Magicá Addon

Become an elemental magician and fight your friends and foes with unique new weapons or your newly gained magic power. Research the source of the fifth element “Magicá” and reach for the crown to become the most powerful wizard alive!

Creator: solvedDevTwitter Account


The first time you get in contact with magic, the vanilla experience system gets disabled. This means you can no longer gain experience from killing mobs, mining ores etc. There is an alternative way to gain levels in this addon which you have to use. After the first magic contact, the experience bar functions as a kind of mana bar.


Formulas are spells which you can use while interacting with different entities. They are important in order to get started with this addon and a new drop of skeletons & witches.

Magic Weapons

This addon adds six new, unique and truly magical weapons.

  • Soulsmasher: High damage, low health, used for villager trades
  • Whirlwind: Speed, high damage, slight health increase
  • Earthshatterer: Haste, Night Vision, massive health increase, low damage
  • Flamestrike: Fire Resistance, high damage, slight health increase
  • Watercut: Water Breathing, massive health increase, low damage

Magicánion: Combines advantages of the four elemental swords


You can cast five powerful spells with this addon.

  1. Hold an Air Gem, Earth Gem, Fire Gem, Water Gem or Magicá in your hand
  2. A timer starts (mana bar) and you can see particles around you symbolizing the element with which you are infused
  3. While being infused, throw an Infusable Stone. This projectile now carries elemental power and it’ll set it free once it hits an entity or a block

If you’re not infused, you get your Infusable Stone back immediately


  • Fire Block: Smelts ice & snow around it
  • Water Block: Prevents creeper explosions in a radius around it
  • Earth Block: If a zombie spawns around this block, it receives frequent damage until death
  • Air Block: If a skeleton spawns around this block, it gets levitated up into the air

Magicá Block: ???


You can now find four new elemental ores spawning underground.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can use a Formula: Transformation in order to turn a chicken into a villager
  • You shouldn’t hold the Formula: Infusion longer then 5 seconds in your hand. If you do that, you’ll get 40 levels and the formula turns into an empty one

You can use the Formula: Infusion on a villager to turn him into a magician


This google document (clickable link) is the home of a small guide on Magicá.


Thanks to Squidgyfaceplays for providing the Magicá logo!

Video Showcase


  1. Download the addon
  2. Apply resource & behavior pack to your world
  3. Enable “Education Edition” in the world settings!
  4. Create the world

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122 Responses

4.3 / 5 (67 votes)
  1. HirwrC says:

    Does it work with windows 10?

      • ziigi says:

        How you find ores ? Mine said i have a missing dependance in behaviorpack….. We didnt find any ore. I can put ore in creative mod with shulker box he had change…. But it stay a shulker box and didnt give me any ore. I dont understand ! and i became piss off…. Someone can help me plz.

        Windows 10.

        • LimeLemons says:

          Ya it doesn’t work for me too, I followed the instructions and it doesn’t seem to work so idk what’s going on

          • Blaine says:

            The ore spawns when zombie spawns by spawning in a shulker that has an id that changes its color which is why colored shulker boxes have the texture

    • Anonymous says:


    • Yannikong says:

      use infusion on a vilager
      (get infusion by kilyng a skeleton)

    • Pls read says:

      Alright I understand your all giving support, I’m sure the creators like that but we have to point out more than what your saying, the shucker boxes are being broken with all the pick axes and nothing happens, the skeleton and witch drops are fine, magician villager is fine but apparently I’m confused as to how we get shards and gems I have the blocks but as I place them in the crafting table to turn back into the normal form nothing happens if this isn’t how you do it then idk how I have the edu edition on and I followed exactly how the tutorial and video said. There is no reason this shouldn’t be working, I’ve done everything correctly and the items I find that actually come from the mod in the creative inventory are complete none functional as in the shoulder boxes aren’t Ores, btw it’s important I say that the magica blocks actually do appear next to the chemicals and such but those blocks are the only things that work in the mod for me.

  2. HirwrC says:

    Finally!!! I was waiting for this addon so long! I haven’t played it yet, but I surely know it will be great! Thank you solvedDev!

  3. Enderstriker64 says:

    Do you think you could add a tutorial world or Chang the help GUI to a tutorial? Btw I really like this Addon

  4. Abhishek kumar says:

    Nice Addon Love It!

  5. AaribAaqibYT says:

    Hi I like this addon but how to get a magician

  6. RandomityGuy says:

    What a smart way to add the new blocks and items by using the “educational edition” to add the blocks of chemistry and then modify them

  7. Candy Lin says:

    How do we find the new ores underground can’t find any

  8. princePlayz says:

    Nice pretty cool

  9. princePlayz says:


  10. TimThaCreator13 says:

    The ores (shulkers) don’t spawn for me and ive been searching for a hour and a half

  11. GPickle77 says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do when the new modding API is out.

  12. Salutations! says:

    solvedDev, your a wizard! Your addons are so amazing! Thanks so much 😀
    (P.S. your astronomic expasion addon is fantastic, but since update aquatic was added it messed up the texture pack, the addon still works but the texture pack doesint will this be fixed?)

