Last Day on Earth [Adventure]

Last Day on Earth is a survival and adventure map which is inspired by the popular game with the same name. You play as a character who is one of the few survivors after World War X. The lucky ones already left for a journey to Mars. But some people, like yourself, were left on Earth and now have to struggle for their continual survival. It’s tough surviving in a world with barely any food and infectious diseases which turn humans into zombies. The ultimate question stands: will you make it?

Creator: umerkk164Twitter Account, Website
Updated: 6 July, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

The main objective is to collect the materials required for repairing the broken spacecraft and then escape off to space. But it’s going to be difficult. First off you need to figure out a way to survive in these barren lands and don’t fall a victim to the zombies, stray dogs or other creatures lurking the dark. Your best bet is the broken down spacecraft.. you better get started!

The game includes features such as guns, binoculars, custom textures and more.

Important Notes:

1) You HAVE to read ALL the books. The Maintenance report is the most important. It will explain the whole point of the map.

2) There are shulker boxes with important items with a plank-like texture. Many people seemed to completely miss those.

3) Crafting items is not allowed. Changing to peaceful is also not allowed.

4) There is a mini bunker/room at the spacecraft crash site,somewhat hidden, with important items to progress through. Be sure to check that out!


  • Bug fixes relating to command blocks
  • Extended storyline
  • New Easter eggs and events


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92 Responses

4.34 / 5 (53 votes)
  1. ExoWolf says:

    [Insert first comment here] great map! ᴍ8
    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . Can you please tell me the name of the texture pack? Looks awesome. Bye fellow people ⊂((・▽・))⊃

  2. BlazeW310 says:

    Anyone that wants the direct .mcworld link to avoid adfly can use this link

    • Vexy says:

      People use adfly to build up $$$ so that’s kinda sad that s/he is probably gonna lose some revenue now.

    • Størm says:

      Wow, thanks, I appreciate it

    • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

      Thanks mah 🅱️oi

    • Ray Adams says:

      Lol, you got that idea from me didn’t you? 👍👍Thanks for helping me get rid of, and give direct links.

    • Umerkk164 says:

      Adfly helps me as a creator earn revenue. Why would you not want to support the creation of future content?

      • Ray Adams says:

        I know helps the creator, but sometimes there are harmful viruses that can affect your devices. I would rather stop the malware then support the creator.

      • Ihat says:

        I know some people who don’t use adfly and still are successful. Using adfly doesnt support the creator it just gives money to them. You dont need money to create a add-on do you? No.

      • ScarletScythe says:

        You mean, making levels in a block building game? can give people viruses and popups, if you want to be supported, make a PayPal or something like that and if people like your stuff, they’ll support you. You get your money, and people get their stuff, without risk.

    • 420 Koala says:

      Thanks, but the creator gets payed by using and its only five second wait, you don’t even need to keep the tab open.

      • Ihat says:

        Uh.. when i click skip ad, it takes me to the ad’s website and i hate to close that tab. Then i go back to the adfly tab and click skip ad to get there and close adfly tab when it finishes redirecting

    • MrNiceWater says:

      That’s kinda helpful dude, but you should remember that whenever you use the link, you’ll also help the creator, cause its basically the only way they can be profited.

      • Ihat says:

        Do you need moeny from it? No

        • Princess Consuela says:

          Ok. I understand that the site gives viruses. But how would you like it if you were trying to make money but someone found another way and stopped using your way? Editor please remove link

    • EugeneZeta says:

      To everyone who says this is cheating the content creator, it isn’t. None of the people who make the content are getting paid. All the money goes to the site.

  3. Popstermaster says:

    when it loads up the world my game just stops and it doesn’t load anyone know how to fix it?

  4. IndyExplores says:

    Dear map creator! OMG that was AMAZING! Please please please release the texture and behavior pack! I’m working on a major role play on YouTube and will give full credit to you on every single episode

  5. Wrektangle says:

    Cool map! Texture pack is Pixel Reality I think…

  6. Wrektangle says:

    Cool map! Textures are Pixel Reality

  7. YouMadBro says:

    Is it like the app?

  8. DemonxPlumFTW says:

    It’s good to see you making a map and all that but how is this like LDOE survival ? Like the story is definitely your own story.

  9. Dawoud says:

    Minecraft looks perfect

    Nice right

  10. Dawoud says:

    Bye guys

    And thanks for helping me
    Well I’m not that good at Minecraft

  11. Memphis says:

    Awesome map I like it( ^∇^). But I need the textures please tell me in FB my username is Denial kio jay.

  12. RifqyGamerz123 Indo says:

    Which Minecraft Version That Compatible For This Map? I Use 1.2.0 And Then Crash. I Love Playing Last Day On Earth So I Exited To Play This Map.

  13. douglas says:

    love it,please make gun addon

  14. Karen says:

    I really am a fan and want to play adventure map

  15. LAZZA says:

    Epic map! Made a video on it can’t wait to record part 2

    • MustangGirl3374 says:


      Watched the first episode. Hoping you record part 2 as I’m struggling to figure out what to do after collecting all the items.

