Mariner Castle [Creation]

Mariner Castle is a large and magnificent old castle situated on a hillside of an island, overlooking the town. There are multiple little houses outside the castle meant for the common people. Connecting the town is a harbor where a ship has dropped anchor, maybe its waiting for some goods to pick up.

The main attraction in this map is the castle. It got several rooms of different sizes and decorations. Go for a little exploration in the castle and cast a glimpse at the beautiful gardens and dining halls.

Creator: AncientMariner, Twitter Account
Updated: 28 April, 2018 (fixed links)

screenshot-2015-07-20-20-58 screenshot-2015-07-20-20-58_2 screenshot-2015-07-20-20-59 screenshot-2015-07-20-21-00_2



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25 Responses

2.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Sophie says:


  2. Jakey-Cheung says:

    cant donwload

  3. Taylor says:

    Can you make it .mcworld?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please make it mcworld

  5. Joshua cowhick says:

    Can you please make it a .mcworld. Thanks

  6. BlueSnake says:

    Cant download it without pc, but our pc is full of virusses and people that hacked it, can you fix this problem plz

  7. Katelyn says:

    Rip apple user’s

  8. Sandy whitaker says:

    When I download it it takes me to then file- SOMTHING idk but it does go on my document when i installed the app PLEASE REPLY ASAP

  9. Pika says:

    Mcworld plz

  10. Gamergirl535 says:

    To make it.mcworld install documents then click on link open in documents tap on the file to un zip it then tap the file again then select all that is in the file this is the most in important part once you select every thing in the file click zip then do not exit the selecting part just select the then rename the then end.mcworld then click done and chose then click the button under the upload button then the option to copy world to minecraft pe. Hope this is helpful😄

  11. Marissa says:

    Do I mind making this mcworld? Thanks! It looks so good!🦄

  12. Jlan123 says:

    The .mcworld is broken

  13. Fans Minecraft says:

    First like

  14. Bal Masque says:

    As a minecrafter who downloads many creations of our fans through years, this is a CLASSIC!

  15. BloxNerdz says:

    Mc world plzzzzz

  16. Linlu says:

    For the button: Click on it and when its done loading, look at the top right corner. It should be counting down. Wait for it to finish. A “SKIP AD” button should appear. It will take you to dropbox. Click the white button at the bottom that says “continue to website”. Dropbox will tell you to sign in. At the very bottom, it says “no thanks”(something around those lines). Click on it. At the top right, there are three dots. When you click on it, two buttons will pop up. Click on the one that says “direct download”. It will take you to another page. On that page, click on the button on the middle screen that says “open in minecraft”. Good map by the way

  17. Celestia says:


  18. Mady Allen says:

    It just takes me straight to drop box. Why is this? But the map looks great from the photos

  19. Morgan says:

    Ughhhh Dropbox I quit I hate this

  20. Boris says:

    *sees title and beginns to sing*
    We are 2 mariners, our ships soul survives, in this belly of a whale. Its ribs our sealing beams, its gust out carpeting, i guess we have some time to kill. You may not remenber me, i was a child of 3, and you a lad of 18. But I remember you, and i will relay to you, how our histories interweave…

  21. Kohan says:

    Can I please use this for my adventure map. I will give all credit to you

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