Lamborghini Veneno Add-on

The Lamborghini Veneno is a luxurious multi-million dollar racing car in real life which now also exists in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The chance that you’ll ever turn back to use a horse again after trying this car seems extremely unlikely. I mean, why would you? It’s super fast and looks absolutely amazing!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How does it work?

The car replaces the witch and as a result you can find them spawning in swamp biomes. In case you don’t want to make the (awful) trip to a (stinky) swamp then you can spawn them simply by using the witch spawn egg.

Sure, it looks really cool but you can obviously also use it for driving.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the car and press Drive to enter the vehicle
  • Windows 10: Right-click the car to drive it

It won’t start driving until you’ve equipped the key (carrot on a stick) in your hand. To stop the car from driving simply change your active hotbar slot to something else.

It’s really a marvelous piece of art which is quite similar to the other Lamborghini add-on but with a few differences to the 3D design, colors and textures.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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108 Responses

4.7 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. JPlaysPE says:

    Amazing addon! 😀

  2. DankMemes says:

    Good job Gona, you’ve out done yourself once again.

  3. Raulito Trujillo says:

    Cool really works can you make a truck

  4. Lee says:

    EPIC!!! KEEP IT UP!!

  5. NavyDinoRanger says:

    Wow What a New Lamborghini Add-On.Gona,I want To Create Some Giganotosaurus Add on. Deal👍

  6. Noah says:

    Can two players fit in the car?

  7. Just a tip says:

    Can you make an addon were you can ride a flying creature or something that you can control with a diamond and also can you make it replace the blaze.

  8. jjose says:

    I love you

  9. xXEndKingXx says:

    So I was wondering if you(Gona) to make like a gun addon.You replace the guns with a bow,fishing rod,splash potions..I know its alot but I really want it.And pretty much that is the best idea for me SO PLS DO IT!!😐🙏

  10. Micaiah says:

    Wow pls make a ufo addon it would be realy cool:)

  11. Micaiah says:


  12. AwesomeSauce says:

    Can you pls make a bugatti chiron

  13. Minecraft gamin says:

    Dude btw i love lamborgini veneno this is the best addon (than the other) woooooohoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Steven says:

    This addon is amazing,thanks Gona

  15. SuperiorNinga3 says:

    Amazing just wow can you tell me how to make addons? Is it like an app or through PC?

  16. LXAssassin says:

    Thank you this is my favourites the car I love your mod keep it up

  17. BuggyPig says:

    Can u replace it with the horse so I can play with it with the jurassic craft Addons plz

  18. Jason says:

    Gona please make doctor strange addon use potions please

  19. HungerGamer says:

    Please make a boat add-on!

  20. Anonymous says:

    How do you get in the car

  21. Helena Fitzgerald says:


  22. Helena Fitzgerald says:

    Can you please make a MONSTER TRUCK MOD please that is probably everyone’s dream 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  23. Jesse says:

    How do i get the potion to goaway ir show up as a phone like in the picture and is there antway to spawn it in a diffewnt direction and it stay

  24. Shivank Khanna says:

    Can’t sit in the car!

  25. HyperVenom says:

    Another one of gonas outstanding creation keep it up

  26. HyperVenom says:

    Another one of gonas outstanding creations keep it up

  27. RedcoreGam3r says:

    Wow I was hopping for this addon😀

  28. Trent says:

    Wow Gona your add-ons are amazing I have every one

  29. PowerMinerYT says:

    Next time Ferrari ¿i also make a blue color limborgini it was difficult to edit

  30. Love it A WHOLE SERIES OF LAMBO’S we need sesto elemento & others

  31. Raptorstar_YT says:

    Well done Gona! You always do. Anyway I have some addon suggestions: A Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes addon and maybe some more features to the Star Wars addon. Like an Iron Golem could become an AT-AT walker or a chicken could become an AT-ST walker

  32. Some Guy says:

    Where is Herbie, herbie needs to be made and replace wither or tamed wolf.

  33. JDSHORTY says:

    Hey, what is the name of the map that’s in the first photo with the Lamborghini in the driveway? It looks really cool along with the Lamborghini! Plus, it would be the perfect map to show off to my jealous friends my brand new Lamborghini Veneno!😂👌

  34. HarithGamerBro says:

    Can you make it like spawned from a different egg? I have your Aventador add-on and I want 2 cars in one world. Make it like a villager spawn or something plz.

