Kingdom of Avon (Open World RPG) [Adventure]

This medieval adventure map takes place in the lands of Avon. You play as a legendary hero tasked with finding all of the lost relics of Avon which are scattered across the kingdom deep in crypts and high in mountains. Only when all the relics are found can the prophecy be fulfilled and the great dragon summoned.

There are a lot of command blocks in this map, making it feel like a much more fun and streamlined experience. There is supposedly hours of gameplay and quite a few quests (along with some hidden bonus quests).

Adventure by: leotheking4, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel
World/Map by: shrimp1970Twitter Account (used with permission)
Updated: 4 March, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

You will spawn in a hub where you should read all the signs for instructions of how to play.

The map is very large and open with loads of destinations you will visit on your adventure as well as other locations you can explore as you wish; every structure has its own secrets and treasures. There are multiple quests which you must complete to find each of the relics (which take the form of Nether stars).

These quests are set out in individual quest books in a chest at your home. Each leading you to another relic. When all relics are found, the final quest involves using them to summon the great dragon which you must kill before it destroys the kingdom.

The map is actually built on the same map Shrimp1970’s The Last Kingdom: Stonehaven, Swampton & Skrimville medieval map, however hundreds of additional structures have been added and the adventure itself doesn’t require much interaction with Shrimp’s original builds.


  • Part one of the map takes you on a journey to find lost relics (nether stars) scattered across Avon in various locations. Each quest book guides you to a different one. When all these relics are found, the dragon must be summoned and defeated before it awakes by itself and destroys the kingdom.
  • Part 2 of the map takes place after killing the dragon. You are teleported to a brand new location; the Capital City of Stonehaven. The king has summoned you there to give you a knighthood for killing the dragon. However, the orcs are planning on reviving the dragon in an alternate dimension; the DragonRealm (the End Dimension). You must complete quests to find the lost Virtus (Eyes of Ender) in order to enter the DragonRealm and kill the dragon once again.

Map of World

The map includes hundreds of quests in various medieval-style locations, including a massive tower inspired by Isengard from Lord of the Rings.

As the world is so large, you can view a hand-drawn map of it here: Map of Avon

Walkthrough Guide

Some parts of the map can be quite difficult, and so a useful walkthrough document is available which will tell you how to complete each of the quests. If you get stuck or lost, please see this guide for help. Coordinates are also given.


  • Play in adventure mode
  • Turn mob griefing off
  • Turn fire spread off
  • Turn difficulty on
  • Have ‘Keep Inventory’ on


Changelog (V2.3):

  • New location: Hearthstone Farm (on the main road leading out of Stonehaven on ‘Part 2’ of the map).
  • Major fixes to some quests where there were Redstone errors.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that this is the last major update I’ll be releasing for a while, so do not worry about starting playing only to find a new update has been released (which I know troubled some of you). Major updates will return sometime in the future.


  • Version 2.0 includes a whole new area of the map to explore after killing the dragon in part one (where the map ended in previous versions) complete with a continuing story line and tons of new quests and locations (stated below)
  • New Quest: The Witch of the Swamp (Find the witches house in the vast swamp, kill her and retrieve her virtu)
  • New Quest: The Tombs of Tarragon Henge (Enter the crypt of Tarragon Henge, where a Necromancer lives to retrieve his Virtu)
  • New structure: Tower of Orthanc (Massive replica of Isengard tower from Lord of the Rings. In the finale of part two of the map, climb the tower and use the Virtus (eyes of ender) which you found to enter the DragonRealm.

Video Showcase

This map is fully multiplayer compatible. Find below a video tour of the Kingdom of Avon map:


Important Notes: It’s definitely recommended that you use John Smith Textures with this map as some items rely on this pack (it’s included by default in the world download).

File size exceeds 200 MB!

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239 Responses

4.55 / 5 (89 votes)
  1. Shrimp1970 says:

    Congratulations @leotheking4 thanks for choosing to use my build to enhance your wonderful world. All the best to you!

    • leotheking4 says:

      It was your magnificent world that inspired me to create this! It started as just me wanting to expand on your world and build my own medieval builds but then I saw the appeal to turning it into an adventure map. There are a lot of new builds and most of the quest itself takes place separately to your three (awe-inspiring) towns but I loved your work so much and so hid two of the relics in Swampton and Skrimville. Hope you have a go at playing through, and of course I would love any suggestions or comments (i owe all my inspiration to you after all)!!! All the best, leo!

      • shrimp 1970 says:

        I really enjoy what you’ve added, it was my intention to add smaller builds to bring the map to life. you’ve done that with style and with a great story line. I stopped adding stuff because it was so big as a file please keep the story going:)

        • leotheking4 says:

          Thank you so much 🙂 I will definitely add more structures and quests to the story. I would also love to see more of your builds, be they on ‘The Last Kingdom’ or any other build. You have a great skill, and I would really enjoy exploring anything built by you.

    • Kristan says:

      Shrimp1970, I liked your build too!

    • Morwenna says:

      I love the Map you made Shrimp1970. It is really nice.

    • Bestgamer323 says:

      You are awsome

    • robert frost says:

      I love the map and every thing but in the video you show stones that give you powers and in the handbook the 2nd quest is shown but my fire didn’t show the stones or the 2nd quest I used MPCE master app please fix id give this five stars but the missing quest and stones bring it down one

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why would you summon the dragon in the first place

    • leotheking4 says:

      To kill it before it wakes by itself and destroys the kingdom. I know, a little rusty on my part but it doesn’t matter too much. Enjoy, appreciate your support 🙂

      • Wolfgirl514 says:

        The dragon disappeared… I don’t know how or why. I even just tried to /kill it just to make sure I got on with the story, but Minecraft said there wasn’t an Ender Dragon around… How to I fix this?

