McDonald Mystery 3 (The Finale) (Horror!) [Adventure]

This map is the continuation of the McDonald Mystery Series. In this final part, you have discover a new McDonalds in McVille as you return. Ronald McDonald is still alive and planning for something in McVille. A plan to burn his McDonalds. You as a detective must know why he is doing it and must stop what he will do more in McVille.

Creator: TheCommanderCreeper
Updated: 11 January, 2018 (Updated for

Chapter 6: Nightmare – Investigate the new McDonalds and escape Ronald’s nightmare as he makes you sleep.

Chapter 7: Burning Plan – Investigate the underground tunnel where Ronald burns his stuffs.

Chapter 8: The Fall of McDonalds – Find Ronald burning his own restaurant and defeat him.

Note from The Command Creeper

Even though I updated it for versions and above. Some versions above still have geometry of mob not working. It is recommended to play this on version because in my opinion, that\’s the only version where all mob geometry and mob behaviors are working properly.



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18 Responses

4.4 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Shopvil says:

    Happy 2019! 🎆🎇✨

  2. YeahBoi says:


  3. Nada says:

    Idk why but the Ronald skin doesn’t work

  4. yesimforreal says:

    Is there jump scares?

  5. Ep says:

    Hi, I’m playing on 1.8.0 and all the custom textures are glitched, is there a way to fix it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Map is glitched out btw but other games r good

  7. its alex gaming says:

    its not glitching to me

  8. Alex Balian says:

    Awsome map works perfect

  9. Alex Balian says:

    nice map

  10. DanyBoss2005 says:

    I love it! I ve been waiting 4 it

  11. Blood Sucker 96 says:

    I shot Ronald but he didn’t turn into a giant

  12. WolfyGames17_YT says:

    Amazing work on these maps. I had so much fun playing them and I can’t wait to play some more of your creations in the future.

  13. TheBadaiSword says:

    Excuse Me The Commander Creeper .
    Why The Skin Of Ronald Not Workin , Also Chair Got Glitching .
    Its There A Way To Fix It .
    But Also Pretty Good Maps Y’Know .

  14. Ep says:

    Still not working because this update came a little bit too late. I’m in 1.8.1 since 8th January and I can’t rollback to a previous version of Minecraft.

  15. WolfyGriebelYT says:

    Same texture bug with me at end Ronald turns into a big iron golem that is glitched

  16. Tiwan Family says:

    If the texture is bugged, Try Other Maps

  17. Esmira Iskandarova says:

    I Love MCPE

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