Life Mod

The Life Mod is the ultimate addition to make the game less empty and more lively. It adds more than 15 different structures and they are always populated by some type of customized villagers. It’s like entering an entire new world as you will be able to find everything from Native American tribes to ancient Egyptian cities. Much fun await!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

Exploring a New World

Here’s an ancient Egyptian village populated by villagers. Go visit one of the temples or say hi to the pharaoh. But do behave because there are guards everywhere.

life-mod-egyptians-1 life-mod-egyptians-2

A Native American tribe has set up camp by the river in this mesa biome. A few tepees and a fenced in area for horses. The Native Americans (or indians) are friendly so treat them with respect.


Aztec cities can be found in jungles. They consist of everything from large temples to smaller houses all made out stone. Here you can find all types of funny-looking villagers.


Goblins are small green creatures usually found living in snow forests in small huts. This little hut is shared by at least five goblins.


If you ever find yourself in an ice plains biome be on an extra look out for small ice structures (also known as igloos). That’s when you know you’ve found an inuit village. The villagers sure look cute!

life-mod-inuit-2 life-mod-inuit-1

Ohh.. a cave! I wonder what’s down there.. maybe a treasure?


Holy macaroni! A yeti! It doesn’t look friendly.. I better get out of here!


Mining can get lonely. Sure, sometimes you might come across some monsters but it is a much better feeling to discover a dwarven castle. Inside the castle you’ll find several dwarves and some anvils which you can use to repair your tools.


The Zulu people is one of the largest ethnic groups in South Africa. Now it looks like they’ve found their way into Minecraft as well. These villages spawn most commonly in savannah biomes.


Don’t go out on the sea unarmed because you never know who you might come across. For example, here are two viking ships with actual vikings on them.


Some people search for diamonds but others want to do some soul-searching. Find some extreme mountains to climb and search for a tibetan monastery. Maybe one of the monks have the answer to the purpose of Herobrine.


Come across one of the first sedentary villages. Sedentism refers to the practice of living at just one place for a very long time.


Here you will find villagers with very primitive tools such as a wooden spear.


Inns can be found in the plains biome. They are the perfect hideout from monsters during the night.


In the cellar of the inn you will find some levers. Try to figure out how those work in order to access a hidden ladder.


The ladder leads down to an old stronghold of some kind. Here you will find a chest with some really good items.


Install Guide

The Generator Mod is required for causing the structures to generate in-game. It can be uninstalled as soon you’ve generated all structures you want in your world. If you do so then make sure to install the Save Models Mod (unless you’ve already got it installed) to ensure that the game load time is optimized.

Also keep in mind that low-end devices might experience a lag when structures are being generated. This lag won’t crash the game. Just wait a few seconds for everything to load.

This is a beta version. Bugs can be reported by sending a tweet to Gona.

  1. Begin by downloading all the files (links found further down).
  2. Start BlockLauncher (make sure you’ve got the latest BlockLauncher version) and use it to install the textures (.zip file) (click here for guide).
  3. Use BlockLauncher to install the Generator and Save Models mods (.js files) (click here for guide).
  4. Restart BlockLauncher.
  5. Done!

Download Generator Mod (Required)
Download Save Models Mod (Optional)
Download Textures (Required)

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135 Responses

4.31 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. pio3 says:

    I’v been running for ages and I found no structures pls help mod sounds realy good.

  2. Yusril Shiroyasha says:

    Can it generate on a world that already exist before the mod installed?

  3. KenzoIX says:

    What the world seeds??

  4. Yew Jie Ming says:

    No structures spawned even when I flew around for a few minutes 🙁 I only found some villages

  5. Jemi444 says:

    Error code: **org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.MissingTextureException: The item icon twitter:0 does not exist (LifeMod-SaveModels.js#3)**

    • Editor says:

      You need to read the install guide which I provided in the post. It tells you to install the textures before trying to import any of the js scripts. If you do as I wrote then you will have no problems.

    • irksomedolphin says:

      same?!?!? also have this with rhe generator mod js. and the textures dont appear in the resources(do we have to put in other folder anything else plz reply and help!!!!

  6. JIO says:

    Why wont the mod js enable?