  3. Shayla says:

    There’s an issue with playing multiplayer. The person who downloads it can open chests, and kill mobs but players who join cannot. It’s almost like they’re spectators. They can’t open anything, they cant kill mobs and etc.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hmmm, I’ll get onto that. However, this map admittedly is not designed for multiplayer. I will do what I can to ensure as much multiplayer capability in the future.

    • Someone says:

      tap the buttom as if you would like to save and quit and at the right it should show player permission I think to allow people to interact with the game, put the as members/operators

    • ThE_dOcToR says:

      Maybe it is trust player permission visitor
      Or its adventure mode

  4. Bartek says:

    Super duper map this is my favourite map this week

    • leotheking4 says:

      Thank you so much! I love this site precisely for this reason; the sense of community between creator and player. Appreciate your support 🙂

  5. Lisa1111 says:

    Really good map, i just can’t find the map of the pyramid

    • leotheking4 says:

      If you’re referring to the bonus quest, then I must admit it is not entirely complete, however I am pretty sure I put the map there, it’s UNDER the stairs in the crypt at deephold ruins, in the FIRST LARGE HALL you enter. Check for an opening actually inside the staircase (the opening is on the right of the staircase when facing the staircase from the floor, and the map is in a chest). Thanks for the feedback.

  6. TORPADREKER says:


    Very cool map man! (Commenting but not playing the map yet. CUZ IK IT’S AWESOME!!)

    • leotheking4 says:

      Haha, thanks so much! Love the enthusiasm. Yup, a lot of time went into this; and every location is stuffed with detail and loot. Enjoy playing if you get a chance, thanks for your support 🙂

  7. Yellow fox says:

    Great map, I really loved it and the texture pack was awesome. But there was at the end a redstone piece missing and the dragon wasn’t summoned but i went to creative and fixed it.
    Please make a sequel if u can

    • leotheking4 says:

      Ah, yes – i removed that piece so I could test the redstone without having to then get rid of the dragon every time. VERY sorry about that, will update asap. As for a sequel, future updates to this will offer new quests (and so new relics) as well as bonus quests. If you seek more from this world, then be sure to update and see if you can complete all the bonus quests. The site will indicate when new quests have been added in the changelog upon me updating the download link.

  8. Becoming ice gamer says:

    Coolest map ever created

    • leotheking4 says:

      THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I am so glad people are enjoying this, I put so much time into it!! I must, however, credit Shrimp1970 who provided me with the three towns found in the map; swampton, skrimville and stonehaven, as well as who sparked my inspiration. Expect updates containing new quests and story lines.

  9. Steve says:

    Does anyone know where to find the bonus quest map is?

    • leotheking4 says:

      Thanks for playing my map! Yes, it is actually UNDER the stone staircase in the deephold crypt. Find an opening in the side of the base.

  10. Jayden Lloyd says:

    Idk if somethings wrong on my end but the chunks in this world are missing

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hi, map creator here. Yes, that’s right! They were missing in the original. In future updates, I hope to fix the missing structures near Skrimville which are cut off as well as the missing chunks in the desert. Don’t worry, it’s not your device. Thanks so much for playing!!

  11. Katherine_Zeda_Jones says:

    I can’t download on MediaFire, for some reason. 🙁 any help ?

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hmm, is it just taking a long time or simply not downloading at all? Maybe try and clear some space on your device first, or close some open apps to improve processing speed. Bear in mind this map takes up 200 mb of space, and won’t download if you don’t have that available. I hope that you manage to download it, and that you enjoy playing my map. Good luck 🙂

  12. Anonym says:

    not too good name. kingdom of Avon, sounds like a makeup brand.

  13. Saud says:

    I think notch is the original creator

  14. Ms101 says:

    Fantastic map!!! Please keep adding more quests. Loved it.

  15. Jopper says:

    The map looks amazing!! I just can’t open it in Minecraft

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hiya! I will try and fix this asap, but it could be that you don’t have enough space. You need AT LEAST 230mb of space! I will try and find what the problem is ASAP and get back to you! Sorry for the inconvenience, but stay tuned!

  16. me says:

    Leotheking4, i am no mcpe genius, but is the map too big or something? I have tried to open it in mcpe and it says level import started and doesn’t open the world. What can i do about this? Looks like a great map btw.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Hmm. I will try and find out what the problem is. One solution is to check you have enough space available – the map takes up about 230mb of space, so if you have any less then that may be why. Otherwise, try and clear some excess space anyway or try closing all other apps when installing. I will get back to you when I’ve sourced out the problem!!

      • Me says:

        Thanks, i deleted some older worlds and cleared some space on my device, but it didnt work. Thanks for getting back to me

    • Sheep says:

      I have this problem as well and have about 6 GB on my iPad Pro device and 600 MB on iCloud.

      • leotheking4 says:

        So sorry. Must be an issue with the app. It works fine for some, but a few can’t open it. However, try now as mcpe has just been updated and my Map is about to be very soon! Please stay tuned – I really hope you guys get to play my map. I spent a very long time on it! Again, very sorry and I am doing what I can!

