McDonald Mystery (Horror) [Adventure]

McDonald Mystery is an adventure map taking place in a small city. You’re a detective and you need to solve the mystery happening at a McDonald’s restaurant. This map consists out of three different chapters (each explained further down on this page). Ronald McDonald is the main protagonist in this map. If you see him – make sure to run!

Creator: TheCommanderCreeper
Updated: 14 January, 2019 (read changelog)

Notes from The Command Creeper: 

  • This map can cause some bugs like invisible blocks and other glitches to older devices. So it is recommended to use such devices with 1gb of ram and above for better gaming of map and to avoid glitches.
  • This map is not for multiplayer.
  • There is just one problem in this map that I can’t determine. That is the strange sound I heard at McDonald’s , RestoBar , and in Ronald’s underground. It is like a dirt sound combined with piston sound, but I already change the volume of piston to zero but there is still a strange sound I couldn’t determine. If you know the cause of this sound or what it is while you play my map, please comment it in the description so I will be able to fix this sound bug.
  • I’m creating McDonald Mystery 2 , just be patient and give me time and focus to finish it with amazing features.



  • Chapter 1: Dark Street: Investigate the way to McDonald’s
  • Chapter 2: The Passage: Investigate Ronald’s secret passage under the McDonald’s restaurant
  • Chapter 3: Creepy Forest: Escape Ronald’s secret cave and find the way out to the forst ot enter MineVille.



  • Updated for and above


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190 Responses

4.54 / 5 (86 votes)
  1. EmojiGaming says:

    Hey wanna make a group

  2. Ejhay_08 says:

    Amazing Map!! Good for investigating mysteries!!

  3. Ejhay_08 says:

    BTW its 1:57 pm dude!! not 5:56 am

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude other people live at diffrent places so they have diffrent times it about where the sun shines so if people has the same time then at midnight the country that’s on the opposite side of the world will have the sun at midnight.

    • Xel09_YT says:

      Time Changes In Different Countries And thats the cause of International Date Line So Thats Why When You Go To The Airplane Sometimes and saying “Please Change The Time Of Your Cp or Watch to 1:57”

  4. SONICPULSE88 says:

    Cool map there! But the design was not too nice.

  5. XDXD8778 says:

    This map story is great,but when I play it,it always crash when I go to some place LIKE The Under water Tunnel ro the ground part,The Bar clerk standing place,Chapter II begging for part ,Before The evil McDonald you stading part ,and so on.
    PLZ The creator of this map,FIX IT PLZ !

  6. AnotherOneOfUs says:

    Protagonist? I think that’s supposed to be antagonist 🤣

  7. David says:

    Everytime I play and something has to happen in the map minecraft crashes.

  8. AlienCraft says:

    I always knew Ronald McDonald was up to something…

  9. Moonlight says:

    Wow I just might download this and I don’t like horror Minecraft maps. It looks amazing.

  10. Kampret says:

    Why when me out to the sewer force close?

  11. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    You made typos. 1) theres a typo with forest, it says forst 2) theres a typo with to, it says ot


  12. Liker Of Mods says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Did you use a texture pack for the zombie for it to be Ronald?

  14. MinecraftGaboK says:

    Did you use a texture pack for the zombie so it can be Ronald? Btw I’m lovin’ it!

  15. MCPEplayz123 says:

    love it

  16. Dggffsgamer123 says:


  17. Salih says:

    ronald is very scary map is awosome

  18. Tomodachi master says:

    That was really cool! I even jumped a few times! But I thought you did really well on making the overall scary aura. Even at the beginning, I was shaking from fear. Great map, ten out of ten!

  19. Lawton says:

    Hi my name’s Lawton i think anyone who sees this should download it it’s a great map FIVE WHOLE FREAKING STARS

  20. Lawton says:

    Hi creator great map i love this it’s the best map in the world

  21. Anonymous says:

    It Is beautiful

  22. Xsniper says:

    There is a typo in th le chapter 3 desc, it says forst instead of forest

  23. Matt says:

    You mean Ronald is the antagonist. The protagonist is the hero.

  24. LugiaGamerYT says:

    welcome do mc dawnalds do you want a cheeze berger

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Danendra ivander godwin setyadi says:


  27. LazaritoPlayzMCPE says:

    you should make chapters 4,5,and 6

  28. Vitaly says:

    One of the best mystery/horror maps I’ve played in a while!! Very good story! Good job!!

