Mine-Furniture Addon

This is a really great addon which includes 20+ different furniture. Each furniture has a different use such as sitting or some kind of interaction (e.g. storage or trading). For example, the radio can be used for playing songs and the fridge can be used for storing food items. But the main and most important part is the fact that they look really good and can also be used just as decorations for your builds.

Creator: MicoLets_MC, Twitter Account
Updated: 11 July, 2018 (read changelog)

How to obtain furniture?

You can now trade Furniture Items by finding or spawning a Villager and interact it with a Bit-Emerald to spawn a Furniture Seller.

How to use the DL Box for spawning furniture?

Place down a DL Box and then use any of the furniture items to build the furniture (long press on the box). The DL Box replaces the shulker and that means you will need to use get a shulker spawn egg (or type /summon shulker) to spawn it.

Some furniture also replace blocks, so those you can find by using the creative inventory. You can find a full list of furniture further down on this page.

In this case, I built a radio. Different furniture have different features. The radio can be used for playing a song but you’ll need a CD for that.

  • iOS / Android: Hold a Rock Song CD, long press on the radio and press Play
  • Windows 10: Hold a Rock Song CD and right-click on the radio to play a song

All Furniture

Most of the following furniture have unique features but they are also great just to use as decorations. Some of the furniture can be rotated.

  • DLBox (Undyed Shulker) – Unboxes the furniture which you want to get
  • Drum (Purple Shulker) – You can play this Drum by long pressing on it with a stick
  • Computer (Black Shulker) – Turn it on so you can store your written and enchanted books (With 3 Slots only), and by turning it off, you need to use some Bit-Emerald by interacting to the computer. You can earn emeralds every 5 to 6 Minutes.+
  • Statue (White Shulker) – You can upgrade it into a Statue Guard by long pressing with Golden Pickaxe, and Trophy Statue by long pressing with Stone Pickaxe
  • Radio (Red Shulker) – You can play songs by using the CDs (Pop, Rock, Blues Songs)
  • Table (Orange Shulker) – You can store 2 Food Items, drop items on table, then long press on it to access the items
  • Chair (Yellow Shulker) – Sittable, and can change size by long pressing on it with Golden Pickaxe. You can change it back by long pressing with a Chair
  • Fridge (Green Shulker) – Store food items
  • Coffee Table (Lime Shulker) – You can store 2 Food Items, drop items on table, then long press on it to access the items. You can change the size by long pressing on it with Golden Pickaxe. You can change it back by long pressing with a Coffee Table Item
  • Stool (Blue Shulker) – Sittable, and can change size by long pressing on it with Golden Pickaxe. You can change it back by long pressing a Stool
  • Blender (Cyan Shulker) – Blend apples, melons, potatoes and carrots into potions
  • BBQ Grill (Light Blue Shulker) – Need to Put one Block of Coal to Cook your raw meat and fishes
  • Safe / Vault (Magenta Shulker) – Can be use to hide your important items. You can also lock/unlock this using a Safe Card.
  • Bin (Pink Shulker) – Drop your items in the bin. You can collect them by long pressing on it.
  • Bathtub (Gray Shulker) – You can sit in the bathtub. But first you need to fill it up with some water. Use some soap (Light Gray Dye) to add some water and then have a seat. You can empty the bathtub by long pressing on it with an empty bucket.
  • Toilet (Brown Shulker) – Sittable
  • Flat-Screen TV, Telephone, Mailbox, Aircon, Teddy Bear (Heads) – Design
  • Electric Fan (Dragon Head) – You can turn it on by placing a lever on it.
  • Improved Beds (Normal Beds)
  • Baby Cribs (Brown and Magenta Beds)

The sheep is replaced by an armchair. You can rotate it by using a stick. You can also dye them with dyes.

All Furniture Items

These are items which you can use to interact with furniture (e.g. repairing or CDs for playing music). The list also includes some wearable items.

  • Snorkel (Chain Helmet) – Can be use to breath and can see underwater.
  • Amulet (Chain Chestplate) – Can be use to have unlimited regeneration and strength.
  • Magical Diaper (Chain Leggings) – Can be use to turn into a baby size. (The skin is custom though.)
  • Slime Boots (Chain Boots) – Can be use to jump high and no fall damage.

You can only the items to a Furniture Seller (Villager Priest) or using the command “/give @p Item ID 64 Data” (For example: /give @p yellow_flower 64 1) in the Following Items:

  • Blues CD (yellow_flower:1) – Interact to the Radio to play Blues Songs
  • Pop CD (yellow_flower:2) – Interact to the Radio to play Pop Songs
  • Rock CD (yellow_flower:3) – Interact to the Radio to play Blues Songs
  • Furniture Remover (yellow_flower:4) – Can be use to remove Furniture Instantly
  • Safe Card (yellow_flower:5) – Can be use to Lock/Unlock Safe
  • Red Gift (yellow_flower:6) – Can be use to obtain Equipment items!
  • Blue Gift (yellow_flower:7) – Can be use to obtain Food items!

Tip: Don’t equip the gifts if you don’t want to open yet, it will open them once you equip it. Sometimes, you will get coal inside those gifts.

  • Furniture Repairer (yellow_flower:8) – Can be use to Repair/Heal Furniture
  • Hedge (Nether Reactor Core) – Decoration and great for using as a wall.
  • Lava Lamp (Glowing Obsidian) – Can be use as a Light Source and great for Decoration.
  • Barrels (Shulker Boxes) – Can be use to store items.

