Mine-Machine Add-on

This add-on adds 14 different vending machines to Minecraft. You can use the machines to purchase food and drinks in exchange for some money. At the same time it’s very useful you can also use the different vending machines as decorations for your worlds in-game.

Creator: MicoLets_MC, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Mine-Machines are essentially vending machines. They replace shulkers and can be placed down on the ground anywhere you like. To buy some snacks or drinks you need a credit card you need to make sure that you’ve got some money on your bank account (also known as emeralds in your inventory). Shulker shells are replaced by credit cards.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on a vending machine and press Trade
  • Windows 10: Right-click on a vending machine to buy some stuff

There are many different variants of machines and each sells different items. You can use (almost) any of the dyes to change the vending machine type.

Vending Machines:

Use the dyes in your inventory to change the type of the vending machine.

  • Red – Yummy Blood Soda (Health Potions)
  • Orange – Fire Soda (Fire Resistance Potions)
  • Green – Toxic Soda (Poisonous Potions, Potatoes, Emeralds)
  • Lime – Leaping Soda (Jump Boost Potions)
  • Blue – Mineral Water (Water Bottles, Water Breathing and Night Vision Potions)
  • Light Blue – Vegetables Store Machine (Vegetable Items)
  • Cyan – Fruit Store Machine (Fruit Items)
  • Purple – Dangerous Soda (Harming and Wither Potions)
  • Magenta – Sweet Desserts Store Machines (Cookies, Milk, Cakes)
  • Pink – Healing Soda (Regeneration Potions)
  • Brown – Meaty Food Store Machine (Cooked Meat Items)
  • Gray – Tool Store Machine (Tools and equipment)
  • Light Gray – Weapon Store Machine (Weapons)
  • Yellow – ATM (Withdraw/Deposit Emeralds/Credit Card)
  • Black – Suggest in the comments!
  • White – Suggest in the comments!


  1. Download .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

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115 Responses

3.5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. BucketWarrior says:

    When I use the credit card my game crashes fix this please

  2. GrowBoySG says:

    Black = Poisoning potion,poisoned items (10 emeralds each)
    White = Quartz (1 emerald each?)

  3. MyoHtet says:

    Coool! Best addon!

  4. Minewookie says:

    Black: Spawn eggs?
    White: Enchantments?

    These are my recommendations

  5. Anonymous says:

    White and black could be useful things like ender pearls or Xp bottles. Or maybe blocks that are hard/a pain to get like quartz and obsidian

  6. Voicemail says:

    The black vending machine should be for hostile mobs and the white one should be for passive and aggressive mobs

  7. rizkanvin says:

    Can you make from .mcaddon to two file is behavior.mcpack and resource.mcpack because i am in IOS

  8. ender_crayon316 says:

    Can you make an addon called encomy th shulckers is the trade machine and gold will be the coin can buy everything and emerald is the gem can buy diamonds,golds,iron
    Because idk how to make a pro addon

  9. RCooLB says:

    I think the black is for weapon and the white for armour

  10. BucketWarrior says:

    Please fix it

  11. Aikuro_gaming says:

    Black for aggressive spawn eggs, with white for non-aggressive

  12. Minecraft Master says:

    Nice addon bc now you can actually get wither potions in survival mode without cheats or being in gamemode c

  13. Person says:

    Maybe the Black vending machine can be like some sort of garage or a place to store your items.

  14. Mhamad15 says:

    I can’t trade with thim

  15. David RBLX says:

    0/5 Rate. Can’t remove it, whenever I try to trade or remove it, it crashes my device, and the texture is horrible.

  16. Lol says:

    How do u dye it to change color

  17. MatRat76 says:

    Black should be blocks or minerals and white should be a random

  18. Jem.k says:

    What does the vending machine replace

  19. ThePurpleWolf67 says:

    White should be…….hmmmmmm mabye some strength potions and black……….. I dunno but i will reply back when i got one.

