LuckyBlocksRace [Minigame]

LuckyBlocksRace is a competitive multiplayer racing game combined with lucky blocks. The main objective of the game is for players to run down a track and destroy lucky blocks. Lucky blocks are basically blocks which when destroyed will result in a randomized event. If you’re lucky you’ll get some valuable items, but most of the time something horrific will happen — like creepers spawning.

Creator: FabianDroiidTwitter Account
Updated: 13 November, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

This minigame is suitable for anywhere between 2 – 4 players with one team per player. Line up on the small (3×3 block) platforms and then start a countdown from 10.

Players must break the lucky blocks on the track before moving further down the track. Each time that a lucky block is destroyed it will cause a random event. This can include everything from a creeper spawning to a bunch of anvils falling from the air crushing anything below.

You are not allowed to walk outside your own track. Use the blocks in your inventory to repair the track if it’s necessary for continuing further down the track.

You can reset the game from within the world after playing a round.



  • Giant zombie
  • Lucky giant block
  • Bug fix


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64 Responses

4.58 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. JohnCraft says:

    btw BEST MAP EVER!

  2. Rafael says:

    Me encanta lol

  3. BlockbyBlock says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    This is really good keep it up

  5. Anonymous says:

    And maybe you could make your own lucky block mod some day good work

  6. TORPADREKER says:

    Used command blocks eh? Nice!
    I actually made a lucky block map and uploaded it here and to….
    Cubified accepted my submission, but mcpedl doesn’t…. XD

  7. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Are these real lucky blocks or an addon?

  8. Darren Craft says:

    The map is great… It has complex command blocks

    To find these command blocks go to this coordinate:
    0 21 0

    But I don’t tell you where is the command that always sets to gamemode adventure/survival… Just comment here if you want to get the coord of the command block

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love lucky blocks!!!!!

  10. Umbreon2020 says:

    Rly cool 😉

  11. Graeme says:

    How are we supposed to break the lucky blocks when we are in adventure mode

  12. ArcticFrostGamingHQ says:

    For Creative Mode : TP to -1 21 31 then dont move then type in this command: /setblock ~ ~ ~ air then gamemode 1 DONE

  13. Gamergirl535 says:

    Amazing good job

  14. ggtvl1244y says:

    Can you make the lucky blocks gold block instead of stone

  15. Red tigger says:

    So good

  16. Javier says:

    I like yore videos

  17. BrizzyIce10 says:

    It’s a great map, j would just like 2 know how to install these lucky blocks onto another world

  18. mohammed7gamer says:

    Best Lucky block in the world

  19. PowerOfTheC says:

    I LOVE the Addon and Texture pack.Can i use it myself?

  20. KaiKai says:

    Wow. *old guy winks and walks away* 😉

  21. Anonymous says:

    I need to download it now

  22. DaBoss9326 says:

    Creator PLEASE send me the link to download the lucky block addon used here. PLEASE I NEEEDDDD IT!please I beg you

  23. Alesscreeper says:


  24. FakeDJ says:


  25. EnderGamer25 says:

    When i download the map, my screen is looking on the inside of my skin… pls fix this…

  26. EnderGamer25 says:

    One problem, when i break lucky blocks my minecraft crashes pls fix it

  27. The Last Knight says:

    Works fine for me but when you go to the command block area you cannot change to creative because of the adventure lock

  28. NaLa says:


  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    it changes it when u start the map

  31. LORDY says:


  32. Anonymous says:


  33. ExpertGamer719 says:

    Great <3

  34. ExpertGamer719 says:

    yey <3❤👌

  35. Luna says:

    I downloaded the map but the lucky blocks drops are invisible. And for some reason I’m huge and I can’t do anything cuz when I look around all I can see is my body most of the time sometimes I can see the path. Is there a way to fix it? I looked at the pack and it said null

  36. Madi says:

    there’s a glitch in this race? i’ve had this map for ages but i opened it and there’s a weird texture around me? it looks a bit like a giant conduit with an eye in the middle. I love this map i just have this awful glitch.

  37. Alesscreeper says:

    This is simply THE BEST map you can get from lucky blocks for PE, it’s just amazing even to play it alone, and it’s not like the others that lucky blocks are not blocks like this, but they are entities which takes away the essence of breaking them , XD, I recommend them

  38. Anonymus says:

    Does anybody know how to install the map? Im on windows 10 and i just get advertisements

  39. A hooman not hater says:

    I love this map and there were no problems with it for me lol! I had it for more than a year!

  40. Anonimus says:

    The map is weird when I spawn I cannot see anything because my skin was block in my way even though it was in first person mode pls fix that

  41. Endy the nightguard says:

    Noice,but why did i find null and entity in the world resource and behaivyour packs?whay are they doing?

  42. Otong Bapak says:

    Naise :3

  43. MaxTheFirst122 says:

    Its good but i have nobody to play with 🙁

  44. AenderB says:

    The best luckyBlock map! You can make hardcore luckyBlock map please? 😀

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