Wear Magic Diapers to turn into a baby! (The skin is custom though.)

Note: If you can’t sit, open, or interact at the furniture, you must unequip dyes or spawn DLBox so you can interact the furniture.


  • Remodelled, and Retextured Furniture once again!
  • Statues can turn into “Trophy Statue” using Stone Pickaxe
  • Added Particles and Sound Effects while Unboxing or using Furniture
  • Tables and Coffee Tables can only put Foods in there Inventory
  • Furniture drops 10 Bit-Emeralds (Shulker Shell)
  • Computers can Spawn emeralds between 5 to 6 Minutes
  • Computers can equip your Written Books, and Enchanted Books
  • Computers now can turn on and off! (But you need to put shulker shell (Bit-Emerald) in order to turn off
  • Fridge Can now Freeze Water Bucket into Ice!
  • You can get all these Furniture Items to the Furniture Seller (Villager Priest) by spawning him using Bit-Emerald.
  • New Furniture Items: Blues CD, Pop CD, Rock CD, Furniture Remover, Safe Card, Red Gift, Blue Gift, Furniture Repairer, Barrels, Hedge, Lava Lamp, Snorkel, Amulet, Magical Diaper, Slime Boots
  • Bugs Fixed!


  1. Download Addon (Resource & Behavior) .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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406 Responses

3.88 / 5 (190 votes)
  1. Kristizzzgaming says:


  2. Tronbot says:

    It is awsome and I like it,but some of the stuff got a little wrong texture.But its good dou;)

  3. LegoAidan10155 says:

    This is so awesome!

  4. Reply says:

    Wow Cool Add’ons How You Make This?Pls Reply

  5. TB9000 says:

    How do I stop the music from glitch
    (Killing Shulker when music is played)

  6. Faisal gaming says:


  7. JesseMCappleGold says:

    its only for ?

  8. mark30098 says:

    Why it need to spawn a shulker?

  9. ImJustIron says:


  10. Awesomesauce says:

    Nice addon!👍

  11. Jacob Lane says:


  12. Sean iOS says:

    I love this addon

  13. Will says:

    How do I fill the tub with water

  14. Eagle says:

    Man, amazing Addon by far the best!

  15. Eagle says:

    Man, by far the best add on!

  16. Jamie2004Pierre says:

    looks cool

  17. Wapster says:

    Why when i spawn the shulker,it spawn the computer,not a DL box, and there is some problem when i use this add-on.Can you explain me why,editor?But,it’s still an awesome add-on!

  18. Wert929 says:

    Yo GG dude I love it SOOOOOOO MUCH!!

  19. Kevin playz says:

    When i spawn in a table it spawns in a bathtub can you fix it please

  20. Dragon says:

    I tried in and when i used spawn shluker it spawned a computer and the fearures dont work so it force me to update in

    • Editor says:

      I don’t know if it works for that version. I would recommend using the latest official version (non-beta) which I think is 1.0.8 currently. That is what I tested it on.

  21. Mynamedoesntmatter says:

    This is a cool addon, but i cant place the shulker in the right direction. I want to die now.

  22. DimStudio says:

    this mod or addon?the title is mod but in download addon :/

  23. Please fix this says:

    But wait i have 1.0.8 that’s weird because i can only spawn the MCPEDL box

  24. JPlaysPE says:

    A really nice Addon with amazing furnitures! 😀

  25. Thomas says:

    Not able to be placed in creative nor survival. I’ve pressed it for 2-5 minutes and it’s never changed

  26. Jsns says:

    Looks nice did not try it yet

  27. Allatrex says:

    Love this addon. You should download it because all it does is replace the shulker and no other mobs which means that it can do good for survival. It has so many amazing features that I don’t even know how they work.

  28. Britishboy17 says:

    Hey, how do i make the shulker a different color?? im using windows 10!!

  29. MinecraftPros says:

    Amazing Addon

  30. Kyoko says:

    I love this very much, please add beds

  31. ShadinqYT says:

    Great! –But is there any way to change the skin of the statue?

  32. MackDaPooh says:

    Is there a way to stop the radio from playing a song once its already playng one?

  33. Magic is blue says:

    Best mod ever!! So cool! Love the blender

  34. GabrielPlayz says:

    Finally Its here! I’ve been waiting for this addon for ages!

  35. Muselk says:

    Cool 😎 keep it up bro,maybe one day,you will be a master of Addons

  36. MefanaticGaming says:

    I get weirded coz the addon is bugging,i spawn a DL Box (Shulker) but the texture is a computer,i dunoo why ,also the other textures have problems,i download the addon in a .mcaddon file way

  37. FrostyDroid says:

    The Addon is broken in mcpe, It just crash my game, I know mcpe is a beta version and still have lots of bug but can the creator fix the Addon bug?

  38. xXWhatsUpTheoXx says:

    5/5 awesome add on, cool features and its AWESOME!!!!

  39. Super Rico says:

    Nice addon

  40. BlazingIce says:

    Great job, MicoLets_MC on this amazing addon

  41. AshleyOMG says:

    I can’t turne on the radio… But this is a cool addon🙂

  42. AshleyOMG says:

    My items is soooo mini.

  43. DanishTheLegend says:

    Best addon yet

  44. luckykizi1 says:

    i’ve been waiting forever for this addon.

