the connection. Please fix this glitch.

  224. Raymond says:

    I need help, whenever the Mcpeup page shows iup, it says that it cannot establish secure connection. Please fix this.

  225. Reynaldy Augota says:

    GOOD JOB!!!

  226. Raz says:

    The website doesn’t work anymore? Any help please. I really want to play this map/addon!

  227. Lisa loves minecraft says:

    Update it so the dinosaurs are are mobs so you can turn them off and they don’t randomly spawn.

  228. MeAwesome says:

    Love it. It has so many dinosaurs!

  229. Anonymous says:

    Every time I try to download the map it says “cannot open the page because it could not establish a secure connection to the server.”

  230. Anonymous says:

    it says the same for me

  231. Joeygaming says:

    I cant download it the download link is gray

  232. Ryan says:

    You need to make more Dino’s able be tamed

  233. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t have a link to download the world

  234. Anonymous says:

    Where the download link

  235. LG says:

    Editor why Does it not work On Mc.pack ???? Pls fix I need this I am Such a big fan of your work I installed All maps

  236. MafloBLITZ says:


  237. MafloBLITZ says:


  238. Jay Eduard says:

    Woah thank you for this mod! I like dinosaurs!!

  239. Kmcoolguy11 says:

    Cool man of places

  240. Firewing&Snowy says:

    Why is it broken? Please fix I am sad😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  241. Nathan says:

    I cant download it says it cannot be loaded 🙁

  242. Voss25 says:

    Can someone help me my iPhone only allows me to use the.mcworld but that option doesn’t work.

  243. DaKawaiiDragon says:

    Why did I get a Jurassic park map and not a Jurassic world map? I downloaded the world one AND not only i didn’t the right map it was in finished
    Hopefully that gets fixed soon

  244. Jeremy Winstead says:

    Can you perhaps replace the new update aquatic mobs(When it is possible)? If so, I have a few suggestions.
    1. The salmon can be dunkleosteus
    2. The cod can be Coelacanth
    3. The turtle can be trilobites(any trilobite species you wish)
    4. The tropical fish can be various colors of Anomalocaris
    5. The dolphins can be Ichthyosaurs
    6. Drowned can be Hallucigenia
    And thats all!
    -Sincerely, Jeremy.

  245. ??? says:

    If only it had a download.

  246. Kiesha says:

    Um it’s not working for me I’ve installed both the add ons but it work let me get the map I’m on iOS iPad mini 2 please help me

  247. Banana says:

    Why can’t I download the map but I can download the ad on

  248. Add on says:

    This will not load for me

  249. Shadow says:

    Why hasn’t the world been fixed yet? Cuz I would like to download it.

  250. Foxy says:

    Add the indoraptor from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom PlEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  251. Erving says:

    I keep spawning at no where instead of the map and the name is not Jurassic carft

    I downloaded it off documents

    Open the file and use Minecraft

    It’s says something about level downloading

    I check their is a new world with a blank thumbnail

    And I’m at a small island not the map

    It says 27 mb so what’s wrong 😞

  252. [Anonymous] says:

    I play on iOS but can’t seem to download the world, other than that, it’s pretty good.

  253. Harrison says:

    I can’t down load it NOT HAPPY GONA!

  254. Nysynw says:

    How did you guys get it it doesn’t work for me

  255. nightmare8591 says:

    How do i download the world?? I am on iOS

  256. Boi says:

    It just put me on an island

  257. Tough says:

    Why i cant download

  258. Lexi says:

    Can someone give me the link to the map? I can’t get to the link…

  259. SpiderLegion says:

    I like this map but the download link won’t work. Please fix it for Blue’s sake

  260. Animalman says:


  261. Anonymous says:

    Moar dinosaurs

  262. Krayfish says:

    How do I get the map

  263. Raptor_1 says:


  264. Whoever says:

    Please Fix

  265. Ikabot says:

    Plz make for iPad 9 because I have a 9.3.5 and I don’t get to play with the add on and I love dinosaurs 😢😢

  266. SpiderLegion says:

    Dear Gona. Please fix the download link I’m begging you!

  267. Chase Gonzalez says:

    This mod is awesome creator tanks for the mod

  268. VikingDog says:

    10/10! Great job making the map and add on, works perfectly! As a fan of Jurassic Park ( dinosaurs in general ) this was the perfect addon!
    Keep up the good work!

  269. dantas says:


  270. Tom says:

    I have the Jurassic craft mod already how do I get the actual map?

  271. MafloBLITZ says:

    Sadly gona stoped working on this so we are not going to be having new Dino’s for a while probably I am not realy sure but for a very long time people are asking for indoraptor and we are not getting it has one of the best addon creators stalled the improvement of one of the greatest addons?

  272. .,, says:

    I wanna see the jungle explorer from jurassic park that car the T. rex flipped over
    I need it so I can remake the scene

  273. Maverick says:

    Um gona the the raptors are not attacking anything I mean they attack you but they don’t do damage …anyway hope this helps!

  274. Terrel says:

    They finally added the indorapter for the addon ,but now I have to update my map!😭

  275. RishiOMG says:

    It didn’t work for me

  276. Anonymous says:

    Please make a car mod with the same controls as the cars in this one because the whole carrot on a stick thing annoys me

  277. Blazestar says:

    I spawned on a random island, there isn’t a park :\

  278. ProDeath5567 says:

    THEY ADDED THE INDORAPTOR! Just spawn a Velociraptor and use the Indoraptor genes and there’s the Indoraptor.

  279. Anonymous says:

    What is the texture pack that this world uses? (not JurassicCraft Addon)

  280. xxiStezzy says:


  281. ZephPlayz says:

    That Looks Cool!

  282. Jacob Adam Thomason says:

    The Best Dino in Blue And Red

  283. Natasha hermione miranda says:

    I cant find the downlosd button

  284. Anonymous says:

    Add an indoraptor paddock please

  285. Kelcy says:

    Hey gonna can you do the new addon is a oh I know how bout prehistoric park addon right?

  286. Anonymous says:

    It was awesome please add more dinosaurs

  287. Unknown says:

    In The Add-On There Is The Indorptor

  288. puglove says:

    great map bro

  289. Zane says:

    Can ya add Lockwood estate? I would really appreciate it!

  290. David Hudson says:

    Hey! where the jumping jay is main street???

  291. Ashton says:

    Why are the bodies of the triceratops carnotaurs and ludodactyls messed up pls help

  292. Xedric says:

    Right comments about how to make the trip to the rise explore

  293. Poo of poos says:

    I like frogs :]

  294. Princess says:

    This is so amazing so much

  295. rug op says:

    I love Dinosaurs

  296. Rexdoraptor says:

    I love Dino’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Agung 😚 says:

    Good 👍👧

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