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. KappaKapeesh says:

    Great map! Unfortunately, I broke the rules a little. The teleport function in the ‘Ronald’s Locker’ does not work. It is missing a slash. If it still does not work try this:

    1. Use a Chain Command Block (green color)
    2. Use this command:
    /tp @a[r=4] (coordinates)

    And I suggest using wooden or stone pressure plates. From my experience, the iron and gold ones don’t really function well.

  31. #Savage# says:

    Looks pretty scary

  32. Unseen says:

    Amazing Horror map No lags,no glitchest maybe i got the best device in this world

  33. Wolfy says:

    So fun and creepy!

  34. TROONMASTER says:


  35. Jack says:

    Why can’t we download the resource and behaviour packs?

  36. Mr. Meeno says:

    Is Ronald McDonald the protagonist or antagonist? Because it says he’s the protagonist but to run if you see him…

  37. Boiboi says:

    I just wanted the addon,Can you give me a link?

  38. Lloyd says:

    If you’re supposed to run from Ronald McDonald, wouldn’t that mean he’s an enemy, therefore be an antagonist? Protagonist means the main character. Antagonist refers to the protagonist’s enemy/rival/challenger.

  39. InfiniteEightHQ says:

    Omg This Map Is So Hilarious It’s Not Even Scary💀👻 No Offense TheCommanderCreeper But It Was Still Great Work And I Love That You Made This With Your Imagination🌈

  40. InfiniteEightHQ says:

    Here Is My Rateing

  41. TheCommanderCreeper says:

    Don’t forget to leave a comment after you played the map.

  42. DerpyJacob says:

    my gosh This map is so cool can you make Mcdonalds Mystery 2 where youll fight ronald

  43. DerpyJacob says:

    sorry Creator when i Play This game the part of where you talk with bob my minecraft crashed always please help and my first comment is when i start map i Hope you understand

  44. MinecraftUser321 says:

    I am stuck on chapter 2 i cant find the redstone block and the code

  45. Great_saiyaman64 says:

    Hey men,when i go restobar it crashes..
    Can you fix it men?Btw this map is awesome…😊😊,ill give you five star if you fix it..

  46. Anonymous says:

    Awesome!! This is by far the coolest map i evervplayed so im giving it ★★★★★

  47. X3mgamer says:

    Do you mean antagonist?

  48. iPtrxtecZ says:

    i laughed so hard i fell on my girlfriends head 😂

  49. Luca Cipolla says:

    WOW!! This map is very very horror!!

  50. Luca Cipolla says:

    WOW!! This map is very horror!!

  51. YaBoiAction says:

    This was a great map! Love the mix of Adventure with Horror it is awesome keep it up! Check out my walkthrough of it!

  52. GabrielGameYT/YouTube says:

    Good map…Can I play this in my YouTube channel?

  53. Coolnathan49 says:

    Nice Map! This was very scary. The only part that scared me so much was when Ronald chases you lol. The only reason why is because he laughs and runs at you and his face!
    Apart from that this was very fun!

  54. Gian says:

    Is this multiplayer?

  55. T3G says:

    It’s Antagonist, protagonist is the good guy.

  56. A.I. says:

    First Comment, Amazing Map! Scary but fun. The Ronald guy made the map fun and interesting while having a horrifying experience with the gore and attacks. Five Stars! 🤡🤡🤡

  57. SniperRus71417 says:

    I cant find key

  58. xSLICEBLADEx says:

    FIrst comment \( ᐛ )/

  59. Anonymous says:

    Umm where was the storage room? I had the key for it and I searched everywhere there was no storage room so I was stuck.

  60. This is amazing says:

    Sick man, please make part 2

  61. A kid says:

    Great map. Really creative plot and story telling. Though it was really repetitive, like a lot of keys can be found by searching rooms full of chests it gets really annoying.Fingers crossed on part 2! Also my fav part was chapter 2 and the maze at the beginning of chapter 3. 4 stars!

  62. TheCommanderCreeper says:

    On other devices, Ronald runs very fast on the forest that you need to manage on how he will not be able to see you so you can escape.

  63. snowpug says:

    Surprisingly prettt creepy. Loved it!

  64. Cinder says:

    How do we get the trapdoor from Ronald’s locker to open 😩

  65. LavenderCrush says:

    What do u do after you get to the working area in chapter 1? I’m so confused plz help me!

  66. Lil Newb says:

    Awesome map dude make more plz

  67. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! I generally jumped at a couple of points, would definitely recommend to anyone! Although I did have to cheat to get into ronalds locker, best map ive played so far!

  68. Awesome guy says:

    It should be Ronald McDonald is the main antangonist. Protagonist means the good guy

  69. Morgan B007 says:

    He commanderCreeper I was wondering if maybe I can help you make maps. I would really like to help out.