  45. Shar_Ish_Kawaiii says:

    This sounds awesome haven’t checked it out yet but I’ll give more info once I see it (by the way I have an Amazon kindle fire)

  46. Start1619 says:

    Cool addon

  47. The Minecraft lover says:

    I found a cool glitch or something:it is that when i make a fridge and then make it normal again The box will be 4×4 and the furnitures will be it too!

  48. Dapuma The Hungry says:


  49. Pepper says:

    Hey when I place the tub it vertical not horizontal how do I fix this

  50. Kaleigh says:

    Is it possible to build this stuff on a crafting table or is it just in creative mode? I really love the furniture!

  51. Gabriel says:

    Dear Editor,
    My sincerest thank you for making this addon, but please give us a way to rotate the objects like the refrigerator or the computer, for me it looked in the other way I wasn’t expecting it to face at. I hope you consider this thought of mine.
    ,Sincerely Gabriel

  52. Arifk84 says:

    Where is The Download Button ?

  53. AstromonGaming says:

    Great And Amazing! But can you add a trading system or a map on the computer? That would cool.

  54. Golde_Mine says:

    It looks really good and stuff but mine got glitched for good the textures got mixed up and most of the stuff wont work hopefully you can update it and add more stuff 🙂

  55. Someone says:

    maybe add a ceiling fan, a light switch, colored lights, and maybe curtains 🙂

  56. Luis Rafael M. Manzano says:

    It has a ton of bugs glitches and errors i hate this addon fix this

  57. Sean iOS says:

    My game lags when looking down on the furniture!

  58. Sros says:

    I Can’t place the blocks

  59. ViciousBolt says:

    Amazing! Great with Stained glass and for realms!

  60. ImaBlahBlah says:

    Hey i cant sit on chairs, toilets, and anything sittable, and i tried giving gold ingot on radio it didnt work, im on 1.0.8

  61. Aera Yamat says:

    When I put in the Box I hold it and NOTHING happens
    PLEASE help me

  62. LoganPlays says:

    This mod was all jacked up. The pendancies of everything was mixed like only the toilet was the same. Like the statue, would let u sit on it. I did not like this mod. Sorry

  63. Modgirl1 says:

    I really enjoy this mod since I got it one my iPad. Finally I don’t have to use stair blocks for chairs. Wish you can make custom drinks like fruit punch or a milk shake with the blender though!! This should be the #1 IOS furniture mod!! Love it!!

  64. Dan the pro says:

    What was the map he used

  65. Cool man says:

    Where is the link? I stay cannt download it. This addon look so great

  66. Anonymous says:

    How to install this on my android device using es file explorer

  67. Nathan says:

    Nice add on really good for designing your home but can you make the furnitures turnable and add minebay on the computer also make the computers design better make a cabinet aswell and some other kitchen furnitures not only the fridge

  68. razeex says:

    How do i sit on the chair

  69. Mal_GamerzYT says:

    Hey creator,can you please fix the bug.
    Bug:When i spawn shulker its the computer not the dl box,and when i spawn the other,all the furniture is very messed up,well my version is and i try but its still messed up.

  70. Tori says:

    Why can’t I sit on furniture it isn’t sit table I use ios

  71. Batman says:


    This is the best addon I’ve ever used, great job! Idea for purple die (even the shulker is purple) USE IT AS A BED! Because Mc beds are so ugly! Please I’d love this addon even more! Thank you!

  72. Anonymous says:


  73. Abbey says:

    How do you use the BBQ I can’t figure out how to get it to cook food

  74. Dave300 says:

    Hey guys glitch if you turn box into fridge then into another item it makes that item big!🙂

  75. Jen says:

    I sadly cant this to work. I summon the box but long press does nothing at all. Using 1.0.8 so not sure why its not working for me. I was really looking forward to using this.

  76. Amy says:

    you just long press on the tub with the soap in your hand!😅

  77. FangirlFOREVER says:

    Amazing!! This is my FAVORITE mod so far! It’s amazing! The only flaw is that you can’t put stuff on the table

  78. Yo says:

    I found a glitch where if you put down a fridge and change it to something else it will make that thing giant plz fix this

  79. HaiImJustDatGamer says:

    Cool, can you ask Mico (the creator of this Addon) to add minebay to the computer editor? All you need to do is add a trading system to it and name the interface MineBay!

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hey I don’t get any sound for some reason but anyway this add on is cool I also wish you could turn stuff around and also there should be a delete button on the trash bin so you delete the stuff inside and put more stuff 😉 and if you forget all that stuff it’s really great still have yet to find better (I’ve only downloaded 2 but why download another when you already have a great one!:D)

  81. Triedbuzzard64 says:

    Ok but how do you turn the music off? Even when I kill it the music keeps playing.

  82. Anonymous says:

    I can’t even use it at all I can place a DL box but I can’t place any of the other items I installed all then stuff pls help

  83. Cedejaha says:

    I love this’s add-on but can you please make the furniture bigger!

  84. Tiarne says:

    Omg cutest add on EVER LOVE THE FURNITURE!!!!!

  85. Aislee says:

    It messed up once the update came out 😭 Editor pls tell the creator to fix it

  86. slim4fun says:

    cool! One thing, I cant access anything or sit on them. Also what the stature suppose to do? Take form of the player??? Anyway, there really cute designs!

  87. Anonymous says:

    How to spawn different colored shulkers?

