Sports Car: Lamborghini Add-on

This addon makes it possible for every Minecrafter to own a luxurious sports car and drive around in style. As much as you might like your dear old horse I think it’s time to realize that there is something much hotter on the market. Not only does it look extremely cool but it is also very fast and can be used for things such as drag racing.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 21 March, 2017 (added 5 new colors)

How does it work?

The Lamborghini is the fastest and most luxurious vehicle which you can currently get in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It spawns in swamp biomes since it replaces witches but you can also get one by using a witch spawn egg. Right now there are seats for just one person only.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the car and press Drive to enter the car
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the car to enter it

To drive the car you will need a key (also known as a carrot on a stick). Equip the key in your hand to start driving. To stop the car you have to switch your active bar slot to something else.

This addon works great on multiplayer servers. You can spawn multiple vehicles and let players participate in drag racing.

The vehicle is an astonishing work of art and it looks incredibly similar to the Lamborghini Aventador Coupe which is the car it is based on.

Besides the orange color, it also exists in five other colors.







  1. Download one of the following resource packs:
    1. Orange Resource .McPack
    2. Yellow Resource .McPack
    3. Red Resource .McPack
    4. Lime Resource .McPack
    5. Green Resource .McPack
    6. Blue Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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249 Responses

3.58 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Magio says:

    Best one ever!!!

  2. TheREALProductYT says:

    OMG Thank you soooo much for making a Lamborghini cars mod!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  3. TheREALProductYT says:

    I have another suggestion can you make a dune buggy? That would be super cool!! Thanks!!! 😊😊 stay awesome with your car addons!

  4. MASTER PRO says:

    OMG!!! FINALLY!!! A SPORT CAR ADDON!!! (≧∇≦)

  5. Tai Lopez says:

    I like this addon.

  6. Anna Kendirck says:

    OI I LOVE THIS ONE THIS IS FULLY DETAILD CAR!! I Love this Gonna Rate this to 100%
    Make More Improvement editor!!! People gonna love this

  7. Brianna says:

    I how do you long press? And what the heck is long press

  8. Lee says:

    Thx so much Gona this is my fav one so far

  9. Lee says:

    Can u plz make more like McClaren and ferries and police cars ambulances fire trucks plzzz make more?

  10. Oweeeeen says:

    Can you make more cars in this addon like a car show addon

  11. Daniel says:

    Please make more colors for the Lamborghini!!!
    5 Stars

  12. RealYukioGMPKYT says:

    I been waiting for SOO long Thz You !

  13. RealYukioGMPKYT says:

    But is adfly my Adfly is blocked K can’t open it it just a blank screen

  14. Ender_Boy33 says:


  15. Ivon Huang says:

    Finally,the most real car ever!

  16. Me says:

    Plz add more

  17. DJ 360 says:

    Is there a test track for this addon?

  18. michael boss says:

    best addon ever

  19. Eman says:

    Cool add-on🚗🚗

  20. KarimEnderKing says:

    Did u know that the car has a chest?if u crouch and go in front of it you will find the button “Open”!
    Try it!

  21. Billyboy12 says:

    This is amazing thx for adding this! Also what is the map in the pictures?

  22. CustomTDM says:

    Hey Editior this addon is great the pictures looks like im driving a real life lamborghini

  23. Banggai_King says:

    I cant download this addon with that link pls help!!!!!

  24. Horror Mania says:

    Please make no more zombie-villagers add on

  25. Jewel Paws says:

    wow. just wow. gona you continue to amaze me.

  26. DaroDaKng says:

    BEST addon evvvaaaaaaaa

  27. Coolrico07 says:

    Hey i have a request well if the dev can do this can he try to put a bunch of his cars mods together to make a pack or something like that for like a easy download

  28. DESTRUCTION🐷 says:

    How do you get rid of the car

  29. SuperiorNinga3 says:

    I love you whoever made this…. All I have to say!

  30. SuperiorNinga3 says:

    I love you whoever made this…. All I have to say! Plus can you add me if you have Xbox live my gamer tag is SuperiorNinga3

  31. Henry says:

    best addon ever!!!!