      • Sheep says:

        Wait, I always have “Sheep” as my name! 😮

  17. Fauzan1810 says:

    I can’t even complete the first quest!!! I can’t find the Greenhill where the Bulbs Bilbery lives I am stuck in the riverville ( I don’t remember the name but it is where my home is). I keep on finding a way to west of riverville but I am stuck I find a way do not find a way to Greenhill. Please help

    • leotheking4 says:

      Exit your house and go STRAIGHT down the dirt track, or if you’re in riverwood then EXIT and turn RIGHT. There are signs EVERYWHERE – follow those. It is not far at all. The dirt road takes you STRAIGHT past laketon market and bree. Signs guide you to Greenhill. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Skyler says:

      To get back to your house (if you haven’t slept in any other beds) you can go to the commands and type /kill Then almost straight aead out of your house there is a little structure with signs, they are how you can find where to go usually (hope this helps)

  18. TomTubeCZ says:

    Please, help me. When I import the map into the game it doesn’t show up in my worlds list.. 🙁

    • leotheking4 says:

      Make sure you have at least 230mb of space on your device. Others have voiced this issue as well so I am looking to fix it – check back after the weekend when I’ll have had a chance to source the problem. So sorry for the inconvenience, but please stay tuned!

  19. Herobrine9809 says:

    Coolet RPG map i’ve ever played!!!

  20. Amy says:

    Awesome map!! Loved it, especially the final quest. Please do more or add more!!

  21. glaedar1 says:

    Does this map work for win10 minecraft when i try to import it i get the pop up saying level import started and then finished but i cant find it in my maps or templates list. Really want to play this map. I like adventure maps.

  22. Squire says:

    Coolest map EVER!

  23. TORPADREKER says:

    Hey creator, as I said, this map is AMAZING… (Although I stopped playing because of the LAG) And I also see there are some people who struggles world importing. And I have to say, the .mcworld file DID NOT WORK. But I can play it because I manually put the world from file provided at the download link. So, use the .zip one. You gotta try fixing the.mcworld…… Still Awesome BTW!

    • leotheking4 says:

      I’ve tried fixing it – and an update is coming soon (being verified) which should fix this. Thanks for playing and rating! Sorry for the lag… I hope you still found it enjoyable.

  24. Jaylinoburgers says:

    This Texture pack is cool

  25. Jaylinoburgers says:

    This is supppppeeer cool

  26. Mame says:

    Wow great map! Keep up with the work!

  27. Firestarmaster2 says:

    I can’t seem to download it. It says that it finishes downloading but the map isn’t there.

  28. Daniel says:

    @Leotheking, I can’t open the world, during download I get taken to the home screen and after it says level import finished, I can’t find the world…

  29. Jsjsjsjs says:

    Dude this is the best map ever if I would play this or fractured worlds Definitely this.
    I luv adventure maps especially this one!

  30. bonelesspizza says:

    it only does level import but the actual world itself doesn’t appear, is there a way to fix this?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I dont understand its not going into minecraft last thing it said was level succesfully downloade and nothing happened

  32. leotheking4 says:

    The map is being updated soon, it is being reviewed by the site. It should hopefully fix this problem!

  33. Calebw844 says:

    It wont work on either PE or Windows 10!

  34. Fan4 says:

    Awesome map – Best I have played yet

  35. IcyHunterr says:

    Sup good map my dude absolutely…LOVE IT

  36. Red#5 says:

    Yeah, it looks like an awesome adventure map, but I’ve had problems with the .mcworld file, I’ve been able to open the file and mcpe loaded the world and everything but then it just put me at the title screen & I couldn’t find the world even though it said that it was imported successfully… any ideas on how to fix this? And will it be fixed next time this map is updated? Thnx though, I’d really love to play this adventure map & it looks epic can’t wait for when I can download it 😀 P.S. I also had an idea that I’m going to try out with adding the astronomic expansion addon to this world, cause I kinda thought, hey in that addon you can become a series of different creatures so wouldint it be cool if upon entering the world you could choose a different class or creature to become & then you could play with your friends & you’d have a lage diversity of abilities so you could fight really strategically? Anyways it’s just an idea that I had 🙂 peace!

    • leotheking4 says:

      Thanks for the support! Love the idea, would love to see you do that perhaps on a youtube series?? Anyway, the next update will include a .zip file as well as a .mcworld file. Apparently, the zips work better so hold on in there – i really hope you get to play. Stay tuned 🙂

    • Jlan123 says:

      I also had this problem.

    • Justin F says:

      I’ve been having that issue too, hope it gets fixed soon.

  37. Ayano says:

    i cant play the map, it said that the import started and finished but the world never came up or even showed that it was a world or anything! help…

  38. jen says:

    Looks Cool, Cant Deny That. Will There Be A Sequel To This?

  39. Christopher Cantrell says:

    I discovered the mcpack is broken the folder the map is in called the last kingdom Reimported
    it puts that folder into a random folder such as HbQBAKpEAAA= which breaks the map.

    The Zip works perfectly.

    I just wanted to let the author know.
    I am using the windows 10 version.


  40. jen says:

    When i try to import it it doesnt work? Please help

  41. Mega Charizard X says:

    More like earthbound 4 but mcpedl do u no da wae?

  42. Hhh says:

    It’s still not working

  43. Creeperface says:

    LOVING the update! Especially the cathedral… It’s so epic!!!!!!!!! Pls add more to the story

  44. Random Guy says:

    Terrible map

  45. Sana says:


    I can’t believe how you made it! Also, is the resource pack exclusive to the map? Cause I think it’s amazing.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 No, the resource pack is ‘John Smith Legacy’ which can be found on this site. It’s really great for medieval builds!!