  16. Shadow Channel023 says:

    It’s fantastico!!!!👍👍👍

  17. FireBoy123 says:

    Ok so I finished the map but nothing happens it said all repairs complete but I didn’t go to mars

  18. Judespace says:

    How do you repair the spaceship

  19. D1n0nlyT8 says:

    So confused on what I have to do… where is the control center

    • MustangGirl3374 says:


      The control center is where the ladders are. It’s below the floor. You have to find the control room key card and place where the sign is on the first floor.

  20. Cokbilenadam says:

    There are bugs. 1. Once you enter control room you cannot get out via ladders. 2. There is no hopper in control room, but there is a dropper. Maintenance instructions tell you to load the items in the hoppers in control room. But there are no hoppers. 3. The maintenance instructions tell you to collect “iron bars” and “gold bars”. There is no item called “gold bars” in the game, and “iron bars” are actually iron fences. I think what is implied is “iron ingots” and “gold ingots”.

    • Josh says:

      I know, I can’t find the hopper in the control room

    • MustangGirl3374 says:

      Or a dropper. Needing help to complete this map.

    • Bryce Skinner says:

      Wrong about iron bars and gold bars. Iron and gold are placed right next to the ship you need to create some tools and mine them them smelt them they are next to the ship

    • derp says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    Nice. I finished the map.. it is a very nice map. I played it so long.

  22. EnderCoolIndo says:

    i’m stuck in control room fix plz

  23. Caden_kid says:

    I’m about to play the map it seems cool if it’s a map that you can do a YouTube series then I will 🙂

  24. nonyerbuisness says:

    wtf couldn’t even play it cause I kept falling out the fucking world

  25. RubiconFlash says:

    Amazing map! Keep up the good work!

  26. wOahG says:

    Wow! Great map,dude! I really enjoyed playing this! Hope to see more amazing stuff from you, keep it up 😉

  27. FAKIN LOSER says:

    This map is the best

  28. MustangGirl3374 says:

    Help!! I have collected all the items needed but can’t seem to find a hopper in the control room in which to deposit the items. What am I missing? Would really like to complete this awesome map!

    Love this map as it was challenging to find all the needed items. Almost missed the shulker boxes completely.

  29. Pand Tamvan says:

    Good Next GTA 😀

  30. Some dude says:

    The ending was lame :/ i got everything, I pressed the button. And it says it’s repairing and then it just says To be continued. Nothing happens. Just text.

  31. JhonWalker says:

    Editor… This world is completely flat… What do I do?

  32. Pc says:

    Where the fuck are the quartz blocks?I’ve been searching for a couple pf hours dude and I still can’t find them

  33. Guest 30000 says:

    Editor plz leave link 4 addon

  34. RoboStud_2626 says:

    Bestest Map Ever!Can You Make A Part 2!

  35. Josh says:

    Map is okay because there’s no gold bars, I only found 3 iron bars, and no cobblestone for the repair. I found everything else. I even searched around in creative after no luck finding these other items. Also, the ladder to the control room is impossible to climb back up because of the gaps.

  36. Cordelia says:

    This map was SO FUN! My friend and I were playing it for hours! I’m not sure if this happened with any other people, but when I got to the end and I had to push the button saying “only push this when you have all your materials”, Andy I had all the materials so I pushed the button, it didn’t do anything. So could you possibly fix the bad ending, if I wasn’t the only one who experienced this?

    • A kid says:

      Nope didn’t experience anything like that. Also this map is short, it shouldn’t have tooken more than 40 minute sitting. Also there is another third page of the maintenance report that includes like 5 other things such a blueprints. If you have everything go in creative and add a Redstone block to some of the Redstone if it still doesn’t work.Hope this helps!

  37. Elephant says:

    When I ran out of ammo,weapons and food. I changed my game mode to hardcore survival and committed sucide. I had no other option.

  38. Tracy Lee Olson says:

    is there any way for us to get the Texture pack by itself? I wish to use it with other maps 🙂 I found another that is labeled Pixel Reality, but it’s by Wedhro and not the same.

  39. SlpDormouse61 says:

    Guyss what can i do to play the world i cant import it and even i tried it again to download i still cant import it.

  40. Anonymous says:

    What’s the behavior pack???

  41. Ella says:

    Is this OK for multiplayer??

  42. Bryce Skinner says:

    This was a 100% great map at first you had me confused at times but wow i cant wait for the second part to come out unless it already has idk. but wow really good map great job!!!

  43. Rage says:

    Please add last day on earth 2! I add 5 stars!

  44. Maverick says:

    Finally all these years of waiting!!

  45. Gamer sane says:

    I could not find two items I went all over the map in creative mode and I could not find them

  46. Anonymous says:

    What is the behavior pack?

  47. Christopedia says:

    Any chance you could add a texture/resource/behavior back zip separate from the map? It would really mean a lot.

  48. Zach says:

    What’s the reasources pack for this? Can I have the link, would love to use it in one of my worlds.

  49. Mikayla says:

    When i go in it kicks me out of minecraft it looks fun but i cant get in 😥😥

  50. Mikayla says:

    When i go in it kicks me out of minecraft it looks fun but i cant get in 😔😔 🙁 🙁

  51. Destroyer3613 says:

    Good map but the ending ruins it.

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