  7. Doctoremy says:

    The first structure i found ( after like 15 minutes ) was a tibetan monastery just after i found a other one but the second one have not the mod texture ( they are just villagers and iron golem ) is that a bug or maybe that a probleme who come from me ?

  8. Jose morales says:

    Can you make a mod that adds bosses to beat in places you have to travel or track would really appreciate it

  9. TheFailCart says:

    Blocklauncher Pro recently updated to be compatible with 15.4 and I installed the texture then mod as told. It worked at first this morning ,but now this afternoon it does not. It also did this with the Choco mod as well today could this be as a result of my device not being rooted or just a bug with Block launcher Pro?
    Please help!

  10. ... says:

    Cool mod but it’s hard to find them, I only found one. Another thing is that you can’t spawn the structures or mobs, and I really think it would be nice to add structure spawns and villager spawns, and that cool yeti too and other mobs in this mod. other than that, AMAZING.

  11. Leo Destoyer says:

    I flew around for several minutes and couldn’t find anything. If I got the messages saying “life mod v1” etc, then it is installed correctly right? I will keep flying around but idk.

  12. Kingruby says:

    It works really well, it dosent lag my game eatheir,tis mod works great :), I’m using it in my nodded survival 🙂

  13. Sweet_Lime925 says:

    Whenever I extract the texture file it says bad zip file and no new folder pops up

  14. Kav says:

    Sick mod man you should get some more attention for things like this,a job well done

  15. Anonymous says:

    Not to be the “begging for more” guy, but it would be great if you added more spawn eggs. (e.g. Taiga Civilian or Jungle Warrior)

  16. Sweet_Lime925 says:

    Whenever I import the mod from the “download” in blocklauncher it says “failed to import patch” and I can never enable the mod it just keeps saying “failed to import patch” please help me this mod looks really cool and I want to use it

  17. Charlie says:

    This is by far the greatest mod I have ever come across well done next update put something in the swamp biome

  18. leg says:

    Hi.I installed the texture and when I went to settings menu to make sure that texture is enabled I saw that texture has a black window and nothing was written.When i enabled it i went to block launcher to enable the mode and when i tryed to enable it screen frezeed.Plss help me and sorry about my bad english☺

  19. KEK says:

    can i use it in my Medieval / Survival Map ? (I dont wanna A Struce in my home… its Spawns Like Vanilla Villages ? OR Spawns Around me Randomly ???)
    And i cant use Textures (Mc Pe Master… (I hate BlockLauncher)

    • Editor says:

      They spawn on random locations. So if you have a map which is very precious make sure to back it up first if you wanna be sure of not messing it up.

  20. Hacker says:

    Nice mod please im will game this

  21. EndermanPE says:

    Massive problem, I have been trying to download each part of the mod flr 2 hour now and I still cant download it because adfly keep redirect me to ads link and it not redirect me to download. I have tried with adblock and anti adfly and it still dont work. Creator need to fix this and not desperate for money

  22. TheFailCart says:

    There is another new village that spawns as well as the ones you have listed. It is a swamp village. I haven’t found one, but in fuziondroids video one is discovered.

  23. Jackfrostminer says:

    I know there are more structures beside those ones can you please show us all of them??

    • Editor says:

      I added got screenshots of all structures I could find in the script. It is possible that new ones have been added since I created the post.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Pastebin error code:

  25. Anonymous says:

    I cannot find anything I been wondering for ages.. but every link are enabled

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is great! Well I guess it will be great, I haven’t tried it yet.

  27. skjfhniasubcoivu says:

    I would love it if this could work in MCPE Master. The ModPE stuff is fine but it’s that damn non-standard texture pack.

  28. skjfhniasubcoivu says:

    Yeah. It works with MCPE Master, just all the new stuff is un-textured because the texture pack doesn’t work with MCPE Master. I think you need to create the relevant ‘blocks’ and ‘resources’ json files so it can be loaded as a default texture either within MCPE Master or Minecraft its self.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hey,I found a Witch House Underground in Swamp Biome.
    Also I found 4 Cave Spider Spawner with 4 Chest Underground and the Room Filled by Cobweb, and I also found Swampland Village.Hey creator,Why you not mentioned these 3 structure.

  30. Pls help! says:

    How do I fix this?