    • TheCommanderCreeper says:

      Really Morgan B007, are you also good in programming like typing json codes to create custom addons. But how can you help me? I’m creating McDonald mystery 2 and planning to create more maps and addons.

    • TheCommanderCreeper says:

      Really Morgan B007, are you also good in programming like typing json codes to create custom addons. But how can you help me ? I’m creating McDonald Mystery 2 and planning to create more maps and addons.

  70. RainPlayz_Minecraft says:


  71. F1reStrom says:

    I got stuck,
    I found two buttons to be placed upon redstone blocks, I place them and try to make ‘M’, but the game stopped, I restarted the game but I fell down into the void and died, this annoying thing is happening to me again and again.

  72. G&J says:

    We loved this map! Great balance between story/puzzle/scary stuff. Have you created other maps that we can try?

    • TheCommanderCreeper says:

      McDonald Mystery is my first map and only one that I have created for now. I’m planning and creating more maps and addons. Just give me time and focus to finish and create better maps and addons.

  73. TheCommanderCreeper says:

    It’s not easy to create and finish adventure maps. It takes days and weeks to be able to make the final product, you need to program every command block, json codes , designing resource packs and testing it multiple times until your work is perfect and ready to be showcase.

  74. Ghost says:

    I wanna report a glitch which is very bad
    One. I can’t see myself
    Two. I can’t see Ronald he is invisible
    Three. All shelter boxes and many things are invisible

  75. D05 says:

    Flaws: The prison cells puzzle can glitch sometimes, MineVille exit can also glitch a little, Ronald can get you trapped on the secret tunnel if he gets close enough, creepy Ronald pictures feel a bit out of place.
    Good points: Well done dialogue and exposition, good but not perfect key system.

    Go ahead and deliver part 2, I know it will be amazing.

  76. Lol says:

    Hey there a video has been made
    Have a nice day

  77. Endernoob says:


  78. Ronald McDonald says:

    Hello children! >:)

    • I Hate Adfly says:

      Hello! I always knew you were a far relative from Pennywise. Btw, I woluld like 2 Mc Chickens, a small Coke, and some small fries.
      Great Map!

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      Hi Ronald! You are not that scary, even when you are a walking possessed corpse without any eyes in your sockets, compared to the possessed Mac Tonight animatronic from the Five Nights with Mac Tonight Mcdonalds…… That technological terror juat stares into my soul! And the things he says when he is trying to get into the kitchen to kill me!


      Me: W.T.Flip! Did he just follow me here!?

  79. TheCommanderCreeper says:

    The panorama background in this update is not that good, if you have an idea on how to create custom panoramas for minecraft, please comment it, thank you.

  80. Danny says:

    How do you get passed the part when you enter McDonald’s

  81. Jason says:

    I want this texture pack

  82. MitsukiPark says:

    Please post the texture pack please!!

  83. Sassie says:

    One thing that scared the hell out of me when I took the pickaxe and I found Ronald Macdonald standing there I wanted to scream but I could cuz my family is sleeping but otherwise the map was great

  84. Anonymous says:

    Hi where can I find your resource and behavior packs because it was very nice. Please reply

  85. Lestrer says:

    Really nice map and love it

  86. Kevin says:

    This has been happening ever since June 2018 for me. When I press the Download button, it just goes back to mediafire. Plz fix this mcpedl or mediafire because it almost affects all the maps!

  87. Moose says:

    It did what any good horror map should… SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME I WONT BE EATING AT MCDONALDS TIME SOON.(+_+)

  88. Goldie says:

    I had the volume down the first time I played.. But since I updated it and played with friends… Well, it was scary and consisted of us running around sacrificing each other trying to kill Ronald with our fists. The map also feels a little bit more polished.

  89. Yamilet says:

    Hello, so I played this map and I thought it was one of the best maps I’ve played! Also I need to tell you something…can you make a work at McDonald’s map. It will mean the world to me! I tried to find a map but none worked! So please can u make one? Thank you

    P.s can’t have for the second one!

  90. Thomas says:

    How did u make the doors opening with a key card

  91. Marcelino says:

    I loved this map very cool i am hype for the second part

  92. mohitt01p says:

    Yo im stuck on the section of the map where im where all the lockers are in McDonalds idk how to open the little iron trapdoor

  93. danieldeak70 says:

    @TheCommanderCreeper You mean that sounds like “a villager hmm…” . I think it’s a Minecraft bug. If not is the strange sound… then…i don’t know. I can’t hear anything else.

