Kingdom of Avon (Open World RPG) [Adventure]

This medieval adventure map takes place in the lands of Avon. You play as a legendary hero tasked with finding all of the lost relics of Avon which are scattered across the kingdom deep in crypts and high in mountains. Only when all the relics are found can the prophecy be fulfilled and the great dragon summoned.

There are a lot of command blocks in this map, making it feel like a much more fun and streamlined experience. There is supposedly hours of gameplay and quite a few quests (along with some hidden bonus quests).

Adventure by: leotheking4
World/Map by: shrimp1970Twitter Account (used with permission)
Updated: 15 January, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

You will spawn in a hub where you should read all the signs for instructions of how to play.

The map is very large and open with loads of destinations you will visit on your adventure as well as other locations you can explore as you wish; every structure has its own secrets and treasures. There are multiple quests which you must complete to find each of the relics (which take the form of Nether stars).

These quests are set out in individual quest books in a chest at your home. Each leading you to another relic. When all relics are found, the final quest involves using them to summon the great dragon which you must kill before it destroys the kingdom.

The map is actually built on the same map Shrimp1970’s The Last Kingdom: Stonehaven, Swampton & Skrimville medieval map, however hundreds of additional structures have been added and the adventure itself doesn’t require much interaction with Shrimp’s original builds.


  • Play in adventure mode
  • Turn mob griefing off
  • Turn fire spread off
  • Turn difficulty on
  • Have ‘Keep Inventory’ on


  • Redstone fixes
  • Fixed gaping missing chunks in the desert
  • New structure: Lakehill Lane Hobbit Holes
  • Pyramid (Deephold) Bonus Quest finished
  • Minor fixes
  • Made signage more clear


Important Notes: It’s definitely recommended that you use John Smith Textures with this map as some items rely on this pack (it’s included by default in the world download).

File size exceeds 200 MB!

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55 Responses

4.27 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Shrimp1970 says:

    Congratulations @leotheking4 thanks for choosing to use my build to enhance your wonderful world. All the best to you!

    • leotheking4 says:

      It was your magnificent world that inspired me to create this! It started as just me wanting to expand on your world and build my own medieval builds but then I saw the appeal to turning it into an adventure map. There are a lot of new builds and most of the quest itself takes place separately to your three (awe-inspiring) towns but I loved your work so much and so hid two of the relics in Swampton and Skrimville. Hope you have a go at playing through, and of course I would love any suggestions or comments (i owe all my inspiration to you after all)!!! All the best, leo!

    • Kristan says:

      Shrimp1970, I liked your build too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why would you summon the dragon in the first place

    • leotheking4 says:

      To kill it before it wakes by itself and destroys the kingdom. I know, a little rusty on my part but it doesn’t matter too much. Enjoy, appreciate your support 🙂

  3. Shayla says:

    There’s an issue with playing multiplayer. The person who downloads it can open chests, and kill mobs but players who join cannot. It’s almost like they’re spectators. They can’t open anything, they cant kill mobs and etc.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hmmm, I’ll get onto that. However, this map admittedly is not designed for multiplayer. I will do what I can to ensure as much multiplayer capability in the future.

  4. Bartek says:

    Super duper map this is my favourite map this week

    • leotheking4 says:

      Thank you so much! I love this site precisely for this reason; the sense of community between creator and player. Appreciate your support 🙂

  5. Lisa1111 says:

    Really good map, i just can’t find the map of the pyramid

    • leotheking4 says:

      If you’re referring to the bonus quest, then I must admit it is not entirely complete, however I am pretty sure I put the map there, it’s UNDER the stairs in the crypt at deephold ruins, in the FIRST LARGE HALL you enter. Check for an opening actually inside the staircase (the opening is on the right of the staircase when facing the staircase from the floor, and the map is in a chest). Thanks for the feedback.

  6. TORPADREKER says:


    Very cool map man! (Commenting but not playing the map yet. CUZ IK IT’S AWESOME!!)

    • leotheking4 says:

      Haha, thanks so much! Love the enthusiasm. Yup, a lot of time went into this; and every location is stuffed with detail and loot. Enjoy playing if you get a chance, thanks for your support 🙂

  7. Yellow fox says:

    Great map, I really loved it and the texture pack was awesome. But there was at the end a redstone piece missing and the dragon wasn’t summoned but i went to creative and fixed it.
    Please make a sequel if u can

    • leotheking4 says:

      Ah, yes – i removed that piece so I could test the redstone without having to then get rid of the dragon every time. VERY sorry about that, will update asap. As for a sequel, future updates to this will offer new quests (and so new relics) as well as bonus quests. If you seek more from this world, then be sure to update and see if you can complete all the bonus quests. The site will indicate when new quests have been added in the changelog upon me updating the download link.

  8. Becoming ice gamer says:

    Coolest map ever created

    • leotheking4 says:

      THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I am so glad people are enjoying this, I put so much time into it!! I must, however, credit Shrimp1970 who provided me with the three towns found in the map; swampton, skrimville and stonehaven, as well as who sparked my inspiration. Expect updates containing new quests and story lines.

  9. Steve says:

    Does anyone know where to find the bonus quest map is?

