McDonald Mystery 2 (Action!) [Adventure]

This map is the continuation of the first McDonald Mystery. In the previous map, you have been already solved the mystery in McVille. And escaped from Ronald McDonald and entered a place named MineVille. Here in MineVille, you feel something strange. As you check some houses, there are delivered McDonald looking box and there are poisoned persons inside the houses. Now you know that Ronald has a new evil plan. His McDonalds Factory is the reason for these happenings. As a detective, you must invade the factory and save MineVille from that evil Ronald McDonald.

Creator: TheCommanderCreeper
Updated: 24 October, 2018 (read changelog)

There are 2 chapters in this map (continuation):

  • CHAPTER 4: MineVille – Investigate the village of MineVille.
  • CHAPTER 5: Factory Invasion – Defeat Ronald’s Robots inside the factory and destroy the main source of poisonous meals.

Creator’s Notes

  • If there are some bugs you notice in my map, just comment it below so I will be able to fix it.
  • Make sure that you played and finish the first McDonald Mystery before playing this second part.



  • Action bar message “Go and find Mark” is changed into a normal message command “Find Mark and talk to him”.
  • Action bar message ” Place all poisonous happy meals on the table” will not appear on Sherrif’s office without talking first to Mark.
  • Edit some spawnpoints.

Note from The Commander Creeper:

I update some command block messages to avoid confusions on players on how will they get poison meals on the floor that they need first to talk to mark before getting those items.


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17 Responses

4.18 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. RubenMCPE says:

    when i kill one of the robot it teleported me to a wall and i suffocate. FIX IT PLEASE TheCommanderCreeper. LOVE YA!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice map

  3. JaketheFreak079 says:

    Fine the second part.And part 3??

  4. LivingWithGaming says:

    So,you finally make a McDonald’s Mystery 2.Great!This will be perfect for Halloween! Can’t Wait To Play this and part 3.Awesome Trailer BTW.👍

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. ljcool2006/Bebble says:

    Nice map. I never finished it though, since the reskinned shulkers part is the part that seems impossible to me. Challenging = Best

  7. Dopis96 says:

    Nice map but it was really small against the first one. I would like it to be bigger.

  8. Star Stable says:

    I didnt try it,but i watched someone playing on it.I think it’s cool

  9. SearMr Cool says:

    Really good map man!!!
    Just one little thing (I might just be really bad at pve) at the start I just thought there was a little bit to many mobs since I had to /kill to actually pass a certain area because all the mobs were in a pack following me with there guns, so if you could fix it that would be great but if you don’t want to it’s fine.
    But still it’s an awesome map

  10. Sperty says:

    Give me a zip file pls..

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey I Really Liked It👍

  12. vinsensius says:

    when im play the map is glitched pls fix it

  13. Hahahaha says:

    The workers and the robots kill you almost instantly. please Help!

  14. Kurt says:

    I want part 3 plsssss i love ot so much also the firt part

  15. Mario says:

    Mario kart

  16. Lemonician says:

    Aye it finally came out!

  17. Taaaaam says:

    i loved it the way it was scary at first and all the things i had to kill i had fun with it please make more

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