  46. xtdm_fanx says:

    For some reason I’m having trouble downloading, I tried zip file and Mcworld and still won’t download.

  47. Random Person says:

    I tried .mcworld and .zip and they don’t work. Hopefully this gets fixed the next time you update this.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Running into some trouble, I am unable to play the map. The reason for this is because it will not download. It keeps saying level import successful and than nothing happens.

  49. Rnadome Peerson who Hass no abilitee to speel says:

    People, if the mcworld pack is not working use the Documents app to install the zip file and rename it to mcworld file ( IOS Compatible )

    • random person says:

      How do you do this?

      • leotheking4 says:

        1. Download ‘documents’ by readdle.
        2. Download the .zip file.
        3. Select ‘open in documents’
        4. Open the zip file (by tapping on it).
        then open that folder, select all the files inside and select ‘compress.’
        5. Rename the newly-formed .zip file as a .mcworld file.
        6. Press and hold, select ‘open with’ select minecraft

    • Jlan123 says:

      I cannot find the option to change it.

  50. Imaad says:

    Awesome map

  51. ANDRE says:

    when I try to import the world, it won’t show?? Even when it says that the import was successful. I rlly want to play this map, please help me!!

  52. bal_masque says:

    Whats the shader in those pictures? Btw, great map, one of the most biggest i’ve seen.

  53. han says:

    where is the portal?

    • leotheking4 says:

      In westhold fort, down the narrow steps near the entrance to the stables inside, then down the larger steps through a small door behind the map in the map room

  54. Anonymous says:

    The download destination is still 1.7

  55. Sqwegu says:

    I downloaded the map and it even said level import complete and all yet nothing was there? What happened?

  56. Wolden123 says:

    I really enjoyee playing the map but I got one question for you…
    If an update comes out,and it contains really good stuff,then I have to start all over again to be able to enjoy all the additions or I can somehow just update the world I already have?!…

    • Wolden123 says:

      I ment if this world will get an update not the actual game..

    • leotheking4 says:

      I would say that if you are halfway through and an update comes out, feel free to download the new version and switch to creative to re-gain all the items and relics you already found, then start where you left off. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to cross over your data

  57. Jlan123 says:

    The map still refuses to download on an IOS system. I still cannot access the map despite minecraft claiming that it is imported successfully. Please can this be fixed.

  58. Glow says:

    This reminds me of assassin’s creed

  59. EndLord says:


  60. Ahmad G4MER03 says:

    i want resurcepack

  61. Johnny says:

    Can’t download on my iPad /:

  62. Jake says:

    How in the world am I suppose to get this thing if it takes up to 230 mbs!

  63. Anonymous says:

    when i try to download it says level import successful but it doesn’t show up in the worlds. I’ve tried to download the mcworld and the zip file multiple times and I’ve deleted worlds to clear space but it still doesn’t work.

  64. A.I. says:

    I cant join it. It says that it loaded into Minecraft then stops, it’s not working for me and could you fix it? It looks nice though and I really want to play it. So pls fix it.

  65. Erikminecrafter says:

    I think there is a problem with the texture pack, the Quest Books are just blank black pages when I open it.
    Great map, anyway!

    • leotheking4 says:

      That is very odd!! I think this may be an issue on your end, as it works fine for me and many others. Try re-importing if you like, or re-download john smith textures separately and apply them to the world…

  66. Dapilot172 says:

    Looks awesome! Sadly I like others also can’t open the map in mcpe. Still can’t wait to play it whenever the problems fixed

    • leotheking4 says:

      Download documents app by readdle. Then:
      – Download the .zip file above
      – select ‘open in documents’
      – in documents, open the zip file and highlight its contents (select all)
      – create a zip file using the selected contents
      – press and hold on the zip file, press rename, change the .zip to .mcworld
      – press and hold on the new .mcworld file and click ‘open with,’ and choose ‘minecraft’

      Hope this helps!!!

  67. The dragon rider says:

    Awessssommeeee,i like the RPG game

  68. PolybearPB says:

    Im 100% sure its cool altho its 200mb wich takes alot of time for me to load but what do I expect its an open world map ive been looking for open world map for years and thans alot alot alot for the effort and for making my wish come true you did great job 👍🏻

    • leotheking4 says:

      Thanks so much for your support! Yeah, I was inspired by Skyrim’s open-world aspects and tried my best to design a world which feels large with areas you can visit which aren’t even part of the quest. I hope it works, and I hope you enjoy. Any creative feedback would be wonderful!!!

  69. Player says:

    I spawned in the wilderness, could someone tell me the cords of the spawn room, so I can tp there.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Re-import the map, this glitch sometimes occurs randomly where the world reverts to a blank seed upon importing. Delete and re-downloading always works!!

  70. Anonymous says:

    yes i spawn in the wilderness too and would like to know what the coordinates of the spawn hub are

    • leotheking4 says:

      Try the .zip file – it works!! There is a problem with the mcworld. Could you please reply telling me the coordinates where you spawned please?? I will check it out.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I spawn in the wilderness and would like to know what the coordinates are for the spawn hub

  72. Sheep says:

    When I opened the world, I was just in a normal vanilla area in C. So, it doesn’t work, at all. Please help!