  32. DemonxPlumFTW says:

    Make a Lamborghini Veneno mod please !!!!!! Take as much time need so it looks awesome please !!!!!

  33. Chrsira Dh'lamori says:

    OMG BEST MOD EVER I LOVE THIS I have a super mansion to go with it which makes it cooler

  34. Nik2000 says:

    It’s not working a carrot and a stick and it’s not letting me drive

  35. PinkFluffyUnicorns says:

    Are the going to be more colours?

  36. Vapour38 says:

    What map did you use in the first screenshot?

  37. Minecraft gamin says:

    Its cool but it would be good when it can have two seats😊😊😊😀☺️😉

  38. TheEnderface says:

    Puh!, This Is Sempeternal!!!!, Amazing!!!, Super!!!, And Look Realy Real!, I Think This Best Vehicle Gona Make!, BIG THANKS TO GONA

  39. Minecraft lord15 says:

    You don’t have to it’s just a suggestion.

  40. DereK says:

    Can i know what the map used in the image please?

  41. Lee says:

    And buses basically any vehicles that exists like trucks and more?

  42. Lee says:

    Like mods on the pc but better and more cooler thx

  43. TracerFromOverWatch says:

    What Was The Map? anyways😑

  44. StoneSquire says:

    What is the map of the first three screenshots

  45. Enderman PE Official says:

    This is what MCPEDL should have post and not the easy to make resource, look at the detail you have no idea how long it take

  46. Roayna says:

    This is great for a city map

  47. Roayna says:

    And thanks for making this mod it’s soo much fun😱😱😱😱😱

  48. Roayna says:

    I mean an addon

  49. Narendra says:

    Wow Simply Amazing I have a request Gona i have noticed that you make amazing add-ons why not try a Aliens Vs Predator that would be super by the way thanks

  50. Kirsten says:

    Someone make a “Loves and Hugs Update Add-on” Please?

  51. Russell3726 says:

    Can you add more sports cars? That would be AMAZING!

  52. Mohammed al obaid says:

    How do you spawn it

  53. EatYu says:

    Love this!

  54. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    This Is what I thought of when I heard about Addons 😄

  55. William Hill says:

    For some reason it is littarely a witch and doesn’t move

  56. Syg says:

    Awesome my dream came true

  57. Qasem says:

    Can you actually make a key instead of making a key with a carrot on a stick

  58. Lack21 says:

    I really like this addon

  59. master janinosaurus says:

    nailed once again Brogona dude!!!!

  60. Helloboi says:

    Hi I like this add on add more cars
    Iike Bugatti apart from that I love it

  61. Matt says:

    What would be a good world to race in

  62. Wwowweee says:

    I know this is stupid but what’s the map

  63. Anthony_Was_Here says:

    I can’t download because it always redirects me to ad fly 🙁

  64. UnicornMia says:

    This add on is good but I don’t get how to ride it Soz the witch won’t let me

  65. THUNDER says:


  66. Thamer says:

    It’s just a wich looking like lamborgini

  67. HELP ME 😭 says:

    Every time I click the behavior or texture pack button it leads me to Ad.Fly, when I get there I wait then click skip add and then it leads me to either saying my phone has 6 viruses(I know it is fake) or saying my phone doesnt allow it (I am pretty sure it is fake too) HELP ME!!! THANKS

    • Squirtle21 says:

      Its easy. What I do is once any of those appear, I just get out of the tab (since this is usually a different tab than adfly) and delete it. I then go BACK to the adfly tab and get sent to the download link.
      This should work and its easy.😊

  68. Gavin Davis says:

    Who made this add on? CAUSE ITS AMAZING. but seriously, who made it

  69. Gavin Davis says:

    O nvm, Gona, u should get more subscribers than dan TDM

  70. Jack says:


  71. KawaiiPanda731 says:

    #LOVEIT You guys did like the best, I vote 100/10! I have the jeep and the motorcycle/MotorBike mod! I am have this too! NICE JOB!

  72. xxadrxx says:

    Can you add some addon like herobrine replace the wither can be very cool.