  88. Minky says:

    Hey it didn’t work I was very excited 😢

  89. Jyzelle16 says:

    I really like this addon but it needs to be updated to mcpe 1.1 the code for the colors changed and now most items have the wrong texture but still function the same please fix

  90. TacoPower says:

    Yep it doesn’t work I guess you have to update it. I still give for stars because it used to be great.

  91. Regiceus says:

    Help, when I spawn the DLbox it spawns as a computer, not as a green box. If I try to hold it with a furniture item it won’t change to it. Help me please. :C

  92. Regiceus says:

    Help, when I spawn the DLbox it spawns as a computer, not as a green box. If I try to hold it with a furniture item it won’t change to it. Help me please. :C ( BTW, my minecraft version is 1.1 )

  93. Sugus says:

    The addon is bugged in v1.1.0.55

  94. AniMALZ says:

    Please help me. When I spawn in the shulker it comes as DLbox but idk how to use it. Also when I spawn the coloured shulkr it comes up with a weird, part of a block thing. And in my inventory I also have a computer, table and all those things, but It doesn’t work. I would really want it working

  95. Kelly says:

    It isn’t working for me as well 🙁 I spawned in all I can but it’s super glitchy and it isn’t working!

  96. Creepzer178 says:

    I can’t place any blocks. Does anyone know why?

    • Hannah :D says:

      There not actually blocks, there dyes so try placing down the DL block (in the spawn egg section, replaces a shulker) and holding down on to it and it will change!

  97. SuperGamerSimin says:

    Where is the dl block? I cant find it in my creative inventory!! Can someone please help me!?!?

  98. Qeis says:

    What is a shulker?

  99. TDM LeGEND says:

    The game is amazing

  100. DannyBoy says:

    Whenever I try to place something (example:bathtub) it turns into something else (example: radio) plz fix this

  101. GKRules64 says:

    Wont work on my device

  102. DeathLord_777 says:

    Brilliant, one of the best addons I have!

  103. Joey says:

    The mod looks so good and has great reviews but please make it compatible with 1.1.0 please all the items are messed up and dl box spawns a pc. Then i’ll rate 5. Thanks!

  104. Justus says:

    This is cool! but the bathtub is not looking like a bathtub…. should i re-download the add-on??

  105. bluewarrior311 says:

    Hi! I love the add-on but the textures seem to be glitched. Its like this,
    DL box-computer
    Bathtub-DL box
    and something like that. How to fix it then I’ll rate 5 stars.

  106. ann says:

    i tried putting down the blender it wouldn’t let me put any of the stuff down this is a dumb ad-on so don’t install it plz

    • CrEePySAUCE says:

      Its not dumb! It just needs some work, glitches and all. You cant just say its terrible because you cant put down a blender.

  107. CrEePySAUCE says:

    Im having an issue too… if its no burden.. i downloaded the texture packs into a world to test it, loved it, then added it to my favorite world. When i spawned the dl box, it was a computer automatically. Then i tried to fix it, and the radio turned into a bath tub. Then i tried again and it was a safe, but i wanted a bathtub. I ended up stuck sitting inside the safe. Then my game crashed. Help please!!!!

  108. Llamalover says:

    It won’t work for me I have tried everything thing I can but the shulker egg spawns a shulker not a DL box!!!

  109. Anonymous says:

    Literally mixed up all of the blocks and also they teleport thanks you douche

  110. Mia says:

    How do you destroy the furniture it not destroying??????

  111. Someone says:

    IT DOES NOT WORK! The shulker box became invisible after I installed this addon.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so I had downloaded the add on and I put the resource and behavior pack on the top and when I loaded the world up, it said that one of the resource or behavior packs failed to load, but the DL Box was the texture of a computer and not the green DL Box in the picture and the furniture had a broken texture to it. What did I do wrong????

    • Anonymous says:

      The same thing happened to me!

    • Hannah :D says:

      Don’t worry! It’s just the new mcpe update! Something changed with the colours I think but there all mixed up! Try writing down which is which and it’ll be fine! Hope this helped 😀

  113. Not important says:

    Someone pls help I can only use the computer because when I place the dl box it’s just the stinking computer!!!!! Pls help me

  114. Maui8828 says:

    My items were all mixed up. It took forever to get one thing because I needed to try EVERY item with the DL block. Table was coffe table. Grill was bath. Safe was bin. All mixed up. Next time CHECK WHAT IS WHAT BEFORE RELEASING IT!!!!

  115. help me plz says:

    mine dose not work. it wont let me place down the items…

  116. Karen Pagan says:

    I do like it and stuff but it did not go as planed this are way smaller and I can’t interact with many thing in my work as much and on this is that the boxes are over the place but I have to admit it was pretty cool this was the first one I have and that work in different ways to so yea😕

  117. EliTheLatios says:

    It’s good but the textures are all mixed up. The DL box is computer, the chair is something else( I can’t sit on it!), and etc. Is there a way you can fix it?

  118. Mico says:

    Thanks For Your Comments! 😀

  119. ILoveSugaredDonuts says:

    Looks cool but i dont know how to download the addon someone pls help

    • Anonymous says:

      Click the link for your device(Zip won’t work on IOS) then when you get to the ad fly page, wait for the timer, then click skip ad. This will take you to another site. Unless the site is another mod page, or media fire, close it. If the page you were taken to was an ad, click skip ad again. This should take you to media fire. When you get to mediafire, click download, and then open in minecraft. Hope this helped! 🙂

  120. Spyro says:

    My textures are broken can you fix it

  121. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work for me

  122. TheThunderGamer says:

    My fridge is so small!