  73. Dinnernbone says:

    Try to put the pack again

  74. Conor says:

    Ok more detailed…. where is the map I’m in the first steps of the ruins of the crypt but no map or opening

    • leotheking4 says:

      Go to Deephold cathedral (the one from quest 2)
      – enter the crypt
      – enter the first large hall
      – at bottom of stairs, when looking up at steps, go to the side on the right
      – INSIDE the stairs, there is a 2 block high entrance
      – inside is the map

  75. Sorrowmaker says:

    Great map! Can someone tell me where to find the quest book mentioned in the Aftermath, I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it!

    • leotheking4 says:

      Go to Deephold cathedral (the one from quest 2)
      – enter the crypt
      – enter the first large hall
      – at bottom of stairs, when looking up at steps, go to the side on the right
      – INSIDE the stairs, there is a 2 block high entrance
      – inside is the map

  76. Blueflame907 says:

    For some reason I can’t change my friends permission when I go into the world now he is a visitor now we can’t play cause he won’t be able to fight. Can you help please?

  77. LightBlueGamer EA says:

    Hi Leo and Shrimp i like the creation skill you guys have, I would like to invite you guys to my group called EA (Elite Adventures) to make more cool and good adventures. Personally I’m good at story making but not Builds and Redstone which you guys are, currently I’m working on a map I call Adventures Adrift and I could need a helping hand creating it, I played throught this map and actually loved it and thats the reason i ask you guys. //LBG from EA

  78. User Unknown Data says:

    I looked at the showcase and it looks amazing really! Just one small problem. I tried opening the map and and error ocurred when the import was taking place.

  79. Carlson the Zelda gamer says:

    This map reminds me of breath of the wild did you get insperation from it? Also I love it because every time you play it you get a new experience for example when you start you could go one way then when you play again you could go another way (unlike me who will 100 percent it and then never play again): but when you update it with new quests I will play again

    • leotheking4 says:

      Haha thanks – I am currently working on a MEGA MASSIVE update which brings an entire part two to the map. After killing the dragon, you will teleport to a brand new location on the map where you complete a brand new story line doing brand new epic quests to collect eyes of ender to eventually enter the END dimension to kill the dragon once again, which the storyline states is being revived in the END (DragonRealm) by the orcs. I am currently working on a massive scale model of the Isengard tower from Lord of the Rings to act as the final destination where you go and find the END portal at the top. It should be updated next week at the earliest, so look out for it then. Have a great day 😀

  80. leotheking4 says:

    – Please try the .zip file, it works 100%. I know some people on IOS devices struggle to import the .mcworld file.

    To install the .zip:
    1. Download ‘Documents’ by Readdly from the app store.
    2. Install the .zip file for this map.
    3. Select ‘open with documents’
    4. In documents, tap on the zip file to expand it, then open the newly created folder.
    5. In the folder, select all the contents and select ‘compress’
    6. Press and hold on the newly created zip file, click ‘rename’
    7. Rename it from ‘’ to ‘map.mcworld’
    8. Select it and press ‘open with…’
    9. Select minecraft.

    There are plenty of tutorials on youtube as well 😀

  81. Shadow says:

    Great map! Does anyone know the coordinates of the Elder Thief Stone (if there is one). I chose that one in Skyrim and want to see what it’s like here.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Unfortunately there are only two elder stones currently, but I will add more in the future. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  82. Meme says:

    I really wish I could Download this map, but I think it’s just too much for my iPad because whenever I click the download button, my iPad completely shuts down. It also just takes such a long time for the website that has the .mcworld file on it to load. Like five minutes. It sounds like an amazing map though! Thank you for listening to me!!

  83. Meme says:

    I also wanted to say that I tried the zip file because I have the documents app and it still wouldn’t load and would do the same thing that would happen when I do the .mcworld file (it would shut down my iPad). Please fix this because I really need to download this map it looks so fun and entertaining

  84. Jess says:

    It’s a great map but no matter how hard I try I can’t find the 2nd relic. Can u please tell as I have searched everywhere

    • leotheking4 says:

      Have you found the crypt? (If not, see the second quest book for coordinates) – enter the crypt, find door keys to pass through doors, eventually you come to a large room with a wither boss fight and a chest with the relic is in there

  85. Luck says:

    Do we need to download the map again to get the new update features?

    • leotheking4 says:

      Unfortunately, yes, but just switch to creative and retrieve all the items you already found and start where you left off.

  86. Anonymous says:

    I love this game it is the best love it I played it and I ma done but a new update came so plz make it a full version then we all don’t have do it a again ok but it’s cool bru🤗

    • leotheking4 says:

      Unfortunately, yes, but just switch to creative and retrieve all the items you already found and start where you left off. Or, if you just want to play the ‘part two’ which has been added (which takes place after killing the dragon, so where you left off) – you can re-download and teleport to the area of ‘part 2’ to play from where you left off…

      1. Re-download map
      2. Type into chat: /tp @p -179 71 1207

      All the new features in the update occur in the new ‘part 2’ area, read the changelog above for precise changes, so you won’t have missed any quests in the previous ‘part 1’ area of the map.

  87. danniboy1234 says:

    The game has lots of skyrim locations involved. #Favouritemapever
    Skyrim is my favourite game in all the world!

  88. Shadow says:

    Will there be a Chapter 3?

  89. Adam says:

    How many bonus quests are there?