  13. TimThaCreator13 says:

    The ores dont spawn for me and ive been searching for more than an hour

    • Anonymous says:

      The pres have a chance of spawning when zombies spawn since their an actual entity, so make sure your surrounded by zombies below ground

    • HirwrC says:

      You need to find a spawner. It doesn’t matter on mob which is inside. It also spawns ores!

  14. Wondering... PLEASE REPLY says:

    Hi, I just want to ask what this addon is about so, plz reply, just want to know. Thanks! 😀

  15. Spirit1 says:

    Another great addon. Btw solved dev, would you mind if i made an addon showcase for this on my youtube channel?

  16. ShadowJade1 says:

    For some reason its not working on my world, I play windows 10 but it looks like a really cool addon I wish it worked

  17. Lucky41 says:

    Why isn’t it working

  18. Peter says:

    The Addon idea and everything is very cool but i can’t find any ores, i’ve been looking for so long that i’ve lost track of time.

  19. Sh4dow says:

    Solveddev, you are truly a genius

    But, i did think to do this with edu edition.
    Minecraft basically gave us the power to mod it properly now

  20. Gustavo2006 says:

    how to get the shards?

  21. Anonymous says:

    finally thanks solvedDev

  22. Ideas-man says:

    Hello, I am th ideas man and I have a suggestion: can you make it to where we have new mobs? That would be awesome, your addon is amazing so keep up the good work!

  23. Dragonboy710 says:

    Looks like a very cool addon can’t wait to check it out.

    Ps. It would be amazing if you would make a addon were you could be a vampire or warlock and have magic powers and have monster henchmen.

    • Anonymous says:

      You could kinda do that if you used the astronomic Expansion addon and the minions addon but just didint use the texture pack, then the minions would look like zombie pigmen, and you can get magic powers & become a vampire in the astronomic Expansion addon so it kinda works if ya do that

  24. Dragonboy710 says:

    Looks like a very cool addon can’t wait to check it out.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    Ps. It would be amazing if you would make a addon were you could be a vampire or warlock and have magic powers and have monster henchmen.

  25. Nubbi e says:

    You are friends with squidgyface and danrobzprobz! That’s amazing!

  26. Sh4dow says:

    Some ideas:
    Recoil (Guns Mod)
    Fractured (Weapons Mod)
    Astro Exp: Reloaded
    Medieval Lore (Medieval Mod)

  27. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the ores the only magic I can use is magica lol but still pls fix it

  28. Titus Chow says:

    I can’t find the ores the only magic I can use is magica lol but still pls fix it

  29. captainfour4 says:

    I was awaiting this moment. This Add-On looks amazing! It seems as if it’s a real mod. Maybe it may even become better than AstroExp…?

  30. Anonymous says:

    how do u get book of infusion

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. Fan says:

    The show case video is DanRobzProbz???

  33. Albert says:

    Ive been waiting for this but question why when i go in the world get the magican and get the shards from ores instead there still shulkers and my difficulty was easy so can yall plz fix that or help me with it id love that!

  34. Gaming_Axolot says:

    I like it so much! But i have a question ¿How do you do an addon?because i want to do Addons and i don know how :c ¿Can you help me?

    • Anonymous Tip Line says:

      First off, you will need a computer (or a folder management app on android or iOS). You can then go to to download the unmoddified files of minecraft. Just scroll down until it says “Minecraft’s unmodified files are a good place to start if you plan on making your own Add On. Download these zips of the resource packs and behavior packs and get creative!” Just unzip those files and begin on addons or rescource packs. You should have some experience on JSON codes first.

      (For more information, please press 1, for thinking this was helpful, please press 2)

  35. Seanerick911 says:

    Is there any way of getting the items like commands and what does all of the items replace?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! This is definitely my favorite addon as of now, great gameplay and compatablility and it has a beautiful spellcasting system in relation to what is possible in mcbe! The main thing is; I have no idea what the formulas do, I know what the infusion formula does and I know what the transformation formula does but the aging, Slowness and assistant formulas kinda have me baffled, could you please leave a discription of what these do? It would be greatly appreciated! 😀 also I was unable to gain XP from holding the infusion formula for over 5 secs, so that’s a little troublesome but Still I’d rate this addon a 10/10 for just how well it was designed and executed, i love it.

  37. MasterDiamondLG says:

    I supeeeeer like so can you make spawn house mod please I rate 5 star

  38. Endergamez says:

    In the history of addons,this is the best and most advanced one i’ve seen,really nice job

  39. Endergamez says:

    In the history of addons,this is the best and most advanced addon i’ve seen,really nice job!

  40. Kitsune says:

    Hey Solved! It seems a lot of people (myself included) have been having the issue where the shulker ’ores’ don’t seem to be spawning underground independent of the difficulty settings… I have tried many solutions with commands, but since you can’t spawn in a pre-coloured shulker and also can no longer dye them by hand, many can’t get hold of the crystal shards unless they know how to use the chemistry blocks to create the correct items. I understand there are bugs with mob spawning in cavern layers and that you have played around with, and are utilizing spawning with altitude, but I hope you can fix this 🙂 Also I am unsure if this bug is to do with the device used, so for future reference I’m using an up-to-date iPad that can easily manage files of large storage

  41. Realmew5 says:


  42. Zev20x says:

    This is an amazing addon! Great job

  43. Smith says:

    I love you.