  123. Hannah :D says:

    Great! I think with the new update something changes about the colours so for example the computer is the actual block and a bin is the chair or something but once you write them down it’s fine! Great addon! I have been searching for one that IOS users can have DEFINITELY recommend this!

  124. Minecraft player says:

    Please help I’m playing Minecraft 1.1.4 and the textures have glitched and they don’t work

  125. Brandyoniandb says:

    How do u sit in the tub or in the toilet? Ive tried everything and i cant find a way.

  126. Anonymous says:

    It’s pretty good, I like it! The textures are mixed up though which gets confusing.

  127. Vapeoreas says:

    its cool but I still can’t put down the items 🙁

  128. IEM_Red says:

    I like it BUT…the DL Box is a computer when I spawn it…annnd when I use the bathtub it turn into a DL Box…in other words, the textures are all wrong…but it does show them…I had another addon active…so I deactivated it but it still didn t work… plz fix I really like this addon ;n;

  129. AirmailNebula22 says:

    I have all the stuff but I can’t place it? How do I do this?

  130. Bridget says:

    I forgot how to install it xd

  131. Chariz says:

    Whenever I wanna put down something like a bbq grill it puts some random stuff down instead. Like if I put a safe down it’ll put down a bin and whenever I try to spawn a “DL Box” it puts down a freakin computer. Like Please Fix This

    • iiracraft says:

      When it put computer you will go to books in creative and you will find the item after you find it put the DL Box and then click in the computer with you I item like table and it will give you table or any items 😊

    • masonepiclow27 says:

      Same with me!

  132. Sky says:

    How do you place the stuff down

  133. Please fix says:

    Thanks for fixing some bugs I’m so happy! But the furniture is small and I can’t sit on the chairs or use the fridge plz fix that

  134. iiracraft says:

    guys I no why it not work I mean we just see shulker you will go to books and potion and you will find the items

  135. iiracraft says:

    if the DL box give you computer this is your problem you must read my comment 🙂

  136. Please fix says:

    Fridge is small the chairs don’t work neither do the fridge actually fix stuff

  137. Anonymous says:

    All the textures are bugged. My Blender is bigger than the safe. The toilet is the only one that works.

  138. Enderess says:

    So, I got the addon, expecting it to work, but it didn’t. I spawned the shulker, selected a white shulker (statue) and right clicked the DL box, but it didn’t work for me. I don’t know how to work it. Editor, please help.

  139. Enderess says:

    Ok, so I figured out how to add furniture, but whenever I go into survival, the furniture attacks me!

    It is kind of funny to see a toilet shooting shulker bullets at me, but it is getting old.

    Any help?

  140. Dokidoki says:

    How do I place this “DL box”?

  141. Anonymous says:

    It will only let me put down a comeputer

  142. Coolgirl says:

    This add on is bugged. I can only get the computer and it makes weird growly noises.

  143. $tryker says:

    Everyone. I know why you’ve get a Computer instead of a DLbox. I know why you get the wrong items when you truck to change your DLbox into furniture. it’s an MCPE Bug! I pith the behavior instead of both packs and i spawned the shulker (DLbox witch the addon). I got a Black shulker instead of the normal purple shulker. This proves that the colors are out of order when you’ve use shulker addons.

  144. $tryker says:

    Spell correct ruined my comment…

  145. Anonymous says:

    Coolest thing I’ve ever done

  146. GooBurger says:

    It don’t works i place any shulker box and it’s just mini pixels

  147. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get it it’s really cool

  148. lucas says:

    it doesn’t even do it on mac

  149. Valerie says:

    Can you add more mod furniture

  150. Cade says:

    Mine dosent show mines glitched

  151. Josh says:

    The shulkers look SCARY and the boxes are invisible!

  152. Galaxycat2 says:

    IceCool2213 it does that sometimes times without the add-on. You just have to delete a couple worlds.

  153. Galaxycat2 says:

    The textures are all messed up.

  154. WraithTheRebel says:

    Cool Idea. One problem.. Doesn’t work. The textures don’t look right. DL BOX doesn’t make furniture. Please Help.

  155. JakeyBen says:

    Its working fine to me! And its updated!

  156. SkylaxyCasterCH says:


  157. AdemBoss says:


  158. CoolNinja101 says:

    Well, this is good, but then if ur creating a city world, there will be no more animals, this resource/behavior has its good and bad, so equally, it is a 4/5

  159. Creeperz555 says:

    Mine will just stay as a box when I do it.

  160. HackerGaming476 says:

    It doesn’t really work on iOS, the textures are glitched.

  161. Koito says:

    I hope someone will create a mod (not Addon) just like this.

  162. Newgirl says:

    How do we rotate the dropbox?
    Please its important

  163. AddonAlex says:

    Hey! how do i download this with 1 file only its keeps me crazy i dont know where to put it because its 2 in 1 file pls do a tutorial

  164. Sony says:

    Plase add game consoles

  165. ErmehgershPickle says:

    This is a super cool mod! I followed the DL and downloaded it (I think) right! 😁 But, I dunno if I stuffed up or not, ’cause no items respond to the ingots or pickaxes, and I can’t use anything! Cri 😳 But it’s really good for decor! 9/10 !