    • leotheking4 says:

      So far… One. In the next update (which I’m currently working on) I hope to add many many more. For now just explore the world when you’ve completed the main adventure…

      The Deephold Bonus quest book is inside the stone steps (enter in the right) in the first main large room in Deephold Crypt (quest 2 location)

      When I add more bonus quests, I will add a tutorial for each on the walkthrough guide (available on this page via a link)

  90. Shadow says:

    In the case that there is a Chapter 3 and more improvements to the map, do you need any help with building? It seems really hard and pretty timetaking. The chapters are always amazing, but take a lot of time to make. I have average building aesthetics, high command block and command knowledge, basic redstone knowledge and have an idea for making new, original bosses without using Addons or that kind of stuff. I also have ideas for a few new stories that aren’t too hard to make.

    • leotheking4 says:

      That would be AMAZING!!! If you would like, download the latest version of the map now and add whatever you wish (just write down everything you add somewhere) – Be sure to keep in contact with me on Twitter, perhaps proposing ideas before you integrate them, via DM (my twitter is @leotheking4mcpe) When you’re done (we’ll keep in contact), send your version of the map to me and I’ll create the quest books and lore around your builds, and you will definitely get a credit on this page and on my twitter and youtube. Can’t wait to see what you do, just get started when you’re ready (I’ll take a week’s break from building so don’t worry about you having an older version of the map). Remember, twitter me!

      If this is too much, feel free to message me your ideas and I’ll do what I can with them, but I would love your help with building!

      • Shadow says:

        I shall build a main quest (probably for Chapter 3) first. I’ll DM you the details on Twitter.

        • leotheking4 says:

          I DM’d you on Twitter, but I don’t know if you got it. This is very important; Don’t do anything just yet as an update to the map should be coming out soon (should be out by the time this comment gets approved). So, when the update comes out, even if you’ve started building, would it be possible to instead build your contribution on the latest version. Thanks. BTW, email me; [email protected] if you didn’t get my DM’s

          • Betsie says:

            Hi, me and my friend would love to help with your map as it seems like such fun! We have average building skills,my friend is average at red stone whereas I am more of a builder,but if we could make any contribution that would be great!

  91. Ayhem says:

    Is this multiplayer compatible

  92. RRR says:

    Love it!

  93. CoolStarDood says:

    Would there be some way to update the map without loosing my progress? I’ve postponed playing this, simply because it gets updated so frequently! If there isnt a way to do that, i will just wait until you are done with this

    • leotheking4 says:

      Sorry, but no you’d need to update if you wanted the new features. But the map won’t be updated in a major way for about a month or so, so play it now if you wish

  94. diamondswords8 says:

    am i the only one that wants the texture pack

    • Shadow says:

      The textures are called John Smith Textures. You can find them on MCPEDL, just search ‘John Smith Legacy’.

    • leotheking4 says:

      It’s John Smith but I’ve edited many textures to fit my purpose. It’s included with the download.

  95. DatBoi says:

    Do i need to update this everytime there is an update? Does this save my game or will i have to start from scratch again?

    • leotheking4 says:

      You will need to update, but good news; the update released recently will be the last big update I’ll be releasing for a while as I’ll be starting work on a part 3 of the map (which you’ll be able to download and play without having to redo everything you’ve already done as I’ll include a download link where you spawn at the part 3 location rather than at the hub at the start, just so people like you who’ve completed parts 1 and 2 don’t have to work their way through again). Hope this helps, and the part 3 won’t be completed for a long time. I may (Or definitely will) release minor updates with fixes or minor additions, but these won’t be worth re-downloading the map for and won’t be anything major…

  96. Shadow says:

    I’ve built a lot and done some of the redstone for my adaptation of Chapter 3 already, but I am working on an old version (before Hearthstone Farm). Is this okay?

  97. Betsie says:

    Hi, me and my friend are playing your amazing map,and we spawned the dragon in DragonReach, and it went too fast,so we did what you said and teleported to 0 69 6 and we are still awaiting the dragon, it has been almost an hour of waiting. Is there another way to bring the dragon to Skrimville or any other solutions? Thanks we would appreciate the help!

  98. danniboy1234 says:

    This map was really amazing! I loved the story and your quests! It inspired me to start creating me own medieval adventure map, Mine is gonna start from scratch.Again, great work! My favourite map I have seen!

  99. Nkkr5 says:

    Um… I downloaded this map to play, and I cannot find it. I looked in my worlds, and in templates, but its not showing up. Help anyone? I play on kindle fire 7th generation

  100. Fred_MC says:

    Ur making me wanna buy a gaming tablet just so I can play this map coz my phone cant handle the lag. Everytime I play this on my phone, my Minecraft turns into a stopmotion crap lolzzz

  101. Kuri says:

    This is really well done, there are some parts that could have been made better but it’s still good.

  102. Extreme888 says:

    How do you get to the crypt? I don’t know how to get in.

    • Betsie says:

      As you enter Deephold Ruins and cross the bridge,go left and you’ll see a huge like broken building. Then you should see like a sort of arch like path and go through and there is some graves and the entrance is there.

  103. WTSIsaac says:

    I loved the map! The builds were cool, the locations were cool, everything was great! I was a little dissapointed with the after game though. Getting the virtues were not hard, it just required a lot of walking. And when i got to the end, i couldn’t even fight the dragon, as for some reason my world download showed it that it was defeated already! The first quest though with the relics was great, one of my favorite parts was the crypy, as it really felt like an undead filled dungeon with traps and enemys around every corner, unlike some of the other parts of the game. Cant wait to see more work from you 😀

  104. xtdm_fanx says:

    I have gotten all the relics and took them to Dragons Reach and put them in the correct chest and the dragon is not spawning

  105. Darianite says:

    So I have mc bedrock and the world download works. I get the world but not any of the buildings. Please help.