  73. MASTER PRO says:

    Now this is some REAL Craftmanship!!! I’m sooooo Impressed!😦 This is one of the best add on I ever seen!! 1000 out of 100!!!

  74. Jemi444 says:

    MUST HAVE addon. This car is fully detailed. I love it, I wanna rate this 100%

  75. Joel says:

    Are you working on a two player option?

  76. KILLERJOSHUA3296 says:


  77. Boboo says:

    What is the map you used?

  78. JUN2795RovioHQ says:

    Make The Ferrari LaFerrari Add-on so i will like you

  79. Shrimp Mcpe/shrimp1970 says:

    This is Amazingly!

  80. KatoGS123(youtuber) says:

    It shouldn’t replace witches! It should replace horses! Doesn’t that make more since!?

  81. Dark_knight says:

    This is The best addon even! But can you add another place, so we can be two ni the same car? Also, can you make a kind of “test map” (like a race track)?

  82. Comic says:

    can you make another one and use a horse or pig please.

  83. Jaylon says:

    Make a Bugatti and ferarri and camaro make a lot who vote with me

  84. Iron Ash says:

    I will marry you!!!!!!!!!

    my car……mua hahaha i luv this car!

  85. Edward says:

    I can’t access tho, can you give me the instant download link?

  86. James says:

    Good very good

  87. Lia213 says:

    love this add-on can you please make other colors and put the two person sitting feature? I’m sure it will be GREAT!thanks for making this add-on!

  88. RealYukioGMPKYT says:

    All Link Don’t work Cause Adfly 🙁

  89. Prominer9392 says:

    Cool I downloaded it

  90. ADMPRO says:

    I don’t like it. I LOVE IT!

  91. Jerome says:

    Do you make the city on screenshot no.2 cause if that is just only a map please tell me where could i download the map.

  92. Mike says:

    Can you make it every thing in it like real life

  93. Mike says:

    Like you can put music and if you run it over a mob it will die

  94. hello says:

    naah even cool! can’t download!

  95. RareRubyGamer says:

    i am so alone

  96. Julian says:

    This is the best addon in the whole world in my opinion

  97. Sthephen says:

    Yea it’s great but can you make so it comes in different colors pls

  98. Best says:


  99. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:


  100. Anonymous says:

    How do you get in?

  101. Nisinoodle says:

    Could you make an Addons were you are small and so are the mobs so that you could make really cool small maps with big worlds on the outside but please keep the mobs and the players the same health but for explosions and stuff make them smaller like also if you can the entity for TNT.

  102. What’s the map in 2nd shot

  103. Charles says:

    There is a boot if you crouch down and boom, there’s a bottom that sands open and it opens as a chest

  104. Bobjohns says:

    Can you please make a Ferrari F1 Addon

  105. Bobjohns says:

    I forgot to judge this Addon this is the best vehicle add on then the war tank then the dirt bike then thejeep

  106. Bobjohn says:

    Back to the dinosaur add on,you made a new version of the t-Rex.can you make a female t-Rex replacing the villager,please?I really want a female t-Rex in Mcpe so bad.

    • Bobjohns says:

      You have only made th male t-Rex,so I really want a female t-Rex because I want to use that add on for the Jurassic world map I’m going to make

  107. Crew says:

    Make another seat for to players:)

  108. Swag bro says:

    Can u make a a black car with flames and a blower and has exhaust coming out the sides.
    I would really appreciate it if you could.
    Swag bro out!

  109. What next porche 911 or 918 spyder there need to be a series of em then you can have street races with your friend in different cars like for example if you use PlugPe and have street races with people around the world PLEASE MAKE SERIES OF CARS

  110. Can you make a series of cars like porche Ferrari Ford Hennessy venom and that cause I want to do street races in different cars

  111. S03war says:

    This car kinda reminded about Furious 7 and Paul Walker death 🙁

  112. XxSlimeGamerXx says:

    Nice add on

  113. XxSlimeGamerXx says:

    Nice Cool Add-on

  114. YogurtluBaklava says:


  115. Captain Jo//CJ says:

    My favourite type of cars is the Lamborghini ! Thanks for making this addon!

  116. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a kart addon?