  94. danieldeak70 says:


    PS: It’s a walking bug when you walking on woodplanks.

    • danieldeak70 says:

      The strange sound is the “villager hmm..” is that? It’s a Minecraft bug. I can’t hear anything else.

  95. danieldeak70 says:

    Ohhhhh… I can hear the sound at McDonalds place … it’s a ‘stone placing sound’ and I know why: When you disable the texturepack you can hear the mob sounds right? So this “stone placing sound” is one of the mob(or both mob): Skeleton or/and Witch.

    • danieldeak70 says:

      I checked the sound files… and both mob (Skeleton and Stray) is ‘stone’ sounds.(FSB Extractor)

      Sorry for this … long… comment.

  96. Da boi says:

    Nice map, when is the 2nd one coming.

  97. TheBeast says:

    help me, when I go to open the map, it gets stuck and does not open, version

  98. TheLokura says:

    help me, when I go to open the map, it gets stuck and does not open

  99. Alyson Law says:

    I would not play this by myself I would play with my friend

  100. Maya says:

    Please add the add-on u used for the McDonald’s world BC this is amazing!!!

  101. TheCommanderCreeper says:

    Maybe between september- november this year

  102. GamingPlayz says:

    Um Can You Make A McDonald Mystery 2 I Love It And Great Texture Pack But Plz Fix The
    Chapter 3 Because McDonalds Super Fast I Can Get Out She Was Super Fast Plz Fix It The Bug

  103. Kanye says:

    It’s a great map

  104. GamingPlayz says:

    Hello Guys CommandCreeper Has Live In Philippines I’m Philippines Too

  105. Jollybee Mystery says:

    Hehehe I Waiting For You To Play My World Hehehehe

  106. CalenderPuppy says:

    I don’t even like horror maps and I’m getting this!
    And Btw I don’t eat Mcdonalds, never in my life.

  107. CalenderPuppy says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, When I was walking on the employee room I looked in all lockers I walk I turn my eyes to see in the other room when I see for a split secont RONALD MC DONALD And the weird ‘Dooooon’ sound AND I JUMPED IN THE FLOWER AND,…! The End I quit I jumped in the flower like jumped in, good work scaring me!

  108. Me says:

    Ronald is soooo quick at the end.

  109. A girl you don’t know says:

    This scared the hell out of me the part that scared me the most was at chapter 4 when they told me get the pickaxe from the cave when I took the pickaxe I went out of the cave and found Ronald Macdonald standing there I froze in my place then he killed but good map hop for more

  110. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    LOL at the YouTube video’s thumbnail. Made me laugh.

  111. Master of TNT says:

    A great map for exploding I explode the hole map with TNT

  112. Creeper says:

    Creeper when will part 2 come out

  113. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it it sucks

  114. Creeper says:

    Creeper if this month what day

  115. FRICKPOOL says:

    amazing map i loved playing can’t wait for part 2

  116. Kim says:

    Hey I’m sorry I know it says it’s not for multiplayer but I was interested and was afraid to play by myself so I asked my cousin to join but sorry again i hope you understand

  117. Enderactulize says:

    Commandercreeper can u post the texture pack? Please?

    …I’ll use it to make this map I’ve been working on, credits to u. If u do.

  118. YaBoiBenny says:

    You can parkour up the gravel that’s blocking the road

  119. SweetAnimee13 says:

    OMG this map was SOOOOOOO cool i hope there s a second one this map made us jump

  120. Zombie slaying kid43534 says:

    Creeper when is part 2 coming out? Btw loved the map can’t wait for the next one to come out

  121. Anonymous says:

    its pretty good

  122. Angry republican says:

    This is one of the best maps I have ever played!

  123. Anonymous says:

    Great map so far, can’t get past where Ronald chases you in the forest, he’s way too fast

  124. IBeAwesome100 says:

    Ok this map is not scary however the cave part is super creepy because he says “I COULD KILL FOR A CHEESE!” What does that mean?

  125. Lisa says:

    As a Carry map im so scarry 😭😭😍😍😍

  126. BendyGamer141YT says:


  127. Herobrine says:

    Best map I’ve ever played. AMAZING

  128. GlenisDarling says:

    I’m stuck!! I dunno where the employee’s ID card goes! Can anyone help me!? (This map is really good even though I’m not great at it!😉)

  129. GlenisDarling says:

    I just mined my way through the gravel and Ronald stopped saying I could kill for cheese, so is that the end of the game? If it is I LOVED it! I can’t wait to do the next one!

  130. Mousetheman says:

    How do you get to the passage?

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