  35. ChattierTiger48 says:

    You are the best you should try to do the hummer

  36. Francisco says:

    Make a jeep addon

  37. Some dude says:

    Why did Gona make his new vechciles witches instead of spiders?

  38. Froilanz B, Abenojar says:

    Cool addons Gona I like the cars can u make a Buggati Addons

  39. mcpe lover says:

    perfect addon,it’s very good because car is beautiful and i can really drive it
    why you don’t make more cars like bmw or bugatti or maybe ferrari

  40. Enderman PE Official says:

    About a passanger plane next

  41. Iblob says:

    Please add backing up your car to this add on and since your good at addons please add sports add on.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Next car: Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline.

  43. Sky says:

    Gina that is the best Addon ever I’m going to rate you all 100 stars. And can you make a blue one please

  44. Magma says:

    What map are you using? And could you make a gun addon?

  45. Nick says:

    It won’t let me get the add on but it looks sweet….

  46. Konner says:

    You should make a batmobile addon

  47. T.. says:

    Can you made a submarine that replace guardian????

  48. ι¢є ¢яєαм υиι¢σяиѕ gιяℓ тαℓк🍧🦄 says:

    σмg тнιѕ ℓσσкѕ ѕσ αмαzιиg!!!🦄😀

  49. Amerikabob says:

    Can you plEEEEAAASSSEEEE make a pegasus addon? They would just be horses with wings and they can fly while your riding them. They would just replace horses, but they would have wings.

  50. RedstoneGenius says:

    I love it

  51. Faisalxpro says:

    Gona is my favorite add on creator he was the creator of the first add on I downloaded the end addon I’m such a fan

  52. Yo mama fat says:

    Which kind of Lamborghini is it,gallarado?

  53. AUTO theLorean says:

    can u make a delorean

  54. Luos says:

    The car walks around on its own and won’t let me in :/ I installed both packs, am I doing something wrong???

  55. Reni says:

    It keeps moving around it won’t stop

  56. Francisco Stadthagen says:

    Make a vehicles addon that includes all types of vehicles like planes,all vehicle types,submarines,ships and boats so you dont make too much addons of vehicles

  57. Jemi says:

    Nice addon, I love it!

  58. Jemi444 says:

    The name of the resource pack folder “Sports Car Lamborghini Veneno Resourses Pack” is typo. It must “Sports Car Lamborghini Veneno Resources Pack”.

  59. Mmmis_Official says:

    Niceee!!! For your next build can you make a Ferrari 458??

  60. Starkiller818 says:

    Gona I’m a big fan of you and Lamborghini my dad gots a Lamborghini veneno can you make a Lamborghini sestro elemento or a gallardo or a huracan or a Diablo or countach or reventon or estoque wow I can go on forever

  61. Jeffrehh says:


  62. Fred_MC says:

    Can you make the other cars that you’ve made render a different mob so that I could have all these cars in my world at once? plz do that. But other than that it is an awesome addon you actually made me build a city just to see me roll in the streets LOL Plz grant my request it would be better if its like that 😉 😀

  63. Anonymous says:

    Gona, Please Can You make A Bugatti Chiron add on Please

  64. meesam says:

    Gona, Please Can You make A Bugatti Chiron add on Please

  65. GONA ROCKS says:


  66. Moreno says:

    AWESOME ADDON! Can make more like huricane, aventador, murcielago etc.

  67. Anonymous says:

    It’s not working!!!!😭😭😭

  68. Mysterious guy says:

    Great! It works. Can you please add a laferrari add on?

  69. VoidMCPE says:

    This is a waste of time for me. I’ve tried to get this addon for a long time now, everytime I try, it takes me to a weird protect thingy website instead of mediafire. Please fix.

  70. WannabeVirgil says:

    Great Mod….
    But the Lamborghini still Drinks potions!
    That can be cool but its still annoying

  71. Anonymous says:


  72. Cupicorn says:

    Coooooooooooooooool car!!!!

  73. Cupicorn says:

    cool car!!!!

  74. Cupicorn says:

    But it still drinks potions!

  75. Shemay says:

    Really love these car addons make other cars that replace other mobs not only witch make a nissan skyline supra and GTr

  76. Taylor Slify says:

    It will not let me download it! Does anyone have any ideas on how you can help me?

  77. Tyip says:

    Why this addon cannot im installed

  78. Yumna says:

    Notch is the real creator of minecraft

  79. owen says:

    hey can i get a .mcaddon plz

  80. Burak says:

    change lamborghini (witch) and (horse) because use is hard

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