Cursed (Horror) [Adventure]

Cursed (previously Mary) is the sequel to See You which was a map created and released not long after command blocks were officially added to Minecraft. In this sequel you’ll find yourself in your own house investigating different mysteries. It’ll start out quite ordinary but by the end of it you’ll likely be a bit more frightened than when you started out. Keep in mind that it does include multiple jump scares.

Creator: CreeperGamerZXZTwitter AccountYouTube Channel
Updated: 3 August, 2017 (read changelog)

How to play?

You’ll spawn in a lobby where you will have a few different options. It’s recommended to read the rules first as there you’ll get some recommendations on your game settings. Press the Play button whenever you are ready.


  • Fixed fake ending
  • Fixed gameover retry buttons
  • Special thanks room added
  • Added some dialogues
  • Fixed wrong dialogue for rules
  • More bug fixes


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126 Responses

4.38 / 5 (67 votes)
  1. Vladu11 says:

    Wow! This is the first horror map for MCPE that ACTUALLY scared me! 5 stars, GREAT job!

  2. Tom says:


  3. patrikbones says:

    Bruh fix that map seems cool it won’t work.

  4. Zelal says:

    Very nice, ❤️

  5. spicytoybox says:

    first and this map is cooooooooooooool!!!!!

  6. SansDacula says:

    Great map!

    Can you make a FNaF Horror Map?

  7. ExplodingTNT says:

    You did’nt make it full story. So I’m not enjoyed. I just give three Stars for you.
    Next Time If You Have A Full Map,I’ll give it five.

  8. William Wallace says:

    R.I.P headphone 🎧 users

  9. FuriousDestroyer says:

    Also, nice map

  10. TheMeowwCraft says:

    This map is crash when i play,,,the loading is done(in the map),and thene force close,,,why im wanna play it

    -BadEnglish :v

  11. HasanTZ says:

    almost heart attack that jumpscare got me and nice sound effect please make next horror map so long

  12. PrestonPlayz says:

    Coolest addon ever please upgrade this please

  13. RazorBlader13579 says:

    This map was scary! I can’t wait for Onaf2!!

  14. ErikTSW says:

    Amazing map!!

  15. NoRedstonerJustaBuilder says:

    X_X <—- Me after this map

  16. BioSwarm says:

    Very cool map just should have been longer I did the whole thing in under 5 mins

  17. Mimikyu says:

    Is Mary the girl that jump scares you?

  18. LOL says:

    the ending was scary as unexpected lol Woah

  19. Little Carly says:

    Best Horror Map Ever

  20. PromptPlayer644 says:

    This map is the only one that actually scared me.

  21. Frank says:

    Cool map,really scary but beautiful adn 1st comment

  22. LordChocolateMan says:

    How’d you get wool chairs? Or is it resource

  23. Jayyy says:

    I just played it. I love it. The jump scares got me!

  24. Rainbow fairy says:

    This horror map is to cheapie

  25. Anonymous says:

    oh god the jumpscares omg

    that’s scary

  26. Anonymous says:

    Omg, whoever created this map. I don’t have words. I haven’t even finished my map and
    I’m scared and crying I’m my bed. Wtf dude

  27. Anonymous says:

    Already loving it

  28. Mia says:

    This was a bit scary

  29. Provium says:

    This map is not good at all. Not even to my tastes. I prefer the good old maps with cp and good gameplay.

  30. Gohanyt says:

    Wow its so epic

  31. Cyrus64 says:

    Very Fun!Great job on the texture pack and map!

  32. Bumblebee🐝 says:

    On the scary face part when u go through the vents I had almost a heart attack she got me good I was like umm ok so she’s just standing there omg fuck!

  33. DNLOffical says:

    Good Map 😀 The Voice Is So Funny XD

  34. Darkshark says:

    Wow I can’t believe I have first comment and hay guys follow me on xbox darksh2134

  35. Brandon Jeter says:

    This map is extremely scary! I almost jumped out of my skin! Oooooh. But I’m good. Really awesome map!

  36. abdulluh says:

    Pls Make A totem of undying mod modpkg for mcpe

  37. rizkanvin says:

    This is too much scary

  38. Awesomeness says:


  39. HuskyGamingTES says:

    Just saying…Maybe you should work on a full map instead these small maps…but overall very scary and nice map!

  40. Notch says:

    New TV!!!!!!!! Wow The Cool

  41. Waffles says:

    It is good I like it but I didn’t scare me that much and I’ll try to find five nights at frankies

  42. Rachel says:

    Hi where is the play button???

  43. AwesomePanda says:


  44. Anonymous says:

    I was expecting something scary. I wasn’t disappointed. I like what you did with using the Fnaf SL baby death game jumpscares sound though, it was really creative. I give 4 stars only because of the length. I liked the map otherwise, but maybe add some more story to it?

  45. Flamey says:

    Can you put the texture pack for download??