  117. Ethan says:

    Very cool

  118. Lolguy says:

    Why does no one know about Minecraft being on amazon devices, they think p.e is only on iOS and and android

  119. Obsidian Gaming says:

    This is amazing omg!! If there was any way the developer could make a back to the future delorean with that kinda detailing would be my dream!!

  120. Anonymous says:

    Gona can you make a helecopter addon that it does not fly away and only fly when you drive it plz.

  121. Hamoudi says:

    Good very good

  122. Dearex says:

    Can you make a Koenigsegg Add-On?

  123. Dearex says:

    Can you make a Bugatti Add-On?

  124. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Can you make the addons is uptated by adding another cars because when we race we using a same car and plss add another vechile addons like a bus,truck,and a boat or ship

  125. Aleem says:

    hmmm this is cool but it never ever downloaded to me

  126. Jemi444 says:

    I like this best addon! Keep it up!

  127. Alyssa glassia says:

    Can you make it 2 seats really fast cuz I’m not getting it Until u make it 2 seats :/

  128. Anonymous says:


  129. Dilal says:

    How can i get the lamborghini

  130. Dilal says:

    Iv be waiting a for a along time for this to come

  131. Popo says:

    Why the car is a witch not a car?

  132. UNYMoments says:

    How to create skin like that skin car? what the app to make?

    • PolygonForLife says:

      Ya’know most peeps know
      Trials and Errors.There isn’t any app to create or redesign it.Google it if in case wanna know bout json codes.

  133. It's me Saphire says:

    Me too I couldn’t get in..
    Lol the add on is not THT great

  134. Aaron says:

    Great addon, but i would like to slow down sometimes.

  135. JFM says:

    Do a school bus

  136. Sabastine says:


  137. mcpe lover says:

    can u make bmw m4 gts addon?or laferrari?

  138. Dino_Gamer99 says:

    Best add on ever!!!!!!👍👍👍👍

  139. TheMachoTurtle says:

    The model still seems to be a witch,but with the lambo’s texture. Any way to fix

  140. Lucas says:

    Can u plz make a Bugatti veyron plz plz plz

  141. FantasticTrinityjh07 says:

    It dosent work.When I try to long click it and put it down it just breaks the grass.Do you have to too do it in survival?

  142. Anonymous says:


  143. Person says:

    Where do u get girl skin?

  144. Minecraft mika says:

    So so so cool!!!!!!!!!

  145. David Peterson says:

    I got this addon and it is legit and i got a police car addon and a gun mod and me and some my friends played cops vs robbers

  146. Ends330 says:

    I’d Rather Using Police Car Instead.

  147. AliAhnaf31 says:

    I wish gona can make alll vichele addons to be one just like jurassic warld

  148. KatCat100 says:

    Can you send the link to that red girl skin please?🙂

  149. Sackboy_92 says:

    Please make an addon where every mob can be tamed and commanded to attack when you hit another entity, that will be cool, please

  150. Daniel says:

    Hey, Mr. Editor you need to fix the link button under the third picture, it directs to the right link but it says Lamborghini Couple, its actually Coupe.
    Overall love this addon, and the colors.
    Thanks for making sick addons Gona!

  151. Clyde says:

    Editor can fit 2 persons on car? Yes or no?

  152. JUN2795RovioHQ says:

    Can you make a Ferrari LaFerrari Add-on because the LaFerrari is my 1 favorite Car pls can you do it

  153. Derpy Derp says:

    Is it possible to smush all the cars together in one Addon and use a different mob if it’s not possible ignore this comment :\

  154. Spaz caste says:

    When I spawned the car I tried to long press but it didn’t work

  155. mcpe lover says:

    thank you for new colors

  156. Hello says:

    Cool addon mod I’d really like to do a showcase mod on this ITS COOL

  157. GreatGamer9802 says:

    Its Supah Good but pls make the lamborghini colorable if you can

  158. Hello says:

    I like the mod but can u change something like the quad bike its controllable I hope it will happen in the future

  159. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded the addon but when I put it down it continue to act like a witch

  160. Anonymous says:

    It’s so stupid when you spawn it one it throws potions at you ant 2 when you click on it with the keys you still can’t get in help

  161. David says:

    Loved it

  162. Foxy says:

    I Love you Red Awesome 😆😆😆😆

  163. Bear says:

    I got the resource pack in my world but when I click to spawn it, it doesn’t do anything

  164. AimPlaysMC says:

    Can Two People Ride It? At The Same Time

  165. Tikarah Marii says:

    Go a this is the best car addon yet! Also can you make a rolls Royce addon that would be awsome thanks keep up the good work!