  44. Stevo says:

    I can’t even use the add on as an add on terrible 1 star

    • solvedDev says:

      Congratulations, you have a problem with installing an addon and with describing your problem which will leave you in the exact same position your in now since nobody can help you.

  45. AstrocatYT says:

    Broken with windows 10 RIP

  46. Zuraker says:

    Are you going to add to this add-on eventually? I would like to see more weapons and/or tools and maybe another element. You should try turning different colors of leather armor into custom armor.

  47. DeadBaitOFL says:

    I can’t find the ores naturally and only found them with zombie mob spawners please fix it

  48. ziigi says:

    I can find them (ores) in creative mod with shukter box object. But when i destroy them in survival mod, they give me back a box… So, finally, we cant found ores…. We are on windows 10 version. Ty by the way its look really cool like addon.

  49. ziigi says:

    Its give me a dependance error in behaviors pack. with id ID1403177F-0117(…)

    • Themuffinman says:

      Same problem, looks like we need a resource pack we don’t have? I’m reaching out to the dev on Twitter hoping to hear back.

  50. swordinhestone says:

    maybe make every item availiable in the creative inventory, as i amm getting frustrated going around in creative looking for the ore!

  51. dekaazergamesYT says:

    i can not find the ores 🙁 i seek soo long for them but i dont find them but this is a cooooll addon

  52. Terkoiz8190 says:

    How to get all item with /give command?

  53. How?! says:

    This is awsome, but what do the slowness, assistant and aging formulas do and how do I use them!?!?

  54. matthew says:

    how do you make a world with the magica addon

  55. Master999 says:


    Can you send me all item /give command
    I trying to make a minigame, and i need the command for it. I would be glad if you do.plz respond.

    And also the addon is great.

  56. Zev20x says:

    Hostile mobs aren’t hostile unless you hit them

  57. SAM THE SQIUD says:


  58. :0 says:

    It crashes the game. Everytime I kill a wither skeleton.

  59. Cray Cray Pizza says:

    HOW DO YOU GET THE MAGICIAN (I dont wanna read if it shows u how) >:(

  60. poplegos says:

    how do I get the magician I right click him with the infusion and it opens the trades

  61. Anonymous says:

    I love this addon and find it fun but i have two questions one is what is the point of the aging book and two can you do anything with empty formulas

  62. Suyash says:

    Skeletons and witches are not spawning with natural spawn command spawn and egg spawn

    • solvedDev says:

      Cool that you blame this content because you are playing on peaceful. (witches & skeletons have not been modified)

  63. Cookie says:

    How to make an advanced Addon like this one??
    I used Addon maker but I can’t change the flower :'(

    • Olirules10 says:

      I’m afraid you won’t get anywhere using and addon maker to make Add-Ons I recommend you learn to code and use an app like notepad++ on your computer to edit the json files

  64. AnormalPerson says:

    Will you fix the ore spawing glitch?

  65. Unknown says:

    How to get shards mining them just give me the box

  66. SonicStephen says:

    Does it work in creative

  67. Awesomepvp3500 says:

    it says atleast on of your behavior packs or resource pack failed to load what should i do?

  68. jasonala17 says:

    I found the ore (shulker) but when i hit it with an iron pickaxe it opens the shulker box

  69. Dragonrider says:

    Its not working for minecraft bedrock

  70. Fulgenzi220 says:

    Guys the ore spawns when a zombie is spawned underground Don’t say it’s broken
    Guys the ore spawns when a zombie is spawned underground Don’t say it’s broken

  71. Gamingfishron says:

    Can u make it for mobs to drop shards by rare chance or bump up the spawn rate of the ore

  72. xSugarPlum06x says:

    I love this addon but sometimes I get a little confused with the instructions lol

  73. JohnTFP99 says:

    Best addon ever but how do we get the ores to work besides finding them??? Like how can we place workable ores wherever we want???

  74. Gamingfishron says:

    Solved everything u have the mind and power but don’t have the thought just think and I can make it

  75. Yoll200 says:

    This add-on is awesome I love it

  76. tabitha says:

    does not work

  77. Redstoneninja375 says:

    Can someone give me the id numbers for the items? At least the shard ids please.

  78. B0UN7YHUNT3R says:

    i cant found the minerals in the overworld, help please

  79. Help says:

    Um… I can’t find the ores du du du THAY don’t spawn I did everything the Gide says so … It I RARE or you find them caving I bye the way which dimension do you find them in pleas get more details on Gide or put it in the page or in the comments I cnat figur it out many it’s because I’m playing Minecraft pe? That’s all Remider YA don’t have to do any thing I say..

  80. BetterThanYou says:

    When I get the ore from creative when I try to mine them they just return to my inventory like normal shucker boxes.On YouTube, I saw them use commands to spawn the ores in.Any help is appreciated.Good job on the add on anyways!

  81. Logan says:

    I found the ore but it won’t let me mine it, if I mine it in survival it doesn’t break??? Can you help?

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