Legacy Pack (BETA) Resource Pack

Legacy Pack is a new resource pack which main focus is on changing the way you experience Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and to make it more similar to Java Edition. This is being done by changing the UI (user interface) graphics and textures to look more like Java. There are also changes being made to the sound to sound like those on Java. If you’re an old school Java player then this is a must-try if you’re playing Bedrock Edition.

Creators: HawfHuman (Twitter), Sprintermax (Twitter), CrizArt EX (Twitter)
Updated: 22 September, 2018 (read changelog)

What are some of the new features?

All Features

There are lots of other modifications included in this resource pack. Here’s a list of all things which have been modified.

  • General
    • Water now looks more like Java Edition
    • Removed mip map levels to make it feel more like Java
    • Tweeked Sugar cane texture
    • Added Boat sounds (paddle land and paddle water)
    • Changed Rain sounds
    • Added Squid Sounds (ambient.in.water, hurt.in.water and death.in.water)
    • Added mob.slime.attack sound
    • Added mob.magmacube.jump sound
    • Tweaked Cauldron, Chests, Doors sounds
  • User Interface
    • New Inventory UI (creative, survival, crafting)
    • New Start, Pause
    • New Chat Screen
    • New HUD
    • New Progress Screen
    • New Settings Sections
    • New World Settings Sections
    • New World Create Sections
    • New World Edit Sections
    • New Toast Screen
    • New (Resource, Global and Behaviors) Pack Screens
  • Sounds
    • Enchanting Table
    • Water
    • Swimming
    • Trident Riptide Enchantment
    • Trident Loyalty Enchantment
    • Boat Paddle Water and Land
    • MagmaCube
    • Pufferfish
    • Wither Skeleton
    • Toast Sound


  • Play Screen [image: https://imgur.com/a/raX5t7R ]
  • Template Screen [image: https://imgur.com/a/FVQoBJC ]
  • Updated Vanilla DX [Core UI] to it\’s latest version
  • Added World Options to Pause Settings
  • And a lot more…


Note: Set the user interface (UI) to Classic, Change your Gui Scale to Medium (Only if you’re playing on small-screen device)

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the resource pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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111 Responses

4.31 / 5 (68 votes)
  1. Jack485 says:

    Really nice but can you add a way to change your gamemode easily in the pause menu

  2. bagginsofbilbo says:

    Just saying there is a Typo: remove mip map levels
    This pack looks cool

  3. Dead Ender YT 1 says:

    Do you HAVE to be on beta I’ll try anyways

  4. Nadid Dhrabb says:

    It’s awesome! Can you make the buttons invisible? Btw I will make a video on this!

  5. Ho Samuel says:


  6. PascalGoerz says:

    Java UI is very good

  7. thundereagle560 says:

    It is really nice and looks and feels like the pc version now, and so far it only crashed once

  8. Stiw91 says:

    Man, I’ve been play Minecraft: Java since 2013 and this pack is awesome! Although for the sake of when I play mcpe the command/chat page should have some tab buttons similar to the autocompletion add-on! (http://mcpedl.com/autocompletion-addon/)

  9. Milly Joe says:

    How do you take it off

  10. Hothaifa says:

    Very cool , great job , I love this texture back so much , thanks a lot for the creator , and I hope to develop this texture pack more and more …. To make Minecraft bedrock edition look like java edition , but please remove the buttons and remove a lot of things that’s related to mobile version , and fix something’s and develop this texture always to better , thanks a lot 👌👍💕

  11. yige233 says:

    I am a Chinese. There are some word such as “Gamerules” when i edit my world. Can you change it into chinese or other language ? check this link to see the image:

  12. gamer92 says:

    Could you please edit the world selector because it still look like the same but my rate is 5 stars

  13. gamer92 says:

    Edit: why are you holding a bedrock in screenshot

  14. Taylor Roof says:

    I love this pack so much but I have one problem with it. The “Done” button is in the way of the virtual home bar on the iPhone X. This makes it so that you can’t click it. This is super annoying and I hope this gets fixed in the future. Other than that, awesome pack!

