MAGIC – An RPG Adventure [Adventure]

Start your Magical Journey as a witch/wizard in the MAGIC map! With hundreds of commands to implement characters you can speak with, different Magic Types, a fully-working Magical Battle Arena, and more, this map is a great adventure for everybody! At the beginning you are given a hard decision about war- which side will you take? After you choose you are assigned a Magic Type. Every Magic Type has different abilities, and the characters on the map interact differently with every type!

Make choices and start gaining your first wand, robes, and even have your first battle! After the adventure map is finished, you have the option to go to a role-play village and add your friends, so that you can mess around as a wizard/witch without the nagging quests.

Creator: 2cuteRedstoneKitty / TripleThreat817


  • Working quest system
  • Hand-built map
  • Characters that interact with the player
  • Magic Types, based on a personality test
  • A battle similar to a Pokemon Battle
  • An intriguing storyline about a Magical War
  • A role-play map to play after the adventure, complete with jobs, a money system, a housing system with upgradable housing, a battle arena to fight your friends, the option to build your own house, and more
  • A secret easter-egg system… can you find all of the Easter eggs?


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62 Responses

4.47 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. crocodileguy says:

    does this map work with multiplayer?

  2. Danny84620 says:

    When I tried downloading it, it doesn’t work because it said “level import started” then after that, it doesn’t download

    Respond please

    • TripleThreat says:

      Hey! Sorry it didn’t download, it is a big world and can take quite a while to complete. I suggest trying again and waiting, or downloading MCPE Addons from the App Store- it’ll download it for you!

      • DontStopBelievin says:

        Why hello! Can you please make a sequel to this? Me and a lot of other role players would love to see a part two, because we love this roleplay so much and we’re so curious to see what Steve will do! Please respond!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you wait and give it time? Mine worked a couple minutes after it said level import started

    • Mormel says:

      I am having the same problem.

  3. Yuto says:

    Hey can you do a french version for this map please

  4. Kristoffer says:

    How did you get the behaviour and texture packs or what ever they are called

  5. Ella says:

    1. My wand dissaperd:( 2. Where is the dealer?? Is it a villigaer or is it the bakery and armory?

  6. KingZ says:

    I chose destructor, when i did my first battle i could only do 2 moves, and my moves didn’t work anymore

  7. Sugarhigh1808 says:

    Hey, I really enjoyed the map, Hope you can make another!


    Amazing. i have nothing else to say.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get the texture packs you used?

  10. YaBoi says:

    Dude I lost my wand doing questions talking to Steve

    • TripleThreat817 says:

      Hey! I don’t believe you lost it, Steve is just not the person you think he is ;P just kidding, try checking next to Steve, there is a chest…

  11. Anonymous says:

    What’s the resource pack?

  12. Martin says:

    It won’t work for me

  13. Anonymous says:

    im stuck at the fighting part. i chose the like destruction one and i could only do like 2 moves plz help

  14. Gabo147 says:

    I’m stuck in the part to steal the dark magic. Where is the button??

  15. PurplePeep says:

    I was a destructor, but after using floor crumble and the X attack, I couldn’t do anything. Still a fun map though, looking forward to the sequel.

  16. I wont tell says:

    Nice game. pls make a sequel

  17. Enderstriker64 says:

    Hey, I completed the game but I actually got killed and I spawned back in the game and the main part completely shut down, all commands in the main part don’t work anymore, hopefully the commands at the multiplayer section of the game still works, Is there a way to fix this, and if not can you add this in the next update?

  18. Esme says:

    I’m getting Harry Potter vibes from this 😉

  19. Brachmintorch says:

    Can you make a seperate download for just the end-game? I want to play with my friends without the storyline.

  20. Namw says:

    You need to make it multiplayer pleaseeeeeee

  21. Ethan says:

    What the was som disappointing I never got I’m was levitation guy and I some grappling hook but no battle.


    Amazing map TripleThreat, I can tell show much work and effort into this, best map I have ever played, amazing command block creations. How did you do this by yourself? Amazing

  23. Luna says:

    Loved the map when is part 2 coming out? And what’s going on with Steve?!

  24. heppyleppy says:

    Great map!

  25. heppyleppy says:

    Also, is there an equivalent of this map in the Java edition of Minecraft? I would greatly like to play this map on my computer for the full experience.

  26. Powerfighter076 says:

    I literally cannot find the Necro Dealer

  27. kurtzdakitty says:

    Where is the next one

  28. Ash says:

    I was able to download the map and the import was also successful. I can see it in my storage but it doesn’t appear with my other worlds when I try to play it. Please help.

  29. DemiGamer 2007 says:

    Please mkae a part two map. I want to know what happens so so badly!!

  30. Minecraft says:

    I’m on the iPad and it won’t download by not giving me the mc world and the zip… Plz I need help Also I bet this is a very good map. Being a d&d fan. :3

  31. Anonymous says:

    Where is the lar in the very first quest. When steve sends you to find the lar. I can’t find it.

  32. LucYEE the Wolf says:

    My skin looks like an RPG person .-.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I went to village with iron gate, I learned about the girl. Then I went to village, I learned about the organisation. Then I went to the necro forest and the game just ended after a fight. The instructions were not enough and I missed the things in between probably.

    • Katie says:

      Oh I know what you mean. My game did that too. Except I restarted it. The game was supposed to end. You just didn’t have the speaking parts.

  34. Ellie says:

    Really great map but unfortunately I didn’t get very far since the first fight thing wasn’t working for me it was doing the attacks fine until the third one were none of the buttons were doing anything this also so happen when buying you wand I had to break the wall to get the wand unfortunately lol

  35. Katie says:

    Umm I can’t find the Necro dealer. I went into the woods and followed signs but it’s not there. Help? Also please make a part two!

  36. SRGSKINNER21 says:

    I did not get very far in the game. At the start i became a destructor because it appealed to me. But when i was at the first battle i had a lot of tnt left well after my second move i couldnt do anything no moves would work and i only saw 2 moves for destructor. Also X moves didnt work either. I liked the map though the ones i could play. Also i had to restart because after the first mission i went back to steve with my wand and after he told me the second mission it disappeared please help me.

  37. SRGSKINNER21 says:

    ok so update i was a levatator and i mean its a great game but srsly man you only get to fight one battle then too be continued cmon. when will part too be available? I really like this map i wish there was more like this.

  38. Hope Bagels says:

    Okay so maybe I’m dumb but I’m a levitation person and I have the black magic but I can’t figure out how to get out of the room after getting it

  39. Pug says:

    HELP! I can’t find the necro dealer I can only find the N.E.C.R.O organization plz plz help!

  40. DontStopBelievin says:

    Heya! Can ya please make a part two episode of this? Me, and a lot of other role players, are very curious of what happns next! I would love to see part two! Please respond!

  41. Eurbos says:

    It took a long time to load so it must be good 😀

  42. bananagamer says:


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