Lava Dash [Parkour]

This is a highly intense and thrilling parkour and minigame which involves lots of parkour and lava! The game objective is quite simple, but it’s nonetheless quite challenging to play. You will basically run through an obstacle course (consisting of parkour jumps) and at the same time you will have to avoid the falling lava.

Creator: mcpedashTwitter Account

How to play?

Your main objective is to reach to the end of a level before the lava catches up with you. As soon as you run past the start line the lava will start pouring down, and that’s when you need to run for your life.

There are three different levels and on each difficulty the lava will fall faster.

By completing each level you will receive a reward.



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  1. Aree ZaZa says:

    Map Of The Years

  2. Skullgamer80849 says:

    Hey their editor I have a question how do I contact you to be able to submit my world?

  3. thalia says:

    I have a huge problem it keeps saying it cannot be loaded because there a newer version and checked to see if there is an update and there is no update to Minecraft every time I go into the world

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