    PPorgorg.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.MissingTextureException: The item icon twitter:0 does not exist (LifeMod-GenStructures.js#6)

  31. Micolo527 says:

    My iPad keeps telling me “safari cannot download this file” when I try to download the textures. both of the other downloads worked fine and I have plenty of storage left. Mod looks amazing and I really want to try it

  32. Krisna says:

    Hey creator, where I can find undead pirate, water skeleton and tzitzimime.i look in file ,there are 6 monster and 3 of them still not found.I just found worshipper in hidden sect, yeti in ice cave and mummy under enchanting room in egyptian village.

    • Krisna says:

      -Why when Tibetan Temple spawn has a chance spawn overwriting other tibetan temple, make the temple has 2 door infront and behind also some time generate 1 or 2 chest or even no chest.

      -Why Ancient Village require Roofed forest near Plains to spawn

      -Why Viking Fleet need Taiga, cold Taiga or mega Taiga Beach near Ocean to spawn

      -in mod file ,every diferent villager tribe has children variant but why when villager breed, adult villager spawn baby villager with default villager texture.

      -goblin hut are not only spawn in cold taiga, but can spawn too in normal taiga and mega taiga.

      -why the dwarven castle entrance is a mineshaft, and only spawn in taiga biome not in any biome.

      -why the egytian village when spawn next to river, some building drowned in water.

  33. MasterBuilder44 says:

    I can’t find many places and I downloaded it yesterday and can you make a mod that adds there tools,cloths,spawn eggs,and village spawns

  34. Fesert says:

    I keep getting this Not a zip archive

    Which blocklauncher version should I use, and what MCPE version is this for? And if I have both right versions, then why doesn’t it work?

    • Editor says:

      Hmmm.. which version of MCPE are you using? Have you got the latest BlockLauncher version from Google Play?

      • TheMadness says:

        I have the same problem. But it’s not related to block launcher : that’s just the file. There’s something wrong with the download link, I always end up with an empty bugged zip

  35. Ethan Munoz says:

    I need help I want to download the mod so badly but when I try it takes to adfly which is normal. Then it takes me to mediafire which is normal. Then when I download it it just shows me a bunch of codes and won’t let me download it.

  36. makkoy77 says:

    i’ve already installed both the mod file ( using latest blocklauncher) and texture file, ( by copy/paste the file extracted from zio.file in the resource_pack ), but when i open the game and check the setting, there is no available “life mod” resource to activate ..plss help here mr.editor, tnx!

  37. Lew says:

    Can you download this on IPad?

  38. JoebigM says:

    Editor you’re so cringe

  39. Lukas123 says:

    I think it would be cool if all creatures in this mod have a specific sound effects. But of course nobody even take time to read this.

  40. alfaputrapz says:

    Can you make it for please

  41. Zefan says:

    Please Make this Addon compatible with 0.17 🙁

  42. Cake says:

    Please make one for iOS

  43. alonzo says:

    spawn eggs?

  44. Vrapply says:

    Is there a way to get it on ios

  45. Pie salad says:

    Is it possible without block launcher

  46. HackerStudio says:

    Is that’s a bag? I saw some villagers spawned but there’s no village and they spawned in night… Why?

  47. Finn says:

    I tried to download it but it just came up with the coding to make the mod 🙁

    Plz I ned hlp

  48. 1ydudegamer says:

    Plz can u update this to spawn nether structures

  49. kamal says:

    this mod for update 1.0.x or 0.16.x

  50. GamerElite125 says:

    hey does this work for Minecraft windows 10 edition im having trouble downloading it for it 🙁

  51. Dominic says:

    Hello neighbor you rather be the only person that can make a good sense of humor or something about them but they don’t like it and you don’t know how much they make it so bad for the people who don’t

  52. AudacioresPuella says:

    Is there a way to get it without block launcher because I did everything step by step correctly and in the resource pack section it’s there but it won’t let me use it because it’s a “unknown pack” I just can’t get it to work

  53. ZAINTBM says:

    Why i cant find the structure? I already download and instal it but i dont find anything i do this third time and i still not find anything.
    When i instal it at block launcher,the js. Cant activated

  54. Lovelikesmaps says:

    How do I download it I want to but I cart I don’t get it 😭😭😭😭 help ;-;

  55. Ally says:

    When I tried to down load it, it brought up a bunch of numbers!