  166. DA COOL KID says:

    I like it but it has some flaws, for instance the bottle doesn’t work, the shulkers can still teleport, and the still make the horrible sound.
    Also what did you use to make this, and what code did you use?

  167. Narwhalio says:

    When I place down a shulker, it’s most of it is invisible. Please fix this

  168. masterjjay says:

    Can someone help me? ‘Cause I’m new in add-ons

  169. Anonymous says:

    Mines not working, I go on and it doesn’t show the full texture pack. please fix this bug

  170. Anonymous says:

    It’s all facing one way. When I crouch, it still the same. Please help.

  171. Anonymous says:

    My frontier can’t be placed. I think the frontier is dye.

  172. creepertheexplodingnuke says:

    Delete this version v.2 was better because it didn’t give me the right items probably because you guys got the textures wrong.

  173. creepertheexplodingnuke says:

    And the statue doesn’t exist now

  174. mn3 says:


    I have downloaded and import the Mine-Furniture Addon. I then go into/create a Minecraft world set for survival mode. I then manually type /summon shulker. I see the DL box but nothing happens when I long press on the box? Sorry but I’m new to this game… any tips on how to get the furniture to show up in my world?


  175. ZoeGamer9090 says:

    I use to love this add on but after the update….it didn’t go so well…..Becuase of the different colored boxes it messed the game up!Chairs were fridges!I sat on a fridge I used to love it but now the update ruined it.. 🙁

  176. Sebastian says:

    Guys who are hating i just wanna tell that this used to work in an earlier version!

  177. Michael.1748 says:

    I Like This Mod BUT The Only Thing I Hate is The Toilet Facing sideways everytime I put the DLbox in the House Bathroom That’s What I Don’t Like

  178. Niko says:

    I don’t know where to start, I wanted to explode some tnt’s when I accidentally lit the floor on fire and then this music shows up.Is it normal?that scared the hell out of me

  179. Anonymous says:

    Well well. Well awsome 😃

  180. StampylongfanYT says:

    Hi! 🙂 I’ve got a small/large issure:
    So, (I absolutely love this add-on by the way!) I had spawned in every piece of furniture to see what dyes made what. (I didn’t think about looking on the site.) After I figured out everything, I did /kill @e, which kills all entities. However, when I did this, my game crashed, and now it won’t let me back on. Do you know why/how to get my Minecraft working again? It starts to open and then says its not responding?Thank You! 🙂

  181. Awesome Acierto says:

    Hey, Do you know how to upload addons in here cause everytime i tap submission but there’s no addon

  182. Anonymous says:

    This sucks it does not work do not get it

  183. Fire9Ball says:

    Hey, I was playing with it, but I was wondering how can I rotate a shulker that I spawn? I can’t use
    /tp @e[type=shulker] ~ ~ ~ facing @e[type=armorstand]
    the armorstand is in the direction I want it to face

  184. Daddy says:

    How come I can only place the stuff in creative every time
    I try placing the toilet but I doesn’t work 😡

  185. Kameron says:

    I cant do it in survival I use the spawn egg but the next step doesn’t work

  186. XxM00nygaMERxX says:

    THIS IS AMAAAZING. But the furniture is making weird noises. I dug all around the house and I realised that the scratchy noise was coming from the furniture. But like OMG THE GRILL IS AMAZING IN SURVIVAL! No coal needed! Just some raw meat. PLUS it’s INSTANT! But. The noises. I turned off volume to fix it but I really would LOVE if the sounds were removed. Then I could listen to the radio- WITHOUT weird noises!

  187. Fredd says:

    Mine wont place down, it wont work. Can someone help me!

    • MadderMods says:

      I have the same problem I’m soooo sad because I really wanted this furniture addon. 😭😭😭

    • Morgan says:

      Same, I can only place the “more furniture” items, it wont let me place the others because they’re labeled as dye’s.

  188. Kostaki says:

    It is great! Just one problem, sometimes the furniture can teleport. I like the addon and I like how it just replaces 2 mobs, just please don’t make it teleport. Thank you.

  189. lizzy says:

    How do i sit on the sittable things?

  190. Cody says:

    Hey editor can you make it so the computer has all the villager trades and call it like Block bay? Or something

  191. wowoowow says:

    How do you sit on something?

  192. Leo says:

    how can i install it, i was serching for information but all the people open the .mcaddon and they automaticly install the addon, i been trying but doesnt work for me,i must have missing some app or some option.
    help pls :C

  193. Smiley says:

    Nothing works for me. It’s really sad because it looks so cool.

  194. JumboM says:

    Mine is bugged out and doesn’t work for some reason!

  195. JumboM says:

    This creator should be an ass.

  196. CatsCraft says:

    not bad but it dose a bunch of nose :/

  197. Anonymous says:

    Please fix this only the heads work

  198. Soph the loaf of bread says:

    How do you even access the furniture? I’m on PE.

  199. Anonymous says:

    This is STUPID!! It just does silly lines everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. MelPlays says:

    Ugh it looks so cool but I downloaded it and it wont let me place anything I’ve tried peaceful and normal mode but it still wont work shifting wont work either!!! Please fix this!!!!

  201. Anonymous says:

    Every thing work awsome

  202. Ameen says:

    For which version it works sir

  203. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t even work

  204. Maddy brooker says:

    It dosent work at all

  205. Anonymous says:

    Oh come on I doesn’t work.