  20. ThePurpleWolf67 says:

    Wait no no no no white gives bonemeals and black flint and steel?????? Mabye not

  21. OliverQueen says:

    It won’t work for me

  22. Ayman says:

    White should be a bottle and blacke should be dragons breath

  23. Migara says:

    White must be Emeralds for: iron,diamond, coal, gold, redstone… And black for spawn eggs that worth 35+ emeralds becouse spawn eggs are not for survival😀

  24. Haider Ishfaq says:

    Speed Potion For White!

  25. Adam says:

    Black-speed (idk what logic is) called energy juice (or bottle) White-milkshake

  26. Jan says:

    I think the white one should be a clored blocks…..u can change resources of extra blocks right?…and the black one should be a pet foods (bones,rottenflesh,raw fish,etc. Or a potion ingridients machine!

  27. LegoAidan10155 says:

    Black could be tools? That or it could be tipped arrows.
    Maybe white could be projectiles?

  28. Terra says:

    It always crashes when I try to use the vending machine

  29. CutieGirl says:

    White should be Redstone and explosives
    Black should be gardening and sapling supplies

  30. DerpyStick71 says:

    The black can be a treasure machine that has iron gold redstone lapis coal and diamonds in it and the white can be the builder machine that has wood smooth stone wool and other blocks

  31. Paradiscal says:

    White: Really hard to obtain items e.g. Dragon egg

    Paid for with wither stars

  32. MCPEDL_AddonTester says:

    Hahaah VERY GOOD IDEA!

  33. SANIC says:

    White should be monster drops and Black should be ender eyes and ender pearls, elytra etc

  34. DannyBoy says:

    White should be eggs and black be coal but whenever I use the credit card it crashes my game! Plz fix this!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  35. Mattyboi says:


  36. Jack says:

    I don’t wanna go to the end and bring the shulker to my world CHANGE IT TO A DIFFERENT MOB Go to the end defeat ender dragon Go to end city bring boat get him on boat AND SO MANY MORE STUFF AHHH

  37. Jack says:

    So how am I going to get these vending machine without cheats

  38. Brian Dickson says:

    Black could be used for shulker shells and white could be used for rare stuff. Eg:: dragon egg, mob heads. Stuff like that.

  39. Cody says:

    It keeps crashing when I trade with the green an purple ones!

  40. Basil says:

    White should be passive spawn eggs.
    Black should be charcoal, coal, lights and lava

  41. holuvavo says:

    That would be a fantastic add-on, BUT it’s keep crashing my game when I wanna trade. Fix this plz. 🙂

  42. TheWind says:

    Every time I hit “Trade”, my game will crash. Can you try to fix this?

  43. Bobby says:

    Can u make a add on with the same thing but good trades like of eg. Diamond 💎 stuff or enchanted op Wepons and maybe armour btw good addon 🙂

  44. pls fix says:

    Can u make a addon so that eveythings a zombie pls and this addon is great!

  45. Adam says:

    I keep crashing fix it please

  46. Endernbrine says:

    Black: Lingering potions. That would be pretty awesome. Who agree?

  47. Matthew says:

    Every time I use it the game crashes just fix it plz

  48. xAprilx says:

    Thank you so much for this addon I appreciate it! 😊 I love it so much… but there is one little flaw… I play multiplayer and I had a row of vending machines, but sometimes you don’t see the “trade” button… is there something wrong with my world…or… but thanks!

    Also the white could be: some spawn eggs
    And the black could be: xp like the comments before me! THANKS! 😂

  49. space duck says:

    White could be Spawn Eggs and Black could be stuff like fire charges, TNT, flint and steel, lava buckets, basically anything that can kill you.

  50. Bhaz_COre! says:

    White must be enchanted book and black must be elytra or dragon egg

  51. Magio says:

    This crashes my game

  52. Ciaran says:

    Whit one costs 50 emeralds and black costs 205 emeralds cos apple is quite rare to get

  53. Rainy says:

    Black Should Be Hostile Mobs And White Should Be Passive Mobs.