    • leotheking4 says:

      Thanks for playing my map! Yes, it is actually UNDER the stone staircase in the deephold crypt. Find an opening in the side of the base.

  10. Jayden Lloyd says:

    Idk if somethings wrong on my end but the chunks in this world are missing

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hi, map creator here. Yes, that’s right! They were missing in the original. In future updates, I hope to fix the missing structures near Skrimville which are cut off as well as the missing chunks in the desert. Don’t worry, it’s not your device. Thanks so much for playing!!

  11. Katherine_Zeda_Jones says:

    I can’t download on MediaFire, for some reason. 🙁 any help ?

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hmm, is it just taking a long time or simply not downloading at all? Maybe try and clear some space on your device first, or close some open apps to improve processing speed. Bear in mind this map takes up 200 mb of space, and won’t download if you don’t have that available. I hope that you manage to download it, and that you enjoy playing my map. Good luck 🙂

  12. Anonym says:

    not too good name. kingdom of Avon, sounds like a makeup brand.

  13. Saud says:

    I think notch is the original creator

  14. Ms101 says:

    Fantastic map!!! Please keep adding more quests. Loved it.

  15. Jopper says:

    The map looks amazing!! I just can’t open it in Minecraft

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hiya! I will try and fix this asap, but it could be that you don’t have enough space. You need AT LEAST 230mb of space! I will try and find what the problem is ASAP and get back to you! Sorry for the inconvenience, but stay tuned!

  16. me says:

    Leotheking4, i am no mcpe genius, but is the map too big or something? I have tried to open it in mcpe and it says level import started and doesn’t open the world. What can i do about this? Looks like a great map btw.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hmm. I will try and find out what the problem is. One solution is to check you have enough space available – the map takes up about 230mb of space, so if you have any less then that may be why. Otherwise, try and clear some excess space anyway or try closing all other apps when installing. I will get back to you when I’ve sourced out the problem!!

      • Me says:

        Thanks, i deleted some older worlds and cleared some space on my device, but it didnt work. Thanks for getting back to me

      • Nik says:

        Well the problem just got worse: I have enough space for it. In FACT, when I download it, though it doesn’t appear as a world, it STILL takes up space… Minecraft wtf

    • Sheep says:

      I have this problem as well and have about 6 GB on my iPad Pro device and 600 MB on iCloud.

  17. Fauzan1810 says:

    I can’t even complete the first quest!!! I can’t find the Greenhill where the Bulbs Bilbery lives I am stuck in the riverville ( I don’t remember the name but it is where my home is). I keep on finding a way to west of riverville but I am stuck I find a way do not find a way to Greenhill. Please help

    • leotheking4 says:

      Exit your house and go STRAIGHT down the dirt track, or if you’re in riverwood then EXIT and turn RIGHT. There are signs EVERYWHERE – follow those. It is not far at all. The dirt road takes you STRAIGHT past laketon market and bree. Signs guide you to Greenhill. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Skyler says:

      To get back to your house (if you haven’t slept in any other beds) you can go to the commands and type /kill Then almost straight aead out of your house there is a little structure with signs, they are how you can find where to go usually (hope this helps)

  18. TomTubeCZ says:

    Please, help me. When I import the map into the game it doesn’t show up in my worlds list.. 🙁

    • leotheking4 says:

      Make sure you have at least 230mb of space on your device. Others have voiced this issue as well so I am looking to fix it – check back after the weekend when I’ll have had a chance to source the problem. So sorry for the inconvenience, but please stay tuned!

  19. Herobrine9809 says:

    Coolet RPG map i’ve ever played!!!

  20. Amy says:

    Awesome map!! Loved it, especially the final quest. Please do more or add more!!

  21. glaedar1 says:

    Does this map work for win10 minecraft when i try to import it i get the pop up saying level import started and then finished but i cant find it in my maps or templates list. Really want to play this map. I like adventure maps.

  22. Squire says:

    Coolest map EVER!

  23. TORPADREKER says:

    Hey creator, as I said, this map is AMAZING… (Although I stopped playing because of the LAG) And I also see there are some people who struggles world importing. And I have to say, the .mcworld file DID NOT WORK. But I can play it because I manually put the world from file provided at the download link. So, use the .zip one. You gotta try fixing the.mcworld…… Still Awesome BTW!

  24. Jaylinoburgers says:

    This Texture pack is cool

  25. Jaylinoburgers says:

    This is supppppeeer cool

  26. Mame says:

    Wow great map! Keep up with the work!

  27. Firestarmaster2 says:

    I can’t seem to download it. It says that it finishes downloading but the map isn’t there.

  28. Daniel says:

    @Leotheking, I can’t open the world, during download I get taken to the home screen and after it says level import finished, I can’t find the world…

  29. Jsjsjsjs says:

    Dude this is the best map ever if I would play this or fractured worlds Definitely this.
    I luv adventure maps especially this one!

  30. bonelesspizza says:

    it only does level import but the actual world itself doesn’t appear, is there a way to fix this?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I dont understand its not going into minecraft last thing it said was level succesfully downloade and nothing happened

  32. Nik says:


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