  206. Anonymous says:

    The computer is sticking to the wall!?

  207. Annalee123 says:

    How do you download it

  208. Maliaa Bailey 😘 says:

    I really love the furniture but please the arm chair… please change it to a dye or something because I hate seeing chairs walking around

  209. Red03gaming says:

    I have had this addon for a long time. The only problem ive encountered is the bed is really glitchy

  210. a person says:

    why cant i do it in survival please fix

  211. MChao says:

    Awesome! It’s working just fine now to me 😁

  212. Personn says:

    This addon is AWESOME I really recommend downloading this. I do wish that you could rotate the furniture, but otherwise AWESOME!

  213. Zozo says:

    The bed keeps glitching, the first time I spawned a shulker it automatically spawned as a drum, even after I turned the shulker into furniture it would still teleport, and the sheep arm chair keeps walking around….plz fix.

  214. Min Yoongi says:

    It doesn’t work..its like ._. 😓 The things are weird..

  215. Pheonix 5 says:

    my shuckler boxes arent visible in inventory and when i place them they are still invisible

  216. Hailey says:

    The shulker boxes are glitchy I can’t SEE THEM!!:( I don’t mean to be rude but fix it

  217. Cecil says:

    Yay! Another update! Like the Magical Diapers <3

  218. Zechariah says:

    OMG!😀 Thanks for the add-on it’s so cool. I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen! I do have a few suggestions tho…
    #1 If you’re adding baby stuff it would be cool if you added a highchair.
    #2 I think that there should be a few different kinds of chairs, since there’s only two. Other than that this is amazing add-on and I thank you for making it!😁

  219. B says:

    Can you fix the shulker boxes on here? Otherwise awesome addon!

  220. XxDM_MEHxX says:

    Why are the items names aren’t costumized!? Like when i get the bath tub the name says gray dye,Why are the names not custom for the items?

  221. NightmareGamerD says:

    If you use this in the beta you can’t swim in 1 by 1 area’s can you fix this buy?

  222. Cierra says:

    How do u place stuff that replaced dye?

  223. Golden Freddy_1987 says:

    Dude I need help, I can’t used the shulkers, it’s glitched I don’t know what to do

  224. Lil will says:

    Because he is

  225. Kit Cat says:

    Amazing mod! Soooo happy with results of this add on, this is amazing, works just fine! 🙂

  226. Kayleigh says:

    Hi Drep🧞‍♀️👩🏻‍🎤

  227. sean says:

    How do I down load it I cant figure out how

  228. Morgan says:

    Kind of annoying.. I can only place the “more furniture”. The others are labled as dye and bone meal, I can’t place those!

  229. Lord of Thunder says:

    Please make a separate addon for the Magical Diapers and Cribs.

  230. Curse the adf.ly says:


  231. Christy says:

    Since you added diapers and cribs, may i suggest you turn one of the helmets into a pacifier? Plssss

  232. Anna says:

    Please fix this for android, I am playing in Minecraft 1.4.2 and I can only place the “more furnitures” properly the green dlboxes don’t open when I do a long press, and the shulker boxes show up as glitched. Please fix and I will rate higher.

  233. DezFlameFoxFFL says:

    I’m honestly really glad this got rid of something that I never really use in the game or ever really see because I don’t play survival mode often so thanks!

  234. Chloe says:

    Hey can you fix the way the shulker places itself every time I try to place it down toward facing me it goes backwards but besides that I love everything about this add on.

  235. JessFearLess says:

    For me, everything works except for all the shulker boxes it’s really annoying I mean I can get them and place them down but I can’t see them

  236. Anonymous says:

    Em… Some things, I can’t place…

    Maybe fix that?

    Mostly the chair and table, that’s all I know.

  237. DJOrange says:

    I don’t understand what you mean by “unequip dyes or spawn DL Box.” I can’t interact with the objects, and your instructions aren’t clear. I have removed all the dyes from my inventory, but that doesn’t help. I try to spawn a DL box on top of the object, but can’t. Could you please be a little bit more descriptive? Thanks in advance!

  238. Dawson says:

    This add was a waste of my time

  239. Anonymous says:

    This is so annoying I wanted to have furniture but nooooo it keeps spawning the other thing like the radio is a grill and the fridge is a blender I’m so mad right now don’t download this it’s a waste of time it will only bring you bad luck whoever made this add on its so stupid so
    Read this comment before you download it it’s very confusing and a bad add on never download it have a good day well you can download it if you want but I’m telling you the truth

  240. Jay says:

    How do you put down the furniture that replaced the dye

  241. CalenderPuppy says:

    It’s epic I LOVE THE MAGICAL DIAPER AND THE RADIO What’s the radio song It’s so epic to place stuff you need The DL block and hit the button for like ‘ Undo Fridge ‘ then it’ll place the fridge, ONE THING THO : when you put on the magical diaper can you make it so you are the high FOR EXAMPLE : I’m only one block tall but you see in first person 2 blocks tall CAN YOU FIX THAT? 😳

  242. Koharu says:

    The behavior pack is never working…

  243. Koharu Neshami says:

    Ok, so this is working great but the behavior pack wont effect the furniture that replaced color dyes…

    • MicoLets says:

      I will go look for that problem. Let me know if you find more bugs and i’ll fix it as soon as possible.