  15. BlockbyBlock says:

    You know what I want to see, CAVE SOUNDS! 😀

  16. Firhan says:


  17. Reinhard says:

    Great Pack!
    but a little bit buggy though……
    My Feedback:
    -Change Name “My World” to “New World”.
    -Change Title Background to Original.
    -Add Dark Background to in game Settings.
    -Remove Skin Rendering in Title Screen.
    -Fix Loading Screen Text When Loading The World.
    -Texture Pack And Behavior Pack Text needed to be Fixed.
    -Change “Create” text to “Create New World”.
    -Add the Java Edition Select World, Server and Realms Screen.

    Thats My Feedback…..
    Thank You 🙂
    P.S. AWSOME!!!!!

  18. XxPro77xX says:

    My Minecraft chrashing wheni use this pack pls fix this I give 5 star if fixed

  19. Akihiro Akagi says:

    I wonder if the world edit option does work

  20. XxPro77xX says:

    Hey pls help me I like the pack but its crashing when the world lead it will go crashed pls help me it’s a problem to me I need your help creator pls but when I didn’t load any world it’s working but when I created new world it’s cause crash help me pls fix this I really like the texture pack hope u read this :'(

  21. Lloyd says:

    The controller hints for the inventory are obstructing my hotbar. Fix, please, but I love it so far!

  22. Human says:

    Can you add “No D-pad” resource

  23. StereoTitan says:

    Still…i was hoping for Mojang to change the PC Gui…too old (Very Nice Pack BTW, Hardwork is in it.)

  24. SansChattyPapyr says:


  25. ItzEvan says:

    This pack is good but They need to turn the pocket buttons back to the normal ones

  26. Magee says:

    Wow it is amazing.

  27. Notch (not really) says:

    When the FOV is 70 it has to say ‘normal’ instead of just 70. Just some feedback…

  28. Anonymous says:

    When the FOV is 70 it has to say ‘normal’ instead of just 70. Just some feedback…

  29. ItsEndCraft says:


  30. pom6universe says:

    @HawfHuman I have a question… can you make the server menu and world menu separate and look JUST like java edition? I WOULD LOVE THIS NATALGA!!! AND SO WOULD OTHERS

  31. Edocraft02 says:

    Please update it for bluetooth controller users

  32. GeoffGamer says:

    Is this work only on windows 10 not on pe? Cuz when i use the buttons has missing texture

  33. Lloyd says:

    When I use the controller, the inventory menus get obstructed by the controller hints, and those hints get super clustered. Can you move them away from the inventory and each other?

  34. Ahmad Fauzi says:

    Please update.comnand block screen is not like java edition.

  35. ASnowPotato says:

    It is compatible with MCPE 1.2.5? I got like much crashes with the RSP( Resource Pack)

  36. Boygamer says:

    bro I liked this
    but the hud want to remove the inventory button
    and i can’t change the difficulty and game mode
    I hope fix that 😉

  37. Anonymous says:

    Pls make this texture pack with out a dpad

  38. Adshjjk says:

    Update plss…

  39. Overlee says:

    Theres no download button

  40. FireBoboiboy Playz says:

    Can this work jn aquatic update beta?

  41. trussive says:

    I can’t wait for an update! So far, it’s the best Java edition pack.

  42. Raptor_1 says:

    What happens when you press the Exit button?

  43. Ahmad says:


  44. Obsidian Chicken says:

    Nice one!

  45. MicherMaps says:

    Do you have to be in the beta to play this? I’m not and it looks fine but there might be something I’m not noticing. Also I’m never taking this texture pack off ever again this is amazing.

