Late At Night (Horror) [Adventure] ( Only)

Late At Night is a quite scary adventure map which takes place in a dark house. The lights are out and it’s your job to find a way down to the basement and repair the generator which supplies the electricity. To make things a little bit easier you’ve got a night vision camera which you can use to see in the dark, but it has a limited supply of battery so you have to use it sparingly. There are multiple jumpscares in the map so be prepared to be surprised!

Creator: Piekabee

How to play?

The first objective is to find the night vision camera. Once you’ve found it you can use it simply by tapping with it on the ground. But since it runs on a limited amount of battery you have to make sure to use it carefully.

Hopefully that’s enough information for you to get started in the map.

Important: This map is limited to beta users only. Android users can sign up for the beta here!

The graphical user interface for the camera might only work for smaller phones. On tablets you might only see the green area.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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69 Responses

4.8 / 5 (49 votes)
  1. RudeGbxYT says:

    The first well made horror map in mcpe that I’ve ever played…! Good Job!

  2. ImmyPlayzMCPE says:

    He is awesome

  3. ZachMC says:

    Cool but I am not scared cuz im 20 but I am creeper out a bit!

  4. Daymine_482 says:

    This is a very good map

  5. FuriousTheCreeper says:

    Great job on those jumpscares one of them got me

  6. Mal_GamerzYT says:

    Its very cool but can you make it more objective and room and make it andventure mode please btw its very cool app

  7. Itz me MTMCT says:

    It’s pretty scary

  8. TerraZocktLP says:

    OMG ! Thank you soo much

    This is the best Horror map in PE

    Please make more maps


    Best horror map ever!!!

  10. ShadeXx says:

    Aw man too bad I’m iOS 🤣

  11. Achned says:

    Cool map bro but I wish Mojang will add armor stands soon so it will be a lot scarier 🙂

  12. Prof.Locke says:

    This is the best horror map ever, but for better horror experience, please add the creepy sound and more realistic camera graphic please, and btw this is are pretty cool map. Good job

  13. Panji ry says:

    Best map ever

  14. xDarkAbsolute says:

    Hey man! Awesome map, I’d like to see more, longer version too! 😀
    Here’s some gameplay from me

  15. nellipotpot says:

    This is the best horror map I’ve played… But I wished that it could be longer…

  16. Mal_GamerzYT says:

    Its very great and make more room and ojective.

  17. ItzJackMiner says:

    well…. you map iss….. a BEST HORROR MAPP EVER!!!! xD

  18. Megarock Fathur says:

    When Before Ending, It’s Error due to put 3 gasoline in generator room also when i try to put it ,it’s don’t change everything i just explore the house then I try to See What Problem Redstone Placement :v , I Break the Block in left Of Iron block In Generator room , left back , i follow the redstone dust And i See the dust seem Don’t Reach the Repeater, so i break the redstone torch in somewhere and i place it where it stop reaching and it work again ! AFTER i Place it , The Story Begin Again 🙂

  19. BlueFoxKidd says:

    Very good

  20. Størm says:

    Could ya maybe make the camera an add-on? I would love to play with the night vision on my own worlds XD

  21. hassanillo says:

    map is very cool but can you make the story longer ?!!

  22. ItsJacobCraft says:

    Omg! This is the best horror map Ever!

  23. ItsJacobCraft says:

    Btw i vote it by 5 stars

  24. Yerboi says:

    Anyone getting outlast vibes?

  25. SunnyPe says:

    This map was so amazing it got a lot of scares from me!

  26. Unknown_ says:

    Not well executed. Only one jumpscare actually scared me. The story in the chat goes too fast, and there is just toi much cameras, having no reason to use camera off.

  27. Max says:

    Nice game it’s amazing:)

  28. idiot says:

    Hey, could there be a resource pack for the pumpkin so it can be the night vision camera.
    Cos I need it for my Slender map.

  29. Unknown_ says:

    After comparing this to other maps, this one was superb. My former comment was wrong.

  30. Ayolisus says:

    This is is the second best MCPE map I ‘ve ever played!(after chronicles of megharyl)

  31. PerkyFanver says:

    If this happens I’ll just sleep and fix the generator in the morning much easier

  32. Pedro says:

    I would love to play in this map

  33. BlackZero says:


  34. MalGamerzYT says:

    Hey cool maps,can you make more objective and more rooms and make more ghost and make traps and surprise teleportation.BTW Cool Maps

  35. MARKOS says:

    amazing map good jop my friend

  36. WyvernoDrgnfire says:

    Bruh can u do this as a ddon the cameras on how you did the cameras are so amazing

  37. G real says:

    This map need to be longer and u should make a series…. Good job

  38. Dogs r awesome says:

    On youtube you can see Rage Elixar being super scared and it is so funny plz wacth this video! 😊

  39. WayneGamer YT says:

    Hey guys comment pls how to put that into my android

  40. FanOfMINECRAFT says:

    U scared me Thx for posting it at MCPEDL

  41. Sean says:

    Very well made 🙂

  42. Alyson Law says:

    Good Map

  43. STACEY says:

    I love this map! I encourage you! I want to be scared more since there’s a little of horror maps and no jump scares this map is very unique! Don’t stop believing! -your friend

  44. Randall says:

    Great Map! Love It! Do more plz!

  45. Destroyer377 says:

    Awesome map! You are a very talented person

  46. Levi says:

    I loved it u you did a good job

  47. Levi says:

    It AWSOME you did a good job

  48. :3 says:

    -*i love it -*its cool*-

  49. Anonymous says:

    Great job on this! It scared me a lot but nice work bro!

  50. Dd says:

    Awesome map XD!!!!!!!

  51. KidAlpha says:


  52. Farah says:

    The most scary map good job 😂👍🏻
    I love the server after I explore the map I said to myself I am the worst at command block

  53. Creeper 1986 says:

    Make another horror map. Like a hotel.

  54. Ethan says:

    Your the best ragelixer

  55. Mario says:

    wow this map was so cool. it had a bit of a glitch in the part where you turn on the generator and I had to go to creative and tunnel out to fix that part. other than that it was so cool. love the idea!

  56. Foxygirl8790 says:

    Where can you find the Storage Key?
    I’m stuck at this part.

  57. Scared Steve says:

    Hey piekabee, i have played your LATE AT NIGHT 2 map it was scary 😛

  58. Scared Steve says:

    Hey piekabee! Please release your Late at Night 2, i have seen it on the bright iron 😉

  59. Jay says:

    Uhh… The Redstone is broken. I got stuck in the stone room with the creepy person.

  60. OxGamer66 says:

    Piekabee it is extremely scary when im playing this map. Your command blocks are sooo scary

  61. Doublade says:

    Whats the night vision texture pack can ya link it plz 😛

  62. Jonathan says:

    How do you lock wooden doors?

  63. JACOB says:


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