  244. Michaella says:

    How can I have dl box..I only got tv and teddy bear…please help me..

  245. Iohgdhs says:

    Good but when you throw a potion it makes creepy sounds and it creeeped me out as hell

  246. People says:

    Can I use this in my map?
    This is awesome

  247. DragonFang576 says:

    Could you please make the behavior pack and resource pack a seperate download?

  248. Elisei says:

    Spider climb the ladder and fell

  249. Klyde Jury says:

    Why it keeps crashing pls reply fast!!

  250. Zechariah says:

    Dude you are amazing! So’s the Addon! Keep being awesome and making it cooler!
    I love the new details!

  251. William Foster says:

    can you make a app where we can download mods nothing like this so we can just download it like its PE?

  252. Peron says:

    How do I get the green box thingy? I spawned a shulker but it was the same? I’m on mcpe IOS version 1.5.0
    Anyone help?

  253. Maze runner says:

    This doesn’t work the only things that do work are the armor and a arm chair

  254. Rp says:

    Hey this is a really good add-on but do you think you can change the seats and the computer and add the ablity to rotate the furniture

  255. Ellie says:

    How do you get the CD’s

  256. SwirlyMarrow55 says:

    Can you retexture the diaper to something a bit better? Search Mcpe Baby skins For Ideas

  257. Lol says:

    You can’t use the DLBox because thebarrels have remplaceer them

  258. Anonymous says:

    Soo… How the Heck do i Place Freaking DYES that are retextured to look like furniture yet are useless because they are still just dyes and you can even place them at all?

  259. landon says:


  260. Swirlymarrow55 says:

    Can you make one with just the armor

  261. Spencer says:

    I can’t even place blocks i imagin it would be a great mod bot Ido how to place blocks so 1 star

  262. Pugs.. says:


  263. Anonymous says:

    A good furniture mod. One problem was the dyed shulker boxes looked like a spruce plank instead of furniture. But all round it was good.

  264. Rpicguy890 says:

    It doesn’t work! I can’t place anything!

  265. MerKitten Ash says:

    Editor, the way to get a lava lamp or hedge isn’t specific it just says what it does, it doesn’t say how to get it and I know the gifts ONLY GIVE YOU FOOD ITEMS OR EQUIPMENT. Please say how to get it. I even tried;
    /give @p yellow_flower 64 10 because it was the 10 one out of the list of commands and it still doesn’t work. Help?

  266. AMAZING says:

    This is AMZING I have mc window 10 and it works perfectly! I love it

  267. HOPEFUL PERSON says:

    HELP! This works great but I cant seem to find the nether reactor core and glowing obsidian. PLEASE REPLY!

  268. HELP says:

    This works and its great but I have a problem the furniture only face one way and when I crouch it doesn’t make a difference. HELP PLEASE!

  269. Anonymous says:

    The statue was kind of scary once I destroyed it I thought it was all good but, then I saw that the statue TELOPORTED about 10 blocks away. I then deleted the world because I thought that creepy statue was now haunting it. I think I summoned herobrine. Please stop the statue from teleporting!

  270. Anonymous says:

    When I put the box down it only puts a drum and that’s all and I cannot play any other thing except for the bed

  271. soheil says:

    this add-on is awesome!, but sometimes the furnitures will teleport away!
    please fix it

  272. Leenaloveheart says:

    Does this work on iPad?

  273. Yourmom says:

    I like the style but some items cant be placed like the refrigerator, radio, chairs and etc cant be placed because their original block are dyes but the teddybear, bead, crib etc can be placed beacude their original blocks are ACTUAL REAL BLOCKS not like the other ones which are dyes and cant be placed down. Please fix this im really looking forward to this.

  274. Yoursisterisshook says:

    sistersss and brothersss. I am shook right now. This mod works AMAZING o my windows 10 computer. This mod is so wonderfull in my youtube roleplays. Thank you so much for creating this mod it is so simple ad easy to use if you read the directions. Thx!!

  275. Rosco Smith says:

    I tried to place the “barells” and nothing happens. And when I place something such as a coffee table or computer nothing happens. Why?

  276. Richboi says:

    How do u get bit emeralds?

  277. RedstoneGaming07 says:

    How do you rotate the DL Box? I already built my house and when I place the DL Box it faces the wrong way

  278. RedstoneGaming07 says:

    Good addon, but is there a way to turn the DL Box?

  279. ImStuk says:

    This add on sux

  280. TalkyToons says:

    how do you rotate the furniture or the DLBox itself? it works just cant rotate

  281. Anonymous user says:

    it seems pretty cool but how do i interact the villager with an emerald? the instructions are kinda confusing

  282. Katieeee84 says:

    I just added it to my city world. I was really happy with how it worked. It was pretty easy to figure out. I had spawned all of the furniture in my built mall to show a friend. I showed them it and it was time for them to go. I went to hold it down and break it, but that didn’t work so i tapped it. it started turning red like an animal or mob or yourself when you get hurt. Then it disappeared. I thought it was gone for good. Later on, I found the same object. Every object I had to hit repeatedly until it teleported then I had to find it and do it again. Its really hard to make then go away. Please fix this bug!

  283. Hyperion276 says:

    What’s with the music when you eat and throw tridents and snowballs, ender pearls, ender eyes and shoot bow and arrows?

  284. Sapphire says:

    This is very fun but I don’t know how to Rotate or delete items. I play on IOS so please help

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