  54. Cathy says:

    I can’t dye them! I already have the behaviour pack installed 🙁

  55. IndependentGaming says:

    Black: Dragon egg, obsidian, flint
    White: Redstone items (Redstone, redstone comparator, redstone repeater, etc)

  56. Gigi says:

    Black should be random and white should be snow cones 🙂

  57. Cosmicpegasus34 says:

    Editor the black one should be spawn eggs and xp bottles.

  58. Carlos says:

    I would rate it 4/5 because it does not work in multiplayer well at least for me, please fix it

  59. Kaylene says:

    Black could be gunpowder, TNT, flint.
    White could be ore (redstone, iron, gold, diamonds) or spawn eggs

  60. RedstoneExpert1 says:

    To everyone who have clicked on Trade and the game crashes, make sure you have the PC GUI in order to work. Hopefully that helps.

  61. Amelia says:

    I cant change colors of the machines, help, please?
    I try and craft the dyes and the machines but its no use.

  62. Hello says:

    I have an iOS that is new and when I try to trade it crashes PLS FIX IT BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST ADDON I FOUND pls fix it

  63. Bob says:

    The Addon crashes my game when I trade plz fix this

  64. HAKMW says:

    Whenever I join with my friends this Addon doesn’t work could you please fix it

  65. Sophie says:

    Whenever I have the add-on in my game and when I press trade the game crashes and goes to my iPad home screen

  66. RichuGaming says:

    BEST GAME EVER call the white one white store machine and black rotten tooth soda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  67. Nicole skys says:

    Did anyone try the white dye?when I tried it they became small

  68. Captain Jo//CJ says:

    I think white should give you brewing items..maybe?..and black should give you rare blocks such as( nether blocks: Quartz,obsidian,nether rack,etc..

  69. DylRocks2003 says:

    It’s a great add on I want to add to my multiplayer survival but is It possible to add a feature to stop specific items from being sold? I don’t want the gold apples/diamond gear to be accessible

  70. Nicolas says:

    This is an amazing addon!
    So I think black and white machines should be.
    Black- Mob spawn eggs.
    White- Enchanted books.
    Hope you like my ideas!

  71. Liv says:

    I can’t seem to change my vending machine types. I have used the dyes but nothing is working.

  72. Loltheloler says:

    Black should be ender items (dragon egg, ender pearl, etc.) and the white should be nether item vending machine (nether wart, quarts, etc.)

  73. ErdnaFotsirk says:

    The black and white should be spawner vending machine, the white gives the passive spawners and the black gives hostile spawners, and spawner cost depends on the rarity of the mob…. (It should be very expensive….)

  74. Troll Crafter says:

    I does not work with the newest update please fix it

  75. Kaleb Choi says:

    why is the vending Machine clear and it won’t do any thing

  76. Kaleb Choi says:

    I can’t trade in 1.15 for some reson

  77. Anonymous says:

    Black should be like really rare items for a lot of emeralds like wither skulls for 50 emeralds and white should be buyback incase you bought the wrong potion from a machine

  78. Anonymous says:


  79. Spottedleaf says:

    Doesn’t work at all. It shows the shulker as a rainbow vending machine in the hot bar, but when I place it down it looks like a disabled shulker. The dyes don’t do crap. It shows all of the possible machines as shulker boxes, and they function like them. I even tried using the credit card. Nothing. Zip, Zilch, Nada. I did absolutely everything you said to do. I’m and IOS user, does that have anything to do with it? I really want this add-on, so can you make a mcworld with the behavior and resource packs for IOS please?

  80. Dante says:

    Is anyone else have a bug where the vending machine is a shulker looking thing

  81. Baelwulf says:

    Oh lol I thought this was a time machine add-on

    You should probably change the name.

  82. Argasiregar1 says:

    maybe black for arcade machine, white for wools.

  83. HolyAnteater465 says:

    Creator, I can’t trade with the machine I don’t know why!

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