Malte Pack [64×64]

Malte Pack gives Minecraft a gloomy and realistic feeling at the same time. All of the textures in the pack are very realistically made, especially the wood textures.

The mobs have also got a whole new set of appearances. Even though it’s hard to call a creeper realistic we are quite certain it’s among the lines of how the creeper would look if it actually existed in real life.

If you are looking for a realistic texture pack for your next build then we can assure you that Malte Pack is sure worth a try!

Creator: Originally by AllesWoGibt. Ported by migue_300.

malt1 malt6 malt5 malt4 malt3 malt2


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13 Responses

3.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Rio says:

    I need download malte

  2. chris says:

    Whenever I have this texture pack active all my surroundings are black with the exception of the sky. Any idea as to what went wrong?

    • Editor says:

      Yeah, it’s probably not updated for 0.11 yet. Try one of the more recent packs or downgrade to 0.10.5. I recommend the former.

  3. Minecart says:

    Update to 0.11.1 plz

  4. Luke Nawara says:

    I downloaded both of the apps that the bot check asked for and still it won’t work

  5. xXEnderWalker_YT says:

    Can you update it for 1.0.3 plz!!!🤞🤞🤞

  6. Don says:

    I can’t get the MaltePack can you please make a mcpack version to download

  7. Hedgiehuffles says:

    Update to 1.2 please!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Update for 1.2 and make it a .mcpack file

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Download” sends me to website which tries to trick me into install 3rd party software.

  10. LAST TNT says:

    OMG this a very nisoo

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