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A Lockable Chest is basically a block entity which works similar to normal chests except that you can lock them. It’s really useful in case you don’t want griefers stealing your hard earned diamonds or any other items or blocks that you want protected from other players. As many other add-ons, it replaces a mob in-game, so it’s not actually a real chest block.

Creator: Jannik_DETwitter Account

How does it work?

Lockable Chests replace Iron Golems. This means that you can either find them appearing naturally in villages with at least 10 villagers or 21 houses. You can also use an Iron Golem spawn egg to spawn a Lockable Chest.

To lock a chest you will need a Key (Carrot on a Stick). You can only access the storage slots if it’s unlocked.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the Lockable Chest and tap on the interact button to lock/unlock it.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the Lockable Chest to lock/unlock it.

A locked chest can’t be opened or pushed around. It will always remain in one place.

If you leave it unlocked then other players (such as griefers) will be able to take the items from the chest or even destroy it.

You can only destroy a Lockable Chest by hitting it with a stick. The contents of the chest will automatically drop on the ground.

General Lockable Chest Features

  • Replaces Iron Golem.
  • Lockable with a Key (Carrot on a Stick).
  • Remove chest? Retrieve chest by tapping on the Lockable Chest with a Stick. You will get the content of the chest back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What are “Lockable Chests”?
    Answer: Lockable Chests are Chests, which you can lock or unlock with a Key, to make their content available for the owner only and protect it from Griefers.
  • Question: How can I get a Lockable Chest?
    Answer: Lockable Chests replace Iron Golems. To create one, you need to spawn an Iron Golem.
  • Question: How can I lock Chests?
    Answer: Chests are open for anyone, till you lock it with a Key. Keys replace the Carrot on a Stick. Tap on the Interact Button while holding the Key to lock the Chest.
  • Question: Can I unlock the Chest?
    Answer: Yes, use the Key again on the Chest, while it is locked, to unlock it.
  • Question: What happens, if the Chest is unlocked?
    Answer: If the Chest is unlocked, you can push it around to get it to the place, where you want it. Anyone can open the Chest and the content is not protected from Griefers. The Chests can also be removed by everyone.
  • Question: What happens, if the Chest is locked?
    Answer: If the chest is locked, you can’t push it around anymore and it will stay at its place. It won’t be affected by gravity and only the Owner of the chest is able to open it.The chest can only be removed by the Owner or a Player in Creative Mode.
  • Question: How can I remove the Chest?
    Answer: Chests won’t take damage by anything. The only way to remove it, is by holding a Stick in your hand and tapping on it. You will get the content of the Chest back.


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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26 Responses

4 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Zdksmith says:


  2. Contik says:

    Nice, but there is one moment that i didn’t understood. If i lock a chest, and then someone will come with key (not mine key) , can he/she open chest?

  3. Nether Playz MC says:

    When I lock the chest(iron golem) the chest can still be open

  4. Marcussands says:

    Good can I review this

  5. Luv4eryone says:

    But wait… can’t the greifer just use a stick on the chest to unlock it? And aren’t enderchests a better way of keeping your valuables safe??? They can’t be unlocked with a stick… also I’m pretty sure you can make normal chests lockable with commandblocks too… so sorry if this comes across as harsh but, what can you do with this addon that there is not a better alternative for? It’s a cool idea, and I could see it being used for adventure maps but I dont think it would be quite ideal for a survival world…

    • Jannik_DE says:

      This Addon is for Multiplayer Worlds and Realms.
      Only the Owner of the chest, or a player in creative mode, can remove the chest with a stick.

  6. Ben says:

    Can everyone unlock my chest with a key?

  7. Yioker1 says:

    Can you kill a locked chest (that isn’t yours) with a stick? It seems as though the answer is no, though I’m not sure.

  8. uhhhhidunnomaname says:

    There is no iron golem spawn egg. You have to use iron blocks and a pumpkin.

  9. Audrey says:

    Coool love it my bro loves it too

  10. EstesFromML says:



    So, there is no way to unlock the chest again? That’s kinda trash. I don’t want to be rude, I’m just pointing out the facts.

  12. Marcy656 says:

    Really goood

  13. Redstoneminer68 says:

    make it so it replaces the shulker so it is morerelistic on how you can walk on it an not be able to push it around

  14. Krystal says:

    How are you meant to put stuff in it bc i cant?

  15. Araiguma Kiruno says:

    Plz make it replace another mobs like sheep or pigs cuz i have a village with 3 naturally spawned iron golems,or you change it with endermites that have chance to spawn when enderman teleporting

  16. GhostyPanic1 says:

    Cant you make it replace the normal chest? or the redstonechest?

  17. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Ummm… it’s said iron golem spawn egg but there are no golem spawn eggs anyways great addon

  18. DeadBaitOFL says:

    This add on won’t work for me I’m on iOS I tried using a stick to unlock and the key to unlock I long pressed it with both and all sorts of things is it just me?

  19. Not Working says:

    I downloaded this addon (Resourse and Behavior) then I added the pack to my world then, I used key and no button appeared im on iOS… Plz tell me whats wrong

  20. DeKaazerGames says:

    1 thing i will use this im my city world but can u make custom keys or not? like custom names for keys

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