Metro Goenitz [Creation]

Metro Goenitz is large city currently undergoing building developments. Even though it’s a work in progress it is still worth a download as it got a unique style to each building and the creator appears to make some good use of the surrounding area such as the with huge crane or oil platform out in the sea. In the city you will find everything from a Facebook headquater to a boxing arena.

Hail Goenitz, the creator, is known for his incredibly detailed and realistic builds so it will definitely be exciting to see what the complete product will look like in the future.

Creator: Hail Goenitz

(File size: 10 MB)


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7 Responses

  1. Mörde says:

    Please give me the maps

  2. darci says:


  3. Andrei says:

    Can you re-upload please ?

  4. Little sally gaming says:

    Hi guy I love how this guy makes these

  5. iRexBot says:

    .mcworld download?

  6. ricky is sticky says:

    is it cus I don’t know how to use a .zip file

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