  106. Extreme888 says:

    Could you please send the /tp coordinates to the map to Dunefall. I already searched everywhere in Deephold.

    • Betsie says:

      You should go into Deephold and then go to the iron double doors and a text should come up that says ‘The Crypt’ then walk down the stairs and then turn around so your looking back at the stairs. Walk down either side of the stairs and you will find a chest with the map to Dunefall. Check both sides as I cannot remember which side. I hope this helps!

  107. Bob says:

    Closest I’ll ever get to Skyrim

  108. Jgamership2000 says:


  109. Toast-Unicorn says:

    This world/map was great! I’ve had a lot of trouble in the past with only being able to download .mcworld maps, and many of them were… boring. But this map was the exact opposite of most of the worlds I’ve downloaded. 🙂

  110. EvilChicken0990 says:

    Amazing map! Slow download (not your fault) but other than that, it’s great! Continue mapmaking!

  111. Pls Answer Me! :) says:

    Im asking if is compatible on my 1gb ram.. is it laggy for me?

  112. SpikeBeer says:

    Awesome Map! I uploaded this map on a private realm, everyone had a great time exploring and doing quests. Here is SpiderWebNinja streaming the second quest.

  113. UnstoppablePH says:

    Awesome. I have the first quest finished and now on the second quest in the crypt. On the start I already felt the excitement and also to feel how to be a legend. Leotheking, You made me so happy with the best map. The 250 MB I downloaded is worth. I love this the best map for me. Nice story and gameplay.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Awwww, thank you so so much. A major update with new quests and locations is under construction, with help from a collaborator Sorrowmak3r who’s helping with redstone and commands.

  114. Isy Popexia says:

    I looovvvee it. It is the best thing ever!!!!🤩😎🤩😎

  115. Help me says:

    The zip file isn’t working for me. When I extract the zip and convert the data files into a archive zip it says error unable to convert. Please fix this creator

  116. kakebake12345 says:

    i imported it, but i do not know how to make it work.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Try the .mcworld if you originally tried the .zip, or vice versa as usually only one will work best depending on your device. Zip files are best for android devices whereas .mcworld works best with ios. If you did try mcworld and you’re on ios, then try the .zip. You’ll need to install documents from the app store and follow these instructions:

      1. Go to the App Store. Download and install the Documents app (link).

      2. click the .zip download link for my map

      Next you will be redirected to usually Dropbox or MediaFire. MediaFire is easy – just click the download button.

      However, if you got redirected to Dropbox you need to close some popup windows before you can download it:

      3. Once you’ve selected the option to open the .ZIP or .RAR file with “Documents” then the Documents app will open and a prompt message appear. Press OK.

      4. Press on the .ZIP file (in this case Jungle Realms PE). As soon as you’ve done that the .ZIP file will be extracted and you should notice a new folder.

      Click on the map folder to open it.

      5. Press the Edit button in the top right corner and select all of the files (and possible folders) here. Then press Zip in the left sidebar panel.

      6. Deselect all of the files except for the new .ZIP file. Then press Rename in the left sidebar panel.

      7. Rename the file to something else and make sure that the file name ends with .mcworld

      Press Done.

      8. A prompt message will appear. Press use .mcworld to continue.

      9. Select the .mcworld file and press Open in found in the bottom left sidebar panel.

      10. Minecraft will now load and generate the new world. This will work for most maps which use a .ZIP or .RAR file.

  117. kakebake12345 says:

    can you tell me what to do?

  118. kakebake12345 says:

    should i turn of mob spawning?

  119. kakebake12345 says:

    #lord of the rings reference fo life

  120. ThE_dOcToR says:

    Is this based on the ledgend of Zelda?

    • leotheking4 says:

      Actually no, but a lot of people have said this. Tbh, I have never played or seen zelda gameplay but I want to. My main inspirations are skyrim, lord of the rings, the hobbit etc…

  121. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is 245 mb! But it’s awesome! WOW!

  122. Help says:

    Creator, please help me. I have download axes this map before but I want to download it again to do chapter two. But everytime I import and it says import successful, the map doesnt show up, but it still takes up storage. Please help me as I would love to play this amazing map again

  123. Help says:

    Also tried both mcworld and zip multiple times

  124. Help me please says:

    This is the tenth time I tried downloading this map. Because every single time I download it, it doesn’t show up in my Minecraft worlds, but it still takes up storage. And I still haven’t gotten a reply for help. so for the last time, can someone please help me?

    • Shadow says:

      Have you looked at the bottom of the world list instead of the top? I notice that maps tend to appear at the bottom now.

  125. EnDerCrEEper says:

    This is such a good adventure game. I’ve played it loads of times.

  126. Nothing You Should do says:

    Real cool I enjoyed playing it with the texture pack

  127. thestardestroyerr says:

    when will you update it again?

