KitPVP 5 [PvP]

KitPVP is an amazing map featuring three different types of PvP minigames. To play any of these minigames you will need to be at least two players but preferably more. The games include a boxing arena, a Roman circus (horse racing) and a KitPVP dueling arena (last man standing). It’s the perfect map to use to compete against friends (or enemies) in ultimate fights which will prove who is the strongest.

Creators: FloBoi, jobetyk


Before entering the dueling arena you will be able to select between 16 different classes all with individually different armor and weapons. Once everyone have selected their class and equipped the gear it’s time to enter the arena and start the battle.


Boxing Arena

Take the (optionally) food and leather tunic from the chestand then enter the arena. This is a fist only fight so you are not allowed to bring any weapons.


Roman Circus

Straddle a horse and meet up at the starting line. Once everyone have gathered press the button on the left side of the starting line to start the 35 seconds countdown.


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14 Responses

  1. DeathCop4000 says:

    MCPEDL ! I have some news for you . **** has been copying your posts . I knew this since 2015 but I never had the idea of complaining to you . So , they are visiting your website , looking up some latest posts , copying and pasting the descriptions on their site . Some posts are their own ideas but most of them are copied from you . You should probably act ASAP

    • Editor says:

      Hi DeathCop4000. I am aware of them and several other sites doing it. It’s impossible to stop such sites from doing it. And in some way I am not really offended. It’s proof that we are doing something right here on They must love it so much that they copy it. 😉

      I am true believer in competition breeds success, even if the competition is stealing our stuff it makes us wanna be best.

      Thanks though for the info! Btw, are you on Twitter?

  2. FloBoi says:

    Hey! I see you posted my map from AKA the #1 Minecraft PE community… lol.

    • Editor says:

      MCPE Hub is pretty good too. I love the MCPE Twitter community, it’s really awesome.

      If you have complaints you are free to express those here. If you don’t want me to test your maps and post them on this website then I will stop doing that.

  3. FloBoi says:

    Nah It’s fine! It helps get the word out! Thanks for that! I often use this site sometimes anyway.. 🙂 No biggy.

  4. FloBoi says:

    It’s when people post my maps and don’t give me credit is what i don’t like.. so i report them!

  5. Joshua says:

    What is decryption key?

  6. Whocaresfornamemyname says:

    Can you make mcworld

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