  46. EXIMIOUS says:

    hey there a video has been made
    have a niceday

  47. Dan says:

    It’s scary but I recommend it to anyone who likes a nice scare

  48. Alex says:

    Can you make it so I can download the texture pack and use it on another world pls

  49. Jed_gamez12349 says:

    Omg wow ten out of ten

  50. Anonymous says:

    ps: if u r scared easily i suggest that u don’t try this map lol

  51. Duh_itz_GabexX says:

    Sry I explode the map with TNT

  52. Yeshedude says:

    I fell I pee my pants

  53. Daniel Isik says:

    After that jumpscare I left the game

  54. SAM98 says:

    Downloads the wooden house (you made that right?) after first full screen jumps are sits on her crus and buys 2 flashlights (1 of them was milatary grade) downloads this map Buys 2 more milatatry flashlights and turns light on I STILL CANT SLEEP AHHHH DONT DOWNLAD IM SO SCARED

  55. Max says:

    This scared the shit out of me! Very well detailed! Great job! To bad it was short

  56. player 99934 says:

    End didn’t work for me. Redstone block was missing. Had to fix it in creative

  57. Aventurier22 says:

    Very very very good and Scary map

  58. TheSharkBoy2 says:

    Is there more endings? I can only get one ending!

  59. FuzionDroid says:

    Loved this 🙂 Gonna Make a video on it Soon!

  60. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Why don’t you publish the One Nights at Frankie’s texture pack?

  61. Kule_dud3 says:

    Hi creepergamerzxz I went in that one room because I completed all of the endings but I don’t have any sort of screen recorder neither twitter so maybe you could give me a shoutout anyway?

  62. Luthfy says:

    I like your map please update againt and ad for next update stand armor stained glass please ; )

  63. Brian38 says:

    Why’s the joker in the tv?

  64. Horror lover 56 says:

    Loved the true ending about how she actually was the player’s sister!

  65. Keyyard says:


  66. RemanentBow1194 says:

    that was not scary I hated it so I gave it 1 star for effort Meh! 🙁


  67. MikeMCMG says:

    I got jumpscare (love it)then i was stuck in the vents?
    Maybe cause my version its

  68. juaneduardo says:

    The best

  69. ASlotto says:

    Can i play this map with my friends?

  70. HuskyGamingTES says:

    Uh editor fix the descrpition it says Augest 28th instead of July. Any way good map, all I got was the brutal ending, I don’t know how to get the rest…

  71. Skippe says:

    I can’t read my if the signs when I updated Minecraft is it my device or the game?

  72. Epic123 says:

    Very good but what is the BIG map you mentioned?What is it called and when will it be released?

  73. ArmyRanger1283 says:

    Resource pack didn’t load 😡!

  74. Dhd says:

    It didn’t scare me at all 🙁 the only thing that happened was that a pumpkin was stuffed on my head. Also “Mary” can be a baby villager too. The signs were also wiped, so I didn’t understand a thing. I would rate 1 star, but I’ll rate 3 ’cause I’m nice 😀

  75. Creeper Big dan horror map! says:

    Hey umm I’m talking about the computer…. how u got real life sounds? PLZ TELL MEE….. And UR MAP IS GOOD!!! 5 STARS!!

  76. WinsMaster2225 says:

    So scary i screamed during my field trip!

  77. XfernoBro6589 says:

    I love it! 5 stars! Cool jumpscares! This is like the best minecraft horror map that works for me because i crash a lot. I have a little issue tho. All the signs are blank for me! Is it just for me or everyone else?

  78. Zekobash says:

    Why cant i download this map it saiz that you need verify if your not a robot if im not mistaken after i verify i click the download button and it didnt download it just bring me back on the page again and need to verify again TF! I had enough jeez

  79. Alex says:

    Nice map! 🙂

  80. ExplodingTNT says:

    Now I’lol Give You a Full Stars! Thanks For The Update! Also The New Update Of This Map Is Not Scary But Funny!

  81. Henry says:

    It said fuck 3 times!

  82. Hoi says:

    Why dont you add a retextured zombie that looks like a ghost to follow you in the maze,ps i like the fidget spinner video

  83. Ion79 says:

    Great map but once I get to the vents nothing happens

  84. Θεοδόσιος Κρυστάλλης says:


  85. Jaedon Ku says:

    This funny thing ‘oh yeah my figet spinner, ohh oh ohhh

  86. Benjamin says:

    So nice !

  87. Demon Prince says:

    The map creator actually forget to place redstone so all prople got stuck in vent and the room. It could be a great map if the creator placed the redstone

  88. Rahdley nixon green says:

    This is so good i will give you five stars its soooo lit and cooool awesome keep up the goood wooorrrkkk Not gonna lie😊😁😅 i like it

  89. LilMinionBoy724 says:

    What do I do after I get onto the vents? I got stuck and since ima so stupid, I got stuck there for 20 minutes……
    Plz fix the bugs

  90. Cupicorn says:

    I got stuck in the vents what do I do?

  91. Jorja says:

    How do you get out of the vents??

  92. Gamer1212 says:

    I can’t do anything and before the vents I was stuck there

  93. Merik james says:


  94. Golden freddy_1987 says:

    Is your friend piekabe?
    Also love your maps specially the ONAF .also i viewed all the images of the texture of onaf ,i saw there was a quiver, chalkboard,and many old features.did you build the map at Minecraft 15.1 or 16.1?

  95. Whyyyyy says:

    I got so scared I was sleeping and I had fucking knife XD

  96. Food-chan says:

    I already unzip the file yet there still no world that loaded ;~;

  97. PikachuBoi12 says:

    This game needs an update the vents do not work! I had to go and press a button to get through outside the map

  98. youssef says:

    all of command blocks are wrong! noob.

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