  46. Mcpe player says:

    Can you make an XBOX UI

  47. Bedrock the best says:

    I think bedrock ui is the best

  48. Best says:

    Nice job man ^–^ thank you

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. Chris says:

    es hermoso me encanto au que tenga minimos errores que los arreglen es muy bueno lo recomiendo

  51. Anonymous says:

    Can you fix the glitch of the player running sooooo fast, I tried to go inside my house but I couldn’t because of the super speed

  52. BraveManx says:

    It’s like java but I like 👍 it tho

  53. Malaki says:

    This is vary cool 😄

  54. Nathaniel says:

    Can you make a pc world and loading gui

  55. Nathaniel says:

    And also make a world settings GUI if you can

  56. README.TXT says:


  57. MCCiamur says:

    Game Crashes When You Press A Button?

  58. FloatieNinja says:

    Where are realms?

  59. PolarLey says:

    Cant throw items from inventory.. it have to be thrown by long press.. fix it

  60. Shiney S says:

    Please Fix The UI in creative mode For windows 10 because there is a missing block

  61. yangyang200 says:



  63. DankestFke says:

    Why We cant add server?

  64. Orlando Enderr says:

    you must have the part where says friends xbox live (lan)

  65. HawfHuman says:

    That’s still being worked on

  66. Anónimo says:

    should have the side of friends xbox live and lan

  67. HighbrowNote117 says:

    There is bug in the furnace, i can’t use it, please fix it, this addon it’s very nice

  68. Orlando Ender says:

    you must have the option to play with friends on xbox live and lan

  69. Neon says:

    Very cool, but the inventory hurt me. From the inventory because of this texture pack, you can no longer throw out things (by selecting an object, and clicking outside the window) … Please leave the standard player inventory in this texture pack! And I would also like the chat to be from the bottom left, and look like on a PC! Many thanks: D

  70. rafael sentosa says:

    Is good

  71. Coolfref123 says:

    The download link sends me to a random site! How do you download it?

  72. Coolfred123 says:

    The inventory has purple and black textures, I’ve tried to fix it myself but I can’t. Please update the pack with a fix.

  73. JoshIannYT says:

    I Miss This Texture Pack!!!

  74. WeldonWen says:

    Thank you so much for making this, really miss the old UI! There’re two problems I found and hope you can fix them in the future: 1. Purple texture in inventory 2. No option for interacting with Xbox Live friends and playing through LAN on Play Screen/World Selection.

  75. ElectricDuskXX says:

    Download doesn’t work. The download button takes me to endless ad.

  76. Akira Fenix says:

    Crashes game upon loading a world.
    I can appreciate the attempt, but i can’t say it’s worth it.
    At least for now, I’ll pass on it.
    Until this gets updated, I’ll be here. With my complaint.

  77. xStormMC says:

    One bug I found can be explained in the photo contained by the following link.https://www.mediafire.com/file/pdpckv6mcaq1fdj/20181224_185950.png

  78. Anonymous says:

    It wont let me in any of my worlds no matter what i do WHAT DO I DO

  79. Just_Ice02 says:

    Really cool. One thing that just needs to be added is a way to enter realms servers.

  80. ExtremeTendo says:

    My Feedback Is Remove The Controller When in a World And remove the how to play button in the inventory and please update it for mcpe

  81. MistakingManxy says:

    I can’t join custom servers anymore, other than that it’s lovely! ^^

  82. Anonymous says:

    Hello this isn’t working on my mcpe that o just bought, I mean, the texture pack crashes in two ways I think… First when you push or press the options menu that crashes Everytime I click it.. and second the most unlikely it crashes when I create or load a world it always crashes Everytime if I wanna change the texture pack again I will crash Minecraft 3 times to get it back or delete it or move it and put it back…….. And I think its awesome that you put something in Java into Minecraft bedrock something like that really appreciated it even though it’s not really java and add sounds into the arrow button to multiplayer and world option if I said that correctly… Hopefully you would fix this that it would be compatible with all vesions not all vesions .. think in starting aquatic update and to the top version tnx 🙂

  83. UPDATE Plase says:

    Can you please update it for 1.8.1

  84. Gaby says:

    Hello I have problem with texture can anyone help me?

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