  56. Grendel4998 says:

    I wish this mod could be a bad ass addon

  57. PHANTOM says:

    Yo it doesn’t work for me and yes i installed everything

  58. Cryo says:

    I can get the texture pack but whenever I try to download the generator or the save models mod I only see all the code, please help! I really want to get this mod.

  59. Daboss says:

    How do you even download the latest block launcher and when I try to download generate Structure All show up was this jumbo of frickin code stuff

  60. max says:

    can u install this on the windows 10 edition

  61. Enzo Gladiadis says:

    Does this work on windows 10???

  62. Will says:

    When ever I press download it just turns into a bunch of codes

  63. Will says:

    This is for anything

  64. Alexander says:

    When i press The download IT just turns into A bunch of codes

  65. Amber says:


  66. AlienCraft says:

    can i download on PE? If not can I download on mac?

  67. mocking jay2007 says:

    can you install it on minecraft windows 10

  68. KatyDiamond says:

    Hello! Can the mod be available for iOS.?

  69. BeingCreative says:

    Hello my name is daisy this is a fabulous creation but me and many others are in tears can you some how do it so you can dowload it by medifire then just press open on minecraft pe please it would mean SOO much and plz reply asoon as possible my big sister would like be it and it’s her birthday on the 1st of September please help <3

  70. Kelly says:

    Editor I really like your add on but I can’t download it and would you pretty please reply!

  71. Look says:

    Please could you make this a McWorld

  72. Anonymous says:

    I tried to download it but it kept coming up with error signs though I do have the latest blocklauncher

  73. Bluemoon534 says:

    Is this mod only for android? I really want to download it but it just says “open in yahoo mail”

  74. Benetton 101 2:2 says:

    It won’t install

  75. Togar says:

    Woaahh i like this Mod is used mcpe 1.2 and worked that is more cool then comes alive mod

  76. Jeff says:

    Why can’t i download anything?

  77. Jeff says:

    It doesn’t work. Please help me

  78. Jayden Lloyd says:

    I really like this mod and i followed the directions to a t. I have a windows 10 and have tried to download it but sadly it will not. Please Help!

  79. MF1313 says:

    Where to put texture pack

  80. Kostas says:

    The mod has some weird glitches were the villager defenders have no legs and all villagers have extra limbs on their front and back. Also the textures sometimes “work” and some others they are black. I can provide screenshots if that helps. The mod is great but that whole thing breaks the emersion.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Can you please update so I can use mcworld it looks really awesome but I want to try it

  82. FoxytheDJ12 says:


  83. Dnwid says:

    This worked amazingly! Idc about the other comments, it’s great!

  84. Maddisonmac221107 says:

    Hi editor if your reading this can you please tell me if it works for IPhone 6 If not thanks anyway… It looks super cool!🤗🤗🤗

  85. Elise says:

    Omg this looks so cool please can someone make a world with this and make it available to download with the mod becos I can’t download it……..looks awesome tho

  86. Tommy Zimm says:

    Please make this for iOS!

  87. The Crazy Crafter says:

    Hi Creator/Editor
    How Can I Do That Cause The Mods In BlockLauncher/BlockLaucherPro
    Isn’t Working Please Tell me how can i have that without Blocklaucher/Blocklaucherpro

  88. Mwh_Gaming says:

    Please add a locate command cuz I cant find any

  89. Saphire says:

    Why doesn’t this work I am on ios and this looks so good

  90. Anonymous says:

    What’s all that coding when you redirect?

  91. xxscienceboyxx says:

    Does it work on iOS? iOS does not have blocklauncher. How can I install it on iOS?

  92. devin davenport says:

    are you able to download this on windows 10 because me and my friend like playing with mods and I told him about it but I can’t download it, it just goes to my files and I don’t know how to put it in Minecraft from there?

  93. HirwrC says:

    It’s a pitty that this mod will never be updated :(. But I hope there will be comeback in form of addon.

  94. Lol I’m a devil says:

    Your a baby 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  95. Chloclan says:

    Is it working on 1.6.06 version? Because i used a block launcher and it keeps crashing. Pls answer my question…

  96. HirwrC says:

    Doesn’t anybody know for which version of mcpe was this mod made?

  97. Bonnet says:

    It works doesn’t crash but nothing appears and im playing this on

  98. Günter says:

    Does it work for 1.6.1?

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