Kerotov Island Prison [Creation]

The creator of Kerotov Island Prison, Autotaker, is the same person behind one of the largest city in Minecraft Pocket Edition ever created called Tazader 10. As he says himself (in a roleplayish way) the prison was created to have a place to put all the criminals in Tazader 10, especially the most ruthless ones. The prison is situated far out in the sea to make sure prisoners have a really hard time to escape, if they dare to.


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8 Responses

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  1. Corbenader 22 says:

    Hey editor,can you please make this .mcpack?that would make my day if you can!

  2. Voldemort says:

    Please make a Pretty please? With a cherry on top? 🍒

  3. Aidsen101 says:

    Make an plz for 5 stars

  4. BTSLOVER says:

    Plz make a mc world plz

  5. Virgilio says:

    Pls make it a mcworld because it crashes my minecraft

  6. GTADUDEXAV says:


  7. Helper says:

    just rename .zip to .mcworld guys

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