Life-Like Texture Pack [64×64] [32×32]

If you want to make Minecraft way more realistic than what it is at it’s original state then here’s the solution. Life-Like adds incredibly realistic textures to the game which makes the game look absolutely astonishing.

life1 life3Download 64×64 (original) | Download 32×32 (for less powerful devices)


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20 Responses

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  1. jason lee says:

    I like the look of it because it is cool.

  2. Zachary Blue says:

    How can I change my minecraft’s texture pack?
    P.S. I like your texture pack but please help me change it.

  3. Caleb mclain says:

    How do I even install it? Plz help I love it but I don’t understand

  4. Drayven says:

    is this for iOS too

  5. Ramond Wang says:

    I already know that Editor,every texture is free

  6. Rubby Stevenson says:

    Its support 0.15.6 ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is there an easier way of downloading it rather than putting it in a file? I’m so confused.

  8. FriendlyPerson 🦆🐌🐬 says:


  9. Tillece says:

    Hey can you please add an iOS download link!! Thanks!!

  10. DerpBurger says:

    This Texturepack Looks AMAZING but I can’t download it 😰😢 It says “Safari Cannot download this file” HEEEEELLLLPP it does that with other things too….Please help

  11. Lgamer1044961 says:

    This texture pack is so awesome you should download it it’s SO EASY! Whoever made this texture pack is awesome!

  12. Lgamer1044961 says:

    Whoever made this texture pack should make a shader pack to enhance the texture pack. That’d be awesome! I know creating a texture pack is very hard. I’ve never seen a texture pack this good. Honesty.

  13. BerthaSulavan says:

    I LOVE!!!!!! It!!! Its the best and is so fun to play with!

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