  128. Ellie says:

    Omg this map is like totally well epic!
    Please build more like this! 😀

  129. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could play the map but for some reason whenever I download it and open it in MCPE, it fails to import it. Somebody PLEASE HELP ME😭

  130. Cecebearxox says:

    I lost the dragon and I teleported to 0 69 1 which didn’t help what do I do,

  131. Loki Green says:

    It’s a very well done map, but at some locations if I get too near river run, the game crashes. Why’s that

  132. Caracal429 says:

    This map is amazing! I absolutely love all the Lord of the Rings lore in this! One of the best Minecraft maps i have ever played!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  133. Extreme888 says:

    Hello! I’m trying to find the map to Dunefall. I know that it is in Deephold ruins but I couldn’t find the double iron doors or the stairs that gamer: “Betsie.” Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

  134. Wolfgirl514 says:

    The dragon disappeared… I don’t know how or why. I even just tried to /kill it just to make sure I got on with the story, but Minecraft said there wasn’t an Ender Dragon around… How to I fix this?

  135. Extreme888 says:

    say /kill @e (all entities)
    You kill all of the villagers and stuff but the levels that involve an entity are still gonna be there

  136. Mack says:

    Hi! I’m really enjoying your map so far, and I want to get the most out of it- including the bonus quests. I have the map for Dunefall, but I don’t know where to start to get there. I even tried going to the wall map for Quest 3, but I didn’t see anything resembling the bonus quest’s map on there. Can you give me some help?

  137. Hobbit says:

    I can’ find the entrance to the crypt for mission 2. Really fun map though and I enjoyed mission 1 because it reminds me of the hobbit and Bilbo Baggins.

  138. Aaragron says:

    Really cool map. I cannot find the entrance to the crypt for mission two. I liked the first mission because it reminded me of the hobbit and Bilbo Baggins.

  139. mas0id says:

    I love this map, it’s great! The first dragon boss is buggy though. It went too fast so I had to teleport to skrimville, but it wouldn’t arrive. I went into creative and found the dragon stuck on the ground. I tried killing it to no avail. I then tried killing it with commands but accidentally killed myself. (I’m a bit new to commands, ok? I did /kill @[closest player] and killed myself.) When I went back the dragon was gone. I am currently doing the second story even though I didn’t kill the dragon. Was it just my game or is this happening to a lot of people?

  140. Ichase says:


  141. Iplaym!ncaf says:

    I can’t play this map because it takes to long to download

  142. Corn says:

    Great map! For the last Quest,I lost sight of the dragon. I did /kill on me to get to Riverwood before he got to Skyrimville (he was very far away) eventually,I went to that place where you told us to teleport to,and I thought he was there,but he wasn’t. I searched the route to Dragon Reach and there was no dragon. idk why?

  143. LegendryGamer18 says:

    Map is awesome but Idk what to do

  144. thestardestroyerr says:

    when will you update this map again?

  145. Emerald End says:

    This map is just so beautiful. I have played through this over 100 times (no joke), and the story never gets old. The side quests make each play seem so realistic, and I actually had a dream about me really being in this world. Thank you shrimp1970 and leotheking4 for being so cool in that conversation. This map has inspired me to do so many things in Minecraft, and in real life. I recreated replicas of my favourite areas in real life, and I have built a few medieval villages since then. I’m so glad this could be done! Thank you both shrimp1970 and leotheking4 for your hard work.

    • leotheking4 says:

      Mate!! That’s so lovely of you. I am so so glad you enjoyed playing the map. Please please do send me pictures of the places you’ve been inspired to build. I would be so so interested.

  146. Professor kitty studios says:

    Hey I did a full lets play on your amazing map! BTW I am not forcing you to watch this it is up to you if you want to. but here the link to my Minecraft maps playlist (On YouTube) This playlist has all of my videos on your awesome map!


  147. Scrungus says:

    Whenever I open the map, my player model takes up the entire screen for some reason. Any idea why this would be happening? (tested on Windows 10, MCPE, and Xbox)

  148. Kontol babi says:

    Bro what your texture pack

  149. Creeperbuster75 says:

    My arrows don’t do any damage against the wither in deephold.

  150. DexGamingFox says:

    Its good I’m not going to lie but idk how many times i have constantly gotten stuck and can get out because I can not break any blocks. This has messed with my gameplay amd experience of this map and it is upsetting me and its come to the point i don’t even play it anymore because of that. Please fix this so i may play it and finish it.

  151. Creeperbuster75 says:

    You can use slash commands to get a command block and in the command block change it so that it doesn’t need to have Redstone and then use it to change the game mode to survival and then mine what your stuck in and place it back.

  152. Creeperbuster75 says:

    By the way leotheking4 I am in skirmville and I can’t find swamptown or the pit of doom and I have spent hours looking for it and I still can’t find it. Please tell me how to get there.

  153. Kamikaze says:

    Hi Leo just wondering there will you ever update the map and do I have to download the map again also if you were to update the game pls tell me when the updated version the map (like a prediction of the time) also I ave an idea for one of the parts I’d your making a part 3 the place is called “sky haven “ it’s practically your starter map or a place you come to fight a boss and get a relic and I want the place to have villagers you can trade to because the diamonds emeralds and gold are practically useless as you can’t trade it to a village or use it the only thing you can do is make armor but there really isn’t any use for it otherwise
    Also can you add more bosses and armor so we aren’t stuck with vanilla items I want the place “sky haven” (if your gonna add it to be in the sky the player once defeated the Ender dragon which will spawn to another place will essentially have to unlock all the keys unlocked from quests to enter sky haven to continue with the journey, also I found a little error if you want to go into the mine (which I forgot the name not the ruby one) you will need to break something but you can’t do that in survival pls fix that otherwise great game pls respond as soon as possible 🙂

  154. Lloyd says:

    When I heard of this map I thought it was like avalon but hehe Map is great by the way this is the best adventure map but IN A WORLD AND NOT A SERVER

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