Lexerland [Creation]

Lexerland (previously known as Lexercity) includes one city and several other different parts worth exploring. It has been in constant development for the last three years but it’s only recently that it has been released as a public download. The cities of Lexerland includes a good variation of great architectural designs, including several skyscrapers, apartment complexes and more. There are plenty of things to explore in Lexerland – enjoy!

Creator:Β Lexer_Gaming, Twitter Account
Updated:Β 1 June, 2018 (read changelog)



  • Added The IAMA complex (IAMA Tower Β΄+ IAMA tower)
  • Added harbour walls/fence to surround the bay in LexerCity
  • Replaced normal glass with stained glass on some buildings
  • Added LBTV (Lexerland Broadcast & Television)
  • Added Jhayville Embassy, ItsRamin Republic Embassy, Peaceland Embssy & Avrin Embassy
  • Improved roads and infrastructure
  • Added Lexerland Police Departement, Lexerland National Court & LexerCity Public Library
  • Added new shops to the Shard Mall
  • Reclaimed land for LIA Airport and added a second runway.
  • And much more!


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59 Responses

4.72 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    When I’ve seen Ikea I was like… hum… how do you say “mort de rire” in english ? Good map after 2 years of creation !

  2. DAVETDM MCPE says:

    This is the best city map ive ever seen FULL STARS FOR YOU

  3. ??? says:

    Death of Laughter?

  4. Alyson Law says:

    So cool

  5. HUSKYPUP756 says:

    This looks mire futuristic than modern

  6. Lolz says:

    Nice! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Kenzo says:

    If I was the creator of this Map, I suggest MAKE a bigger “Map” so it can be USED MORE LONGER (I Am Not Angry, this is just a REMINDER)

    • QueenFoxie764 says:

      ( Nobody is ever going to see this comment )

      Id just like to say that, Kenzo. It takes YEARS to make a map even this big. Though I understand that you may like bigger cities better and thats fine. But once again. It takes Time. The Creator has a life outside of minecraft. Maybe you should try building a city.

      • Lexer_Gaming says:

        That’s true. Also the map took 2 years and 4 months untill the updated release in October. Yes i have a life outside of Minecraft.

    • Ug says:

      That must of took him years he must be done building all of that

  8. xXWhatsUpTheoXx says:

    Awesome Map and my favorite part of this map is. SKYSCRAPERS!

  9. Frostbyte3YT says:

    This is one good map! I like the way the creator does buildings!

  10. Jdkaito says:

    I like it !!……..
    But it’s small πŸ˜€

  11. Shahid says:

    @Editor, please look at my comment on the Hogwarts castle map, because I really want to install it.

  12. Alshan ahmed says:


  13. M1N5X says:

    I like the design and inspiration of the map

    Note : Can you re-size and re-detail the structure? It can be much better if you re-size and re-detail the structure. You can take an example by looking at this map :
    – mcpedl.com/nxus-modern
    – mcpedl.com/tazader-city
    – mcpedl.com/deepoceancity

    • Lexer_Gaming says:

      It’s kind of impossible and time killing to resize the infrastructure. I’d rather start a new map to do it in 1:1 scale from a IRL city.

  14. Hey Y'all says:

    That was a really bad map… The city was good but the land forms looked like chunks of generated terrain. At a point of exploration, I found a ton of TNT on a village!

    • Catness says:

      As to the TNT, you probably found a place where the builder was messing around. And the land forms likely were generated terrain, because no one has the time for custom.

  15. JLan123 says:

    Several things were in need of slight modification. Only the tracks and position of world spawn though. I made spawn on one of the planes, and the track stations were not working right. But other that that I give a nine out of ten. Can’t do that with a five star scale though.

    • Lexer_Gaming says:

      That’s OK. I know that the spawn is in a weird area. But i made it there because it’s the original spawnpoint since 2015 when i first started the map.

  16. Voldemort says:

    Can h pls make a good, sturdy prison? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? I won’t laugh if there’s an IKEA in it. Ok, maybe I’ll laugh a little.

  17. Voldemort says:

    *h=you. My bad

  18. Redking says:

    I Love Ikea because i am from,sweden

  19. Sweden292 says:

    Oh god.Not IKEA!

  20. The Minecraft lover says:

    I like this very much!
    But,are you sweedish

  21. Pix3lG4mer656 says:

    Can you make an asylum map you know like outlast that would be cool just givein you some ideas

  22. john says:

    Where’s the village? I cant findthe train for the village in the countryside?

    • Lexer_Gaming says:

      Behind IKEA is a trainstation, keep following the rail tracks and it will take you right to the little town of LexerWood.

  23. Owen says:

    Yahoooo such a good map!

  24. Osama_Kasim says:


  25. Awsomeness says:

    Only rated it 5 stars cuz of ikea well done

  26. GalaxyGamer says:

    It took me a long time to download. But its worth itπŸ˜‚

  27. DinoDNA says:

    Make city 17 from HL2 pls lol but good map also make a texture pack and possibly addon..

  28. Ocelot says:

    Cool map, I like that it’s small so you don’t get lost! πŸ‘»

  29. Piggymaster1313 says:

    I’m trying to build a city of my own and seeing your map has given me some inspiration and tons of cool ideas. Thank you. It’s just amazing

  30. TylerTEM says:

    This is a great map I want to start a role play on, but my device is crashing because it’s a crappy device… Oh well. I know it’s not easy, but you should make more maps like this… Maybe a little bit of red stone houses would be good to… just an opinion.

  31. 😘😍 says:

    Cool make bigger AND A POLICE STATION AND A PROSON!!!

    • Lexer_Gaming says:

      Thank you. I’m in the making of a Police department/station with holding cells. I’m thinking of making a prison in the future.

  32. Lexiplayzz says:

    Ok someone help because I go on media fire and I press download and it doesn’t do anything

  33. Yasiru says:

    Best map I have ever seen in my WHOLE life it’s super duper cool, thanks lexer_gaming you MADE my Minecraft life 5 out of 5

  34. Ajay says:

    This map is really big and i used it as a hide and seek, murder mystery and for mods but it look =s great

  35. Molly says:

    It’s good, I feel like it was missing something but apart from that this was a really good and fun creation.

  36. ricky is sticky says:

    Looks amazing Cant Wait To Download [‘_’]

  37. TrashArt says:

    Holy crap this is awesome but can u furnish some buildings like an apartment or something anyways it’s AMAZING

  38. Lololo says:

    Nice that you IKEA. That’s a really cool and awesome place. (Also it’s huge!)

  39. ModernMallBuilder769 says:

    Love the new uptade btw first to comment after v 3.0 came out lol

  40. No name says:

    import is failed πŸ™

  41. RedGamer1216 says:

    Can I contribute or something?

  42. Cats4life says:

    I hope the buildings Rae furnished because sometimes I see this AMAZING CITY but there is no furniture.

    Anyway looks sooo cool.

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