  166. Awesomesauce says:

    Hey Gona,can you make other sports cars like a ferrari or a bugatti?btw awesome addon.
    Pls reply to my comment.

  167. Adam says:

    How do I get it to spawn?

  168. Swallow says:

    Um sorry but I don’t think that the link works.

  169. Emilie says:

    Thanks for this but i don’t find I do how to ride in and drive

  170. AnonymousWords™ says:

    Make a Superbike Addon please…

  171. Guest173661 says:

    Well, I dont see the Carrot on a Stick on creative tabs, I am currently on 1.0.8, Windows 10 edition. Mind givin’ a hand?

  172. ChelseaReadee says:

    Other than that it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!

  173. Dinocap10 says:

    You should make a white one like Jake Paul’s lol

  174. Anonymous says:

    You CANT delete it…. it won’t remove it off of your mincraft and it’s freakin me out!!!

  175. Filiberto says:

    Guys how do I download 😟

  176. F1ZZ4L1FE says:

    I Have This Addon But I Don’t Use This Website To Get One Lol I Have Alots Of Cars In MCPE Please Make A 2017 Nissan GT-R With Any Colour Please Make It I’m Begging 😎🙏😊👍👍

  177. superboyemmanuel says:

    What version of mc is it supposed to be

  178. Emilio says:

    I tried to enter the car

    It poisoned me.

  179. DerpyLexi5467 says:

    How do i control it? I already know how to ride but I can’t move it PLSSS HELP!

  180. Abhishek shill says:

    guys can anyone tell me how to download it???????????

  181. Hiya Dudez says:

    Ermmmmm how do u use this in PE?

  182. MaddoxYT says:


  183. SumRandomUser says:

    Help! I activated the resource and behaviour packs but the Lamborghini moves and uses potions. it also kinda removed the carrot on a stick

  184. Benjamin Verge says:

    How do you get the green one because I cannot get it?

  185. TheBlockHead182 says:

    gona makes the best addons..havent tried this one yet but i hope it works!

  186. Lysergicidal Maniac says:

    So I tried to spawn it and it won’t spawn. Having the same problem with other car addons. Right-click on the ground, and nothing. So, is there a certain terrain it can spawn on? Unlikely, so is it my Minecraft version? I’ve got a 1.2.10 from the Windows 10 App Store. I scanned the comments section, don’t think there are any other people with the same problem?
    It’s a real bummer man, it looks great. Help would be appreciated.

  187. MauphaAlpha says:

    I downloaded the blue one, and the behavior pack. I made them both active, got my car and key in my item bar but it wouldn’t spawn. I’m doing it on my iphone, can anyone tell me how to spawn it? Any certain way?

  188. Star killer says:

    Can u make a jeep commander and Bugatti Chiron and a few roadsters

  189. CARLKACHU says:

    Cant download It can You change instead of Mcpeup Can u put it to mediafire Ples

  190. IDEAL says:

    Can you make that 2players can sit in one time in same car?

  191. USA Lover says:

    How to you Download it?

  192. USA Lover says:

    How do you get this thing on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

  193. kyle says:

    i cant download it it says the website couldnt be reached

  194. kyle says:

    I cant download says “this site cant be reached

  195. ??? says:

    If only the download link did not have (a site that installs malware) and it had MediaFire not mcpeup

  196. R1IY2N says:

    CAN it please be mediafire cuase adfly is Virus!

  197. R1IY2N says:

    just please Make it adfly free Like mediafire is soooo much better.

  198. good says:


  199. Aliif Altunia says:

    Can you make lamborghini as an entity..

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