Mizuno’s 16 Craft Texture Pack [16×16]

This is a low resolution (16x) texture pack best suitable for medieval builds or just for vanilla survival gameplay. It’s a more detailed texture pack than the vanilla textures and also slightly more realistic. It changes most textures (except for some new ones such as the parrot textures). As a whole, it’s a really nice pack.

Creator: Mizuno, Twitter AccountWebsite (Original Java Texture Pack)
Ported by: chengzzi89Twitter Account, Porting Permission
Updated: 6 August, 2018 (support for 1.5 and 1.6)


  1. Download Texture Pack .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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26 Responses

4.58 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. xSK8Z00x says:

    Really awesome 👏🏻

  2. Someone? says:

    Yeah there isnt crafting table texture and I dont like the cloudy skybox

  3. Asher says:

    This is a beautiful texture pack! I cant wait for more of yours!

  4. Pcbooss66cz . says:

    good but i have missing texture on wool blocks 😐

  5. kakao says:

    Please update more articles in all categories. They are very useful.

  6. Brenden says:

    I really like the pack, but on thing you could change is the diamond armor texter it looks a little weird to me.

  7. Ancroz says:

    It’s a good pack, but could you fix the fence textures? Thanks!

  8. Nevar says:

    Yes, please fix the fence textures. Thanks

  9. ItsMCB says:

    Hey, can I please use the pack on my server? Ill give you credit. If not thats fine 🙂

  10. JupiterboyLuffy says:

    I will love this pack!

  11. Anonymous says:

    It crashes the game when I try to go into the items section, but otherwise I love it

  12. Anthony says:

    Please Update it’s literally my favorite texture pack! Cutecraft who? Like literally this texture is so pigmented and I live for it!!

  13. Acryllia says:

    Crashes a lot and some textures (wool, fence etc) doesn’t work :c
    Please update! This is my favourite recourse pack of all time! TnT

  14. Haysen says:

    Puedo hacerle review? [En mi canal]

  15. milessavala356 says:

    When I Was Playing My Survival World With This Honestly It Just Looks Awesome Like Seeing My Pets Wearing Vests On Them looks so Cute X3

  16. Yunus says:

    Wow I like this very very verymuch

  17. JeremiMcPE says:

    This texture pack really reminds me of Summer Field texture pack, it’s like a 16×16 version of it, but anyway, It’s really good!

  18. lisa says:

    I’m so glad we have this for Minecraft PE and it works after the aquatic update. I love how my construction looks with this, and the pet animals look cute.
    The only thing I don’t like is how the grass and leave blocks look. I prefer the leave blocks to be a bit less detailed and the coloring of grass blocks feels a bit too yellowish for me. It’s probably just me though.

  19. Emerio manzano says:

    This texture pack is nice it’s a bit of a blend between modern and medieval I like this texture pack a lot

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